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phantom gains

every muscle aches as fatigue festers, trapped

in forgotten corners of my brain. life is a master

distractor, and the chaotic novelty of the

present prevents me from fully appreciating… 119 more words


Perpetual vacuum

How can I fill this vacuum?

Which drowns me every awakening,
that oppresses my dreams…
that afflicts my longings…
like the late ship… 36 more words


Palm Sunday and the Gift of Disillusionment

How the story of Jesus’ triumphal entry—and my chronic pain diagnosis—helped me trade in false hopes for a truer picture of God.

April 12, 2019  by JONATHAN MERRITT… 2,781 more words

Promise Street, a poem

Promise Street

On Promise Street the houses huddle together
Corpses of flies starved in an abandoned web.
Ramshackle buildings lean up
Against cardboard-windowed shops
Eaten alive by fat-pocketed landlords… 265 more words



I was so excited at first.
Thought I found it. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Turns out it was a rusty can of disappointment. 366 more words


After the Solstice

. . . But for now,

the cold is my epiphany,

and darkness my star.

–Excerpt from “After the Solstice” in EDGES by Donna Pucciani. First published in Flint Hills Review.


There, We're Whispers

Website Version Here

By Christos Floratos

In grainy corridors calling distant lights

Where shadows erect pillars of blight,

The wooden walls beg down upon me, 276 more words