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Pleasantly Nihilistic

The recognition of the irredeemable vanity and falsity of all beauty and all greatness is itself a kind of beauty and greatness that fills the soul, when it is conveyed by a work of genius.

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What is Love, anyway?

Is love a feeling of wanting to be around someone? Is it that fluttery feeling when you see your crush? Is it a fleeting feeling that falls apart a few years into marriage when someone gets stressed with family life and their spouse’s annoying quirks? 174 more words


Circle of Hate

you’d think that by now,

all this would be over.

that we’d be color blind,

and to our fellow human, kind!


you’d think, by now… 131 more words



The world is plagued

with the fear of embracing it

Our existence, a mere condition

sought to be fulfilled by a chanced encounter

with the fabled accompaniment… 171 more words

Disillusioned with Ministry?

This post was originally inspired by Craig Groschel’s Q&A with Steven Furtick, found here.


“You are not entering the promise land”

My new supervisor emphatically wanted to get this across to me. 816 more words

Anticipating wonder

I’m on the bus in Mont-Dauphin

young sunburned boys are looking at sunburned girls

with low cut tops and tan marks on their thighs

taking the overnight Intercités train… 53 more words


Conveyor belt Christianity

They do not know
they cannot see
the ones who work this
dusty machinery
to them it is their
call to ministry

Call this their home… 357 more words