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Train Whistle

So I have two simultaneous tracks of thoughts running right now and they go like this
Shouts, “Fuck!”

But with different inflections
On the one hand the job I thought I had is vanishing faster than sand in a windstorm. 222 more words



What you once you thought was evil really never was meant to be that way. Under the old paradigm, those things were beset with a stigma that served the purposes of those who sought to own us. 89 more words


Mimetic desire.

Three syllables should roll easy,
yet sear acidic,
the tongue refusing formation
of shallow expression.

The sun shines no brighter
than the struggling bedside light, 60 more words

Films with gathered disillusioned friends?

Films with gathered disillusioned friends?
(The Big Chill & Peter’s Friends to begin)

They were friends, they gather, they talk. Things burst. Disillusions. Memories. Mistakes. 448 more words

Disillusion or not?

When I was pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, I had the tendency to cherry pick financial literature to read.  On the surface, there was nothing wrong with that.   250 more words


Help me to give up my expectations 
That others, Lord, will give me what I ask.  

Then I’ll never suffer disappointment,  
But squarely face each trial and each task.  105 more words


Don't turn the lights up yet

Some people can’t go home –
lips purpled with red wine,
she is still calling out
for one more song.

This is her home

in here, she’s 22, mistakes unmade – 148 more words