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To be, or not two beings?

So God calls not being as being.

Another I is born, non-being as a being who isn’t seeing,

The only, being who is, was, and always will be. 253 more words

My lover and my adversary

Its war. I hold my shield and charge towards his heart.

A primal scream erupts from my stomach and my tears dry in the wind as the horse picks up speed. 69 more words


we are the blood

there is no absolution
only vice and disillusion
perhaps some self delusion
we all want to think we’re nice
a wrong way street this path leads not… 113 more words


Favoured champions of the Undesired,

Speakers for another lost generation,

Hesitant yet so enraged with disillusion,

Did you manage to escape?

Did you outgame your demons? 35 more words


DISILLUSION Release 13-Minute ‘Wintertide’ Lyric Video From “The Liberation”

‘Wintertide’ is the second single and lyric video from DISILLUSION’s The Liberation, (out on Sept 6th, 2019) one of the most-anticipated progressive metal releases this year. 389 more words

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I can sit and watch

But I cannot touch

I can only admire

Your lack of desire

I can even adore

Another slam of the door… 50 more words


But the icons fall

And that sour smell of sweat and lust extends
its slimy fingers to feel the pulsing need in
our spent carcasses. What are we after all the… 154 more words