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Melting Clouds.

Part I

Many of us attempt to build our lives around meaning, searching for signs or looking for patterns that lead us to what we think are right choices. 517 more words


Daily WTF: The State of America Generally

This morning I sat down to review the news, as I typically do. I like to scan the trending Facebook items, check out my local paper, bop around on BBC and CNN, and see what’s happening on Twitter. 486 more words

Daily WTF

Comic Relief for a Tense World

Richard Neil poured out his disillusioned heart on the Facebook page for a product called Bodyform, which I’m guessing is the UK’s version of Kotex: 18 more words


Waiting for Sunday: A Word for the Weary

These last few weeks have been a poignant reminder that I live in a very fallen and cursed world. It seems like everywhere I turn, someone close to me is suffering, struggling, or sinning; I look at the world, and things have gone insane; and then I glance at my reflection, and I see the same thing. 539 more words


The hold you have

The hold you have is not physical. Your binds are looks and words, even the inflection of your words. A sharp-shocked knowingness to the way you say your words. 174 more words

Dangers Within the Church- Red Cups, Red Flags, Church Splits and Foul Smelling Theology...

An analytical “gospel centered” response to an inconceivable claim….

A good way to determine where the danger arises from “within the church” is to analyze only 3 amongst many important rarely discussed considerations or “observations”, being that I am not under any obligation whatsoever to corrupt confidentiality agreements within a body of faith that is apparently built on the foundation of the credibility of truth and truth telling. 1,324 more words



Sarah finds out that her widowed father has a girlfriend and has kept it from her. Jim realizes that his wife is not the patient mother he had hoped she would be. 459 more words

Relationship Coaching