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Was I Wrong

Something has shattered every truth I’ve ever believed
Taken my heart apart and caused it to grieve
Stolen the illusion that kept me intact
Shown me what’s real, what’s really a fact… 105 more words


Good Bye Illusions

I have removed the veil that shrouded my eyes
I have closed my ears to all the the useless lies
I have finally see what is real… 141 more words


Couplet (mine)

किताबों में पढ़ते थे हम एक हैं
जहां ने सिखाया कि तन्हा हैं हम

kitaabon mein padhtey they hum aik hain

Jahaan ne sikhaya ki tanhaa hain hum… 12 more words



Consider the humor of comedian Woody Allen and his comical search for the meaning of life.   He said once that, while life has its occasional funny moments, “…most of life is tragic.  564 more words


More in common

Toni Morrison exhorts us to read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book, Between the World and Me, by just putting it out there: “This is required reading.” The only way I could expand on that perfect direction is to possibly add, “Then, re-read.” I hope over the next many months to come back to Coates’ writing and thinking again and again, but today I focus on his notion of whiteness. 549 more words

How I Roll

Skulls: A Song About the Broken Bones Not Stored in a British museum

Who killed  freedom

Tell me father

Who murdered  democracy?

Why is  it  the  ever  so famous  couple

Pays  us not  a  visit at  all?

Was  it  not  you  who promised  us  day and  night… 169 more words

From The Heart

Disillusionment Always Precedes Enlightenment

Maybe you’ve heard those words before. “Disillusionment always precedes enlightenment.” I’ve heard them a lot, and often they come from inside my own head, a hopeful reminder not to let myself get too discouraged. 911 more words

Learning To Draw