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Shades of White

This past weekend I found myself stumbling through the doorways of my mind with nowhere to go. It was frustrating and misanthropic to say the least, and I was constantly walking around as if I were being drained with each breath and simultaneously drowning with the heaviness pressing down upon my soul. 412 more words

Living by the Numbers

credit: https://danutm.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/big-data.jpg

I am a woman who wades in numbers,
soak myself in abstract configurations;
I jet-stream massage statistics to know,
find the answers, solve the riddle of it, 428 more words


Nature and Disillusionment

A subtle and cold wind brushes
my leg and climbs into my lungs–
twigs, april, insects on the breeze–
we all count on the stuff in my lungs. 54 more words


non, merci, "gay Paree" 


the city of fetishistic glances of “admiration,”

of racist comments greeting you on every corner,

of old men on bicycles who follow you and harass you, telling you to show them your tats, … 56 more words

Personal Things

Recovering from Disillusionment

I have been on a hiatus… as I realized that there were certain things I needed to work out and I couldn’t do that here in such a public space. 492 more words

All Field Notes

Words of a Fool

I am not fit for these rosy glasses of yours,

for I am no Joan of Arc or Achilles,

nor Florence Nightingale or Marie Curie, 171 more words