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Fooled Reflection

I touched the mirror

And the image of my life,


Ripples and carried fragments away

Exploding my whole reflection,

As I discovered

My mirror was made… 128 more words


I'm a f*cking unicorn

You are a fucking unicorn.  You are a fucking unicorn and all this time, you’ve been trying to be a horse.  You very carefully hid your horn everytime you popped into a room, pretending you were more horselike and able to do more horselike things and repressing the best parts of you.  

1,040 more words


I like to believe

there is something more

than pain and suffering,

more than anger and greed,

revenge, arrogance,

fear and loneliness.

I like to believe… 65 more words

ON THE END — The **BEST** Beginning ;0)

Reflection from February 20th, 2008 @ Age 26


It’s not been the best of days.  It’s certainly not been one of the worst (thank god…if I believed in that and all), but I’ve had a fair share of better days.  1,360 more words


See, and Answer 

I have always known
I am capable of great things.
I have always known that
I can look extraordinary people
in the eye and know… 165 more words


Disillusionment of Heroes

Growing up, we had many heroes.

They were our parents, siblings, neighbors, friends —

But then, we got older. We learned that our heroes weren’t really all that great. 279 more words

Personal Reflection

Rest & Relaxation from Revenge & Relocation

Last night I went to find some respite from the incrediblé stresses of revenge and relocation. Some R & R from R & R, har-dee-har. Lots of my Expaterati girlies were there, except the ones who’ve abandoned ship for the summer. 574 more words