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peace . . .

Is there no peace to be had in this Life?
Am I not allowed to rest for a minute?
Should I always be hypervigilent
Waiting for the next thing to appear and… 157 more words


The Co-op Class

I idled by the door of my 12th grade co-op class, peering inside hesitantly. Was I in the right place?

The students in this class were not my usual university bound classmates. 1,112 more words

Short Stories


There are people in this World
That make me wonder if the
Powers That Be
Just designed these specific people
With the express reason of… 150 more words

What happens when you lose that last spark of hope? 

what happens then???
…you couldn’t even pretend you love me.

You never tried at all.

Disillusionment with Authority is the Coming of Age Story of Our Time

As I wrap up my time in math grad school and start to look beyond, I’ve been reflecting on what led me to study math in the first place. 2,099 more words

Weekly Post

such is life

I watched an advert once.
Twins running in the same direction, side by side.
Everybody around them was joining in off or breaking formation but they ran together. 288 more words


friend boy

Maybe he died
Wrapped his car around a tree
When he went for a joy ride
In a bid to forget about me – 64 more words