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Love: a specie in danger

​We think it is but then realize it isn’t. Yes its about the most beguiling human mystery which has been studied vigorously by philosophers and scientists alike. 322 more words


It is said that teachers, in their first few years of teaching, go through a lot of disillusionment… As work accumulates and the pressure is turned up, we start to feel exhausted, like we are climbing a mountain that just continues to grow…becoming impossible to overcome and see an end. 304 more words



“The sun goes down
and heroes eventually die.
But at the end of it all,
we’ll all converge
to sing a hallelujah chorus
to celebrate our triumph…” 97 more words

My Unsolicited Thoughts


The stories we tell,

To make us and others believe,

Why? I do not know?

Maybe it makes us feel better,

Makes us feel safe, 40 more words

Craving the Maserati

Keep on

Craving the Maserati

Go ahead


be the Vampire

of your nightmarish

work week

come true


to the shrill

 voice inside

no one hears… 50 more words


Great Expectations

In every major change we bring our preconceptions of what we hope will be the outcome. Following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr the leaders of the Civil Rights movement all had their expectations of what should occur to bring about change in the country. 138 more words


Dare You Have It All…!

Dare you cherry-pick, my bits and bobs
I ain’t your, wish-list’s specimen
You ain’t the last, of manly snobs
My mystique’s woes, beyond whose ken… 107 more words