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Contractor's Contractions

If you’ve ever tried to renovate during an insane housing boom, you know exactly what we’ve been going through for the past year.  But if you’re blissfully unfamiliar with that situation, I’m here to tell you that contractors use a special language full of shorthand and contractions; and after a year of tearing my hair out I’ve finally learned to interpret the local dialect. 586 more words

Diane Henders

I Do the Smoke Detector

“You’re worse. You want to talk to me, get to know me, see into my soul and screw and screw and screw until you’re done with me.” – Vicki Donovan, “The Vampire Diaries”

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Mental Health


I don’t think many young people these days realize how difficult life is. You are constantly and restlessly asked for answers and decisions, disillusioned with the so-called “promising” future. 416 more words


I remember
She told me that I eat too much
That was her way of telling me
I was getting fat.
I remember thinking,
“I eat as much as you do – 238 more words


Forgotten Places

It’s like coming home
To your old bedroom
And finding stacks of your
Old Journals
Huddled in the corner of
Your clauset.
Gathering dust and… 152 more words


Whats in a Word

As Shakespeare so famously said a rose would smell just as sweet if it were called anything but a rose, chronic pain is still just as painful no matter what it gets called. 271 more words


Humanity-burn in hell!

Everything stopped making sense. It wasn’t a huge or nerve wrecking event. But something as minute as a case of harrassment, at least in our part. 102 more words