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Trust . . .

You blow me away with your honesty
And it breaks me
How you’re so far away from me
And I wonder if that’s exactly why you feel… 182 more words

failure to thrive . . .

Why is it that some of us are able to cope under pressure?
Why is it that some of us are not affected by ‘Life’? 220 more words

Ubiquitously Unencumbered Uneasiness

Within the Cavernous Chambers of my Soul there Dwelleth a Ubiquitously Unencumbered Uneasiness

an Unrelenting Unrest that Courses Throughout my Vacuous Veins, Profusely Pumping Out of the Cavity of my Chest… 158 more words


I am a Nurse
Mama was a Nurse before me
Maybe she had a different time of it
But for me it has never been easy… 281 more words


I used to wake
With a scream in my veins
That would bleed into my throat
And then evaporate
I would clamp my mouth shut… 178 more words

Resentment's Soul


Teresa’s prompt:  Your task today is to choose an emotion (love, hate, fear, joy, etc.) and fully personify it. You can do this in prose or poetry.  179 more words


Wilted Flower

Wilted Flower–

Did I take the spirit from our love

when I plucked you from your bed last night

and placed you in a vase so carefully… 191 more words

Women And Society