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” calm your storm ” she said.
as if it was as simple as a decision
to just be happy.
I wish that I could… 116 more words


The Republican Soul is in Jeopardy and the Whole Country is Imperiled

Trump has taken his war on words…and reality…to another level now that he is feeling the pressure from the investigation of Robert Mueller.  When his denials of Russian “collusion” and “obstruction of justice” were beginning to appear beyond the pale of foolishness, just yesterday they took a new approach explaining that the office of the Presidency meant that Trump was beyond any guilt of “collusion” or “obstruction of justice.”  If the criticism of being ugly is beginning to sink through one’s thick skull, it is convenient to merely convince oneself…and close friends…”Oh, no!  406 more words


Missed That Memo

They ask me
“When did you get so big?!”
I ask them
“When have I ever been small?”
In my Hands
In my Eyes
In my Chest… 47 more words


The Magic

I do not have the magic in me.
Nothing sparkles or shines
Or glitters.
When I am wounded
I bleed.
There is nothing special about me. 112 more words


Regrettable Me

I miss myself before I wanted you
Before I imagined your face
And all the things you would do
To remind me of my Love and… 118 more words


A Girl Is Sad

I crave a break from the recesses of my mind
I need respite from these desires of mine
I feel my Heart stir and I think I’ve gotten it right… 51 more words



I want what I want
But it appears that
These things
Are not in the cards for me.
I put in my Heart
All my Blood… 141 more words