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A Realization

A Realization

There is this notion that like begets like,
but what happens when you’re unlike?

There is a double consciousness
that arises when you realize… 85 more words


Skeletons in the Sand

We suffer under the gloom of their oppression



whilst they stifle us with their crooked words

making us endure their acts

as they feign to be protector. 135 more words


The Flash

They say before you die, your life flashes before your eyes.

They also say to make it worth watching.

This past weekend as I was sleeping in the car on the way back from Universal Studios, I awoke when my body jerked forward against the seatbelt that held me to the chair and I opened my eyes to see all the cars ahead of us braking. 173 more words

It runs in the family

“What happens to a dream deferred?” the poet Langston Hughes wondered. What happens when the life you’ve dreamed about gets put on hold or snatched away or interrupted by circumstance, and you realize it may be forever beyond your reach? 986 more words


Painted in a Corner #sundaydevotion #poetry

always striving holding tight

no room for error failure in sight

squeezing out hope before day’s dawn

what was I thinking night lasts so long… 289 more words


Termination of Lease

by Lise Day

I am writing this letter
to notify you (property manager)
of my intention to vacate
your heart, your head, your life
with immediate effect. 85 more words

Lise Day


I’m peeling back layers of brick and skin
at your suggestion..no, coercion
you perch attentively
to behold the disclosure
of an intimate secret
as reward for years of patience, 59 more words