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Reality wrapped in hope


~Alisa Hutton

Most . . .

I heard a voice cry –
Rise, girl and stretch!
Feel the knots be loosed
From your muscles
As they flex!
Too long
Have you been waiting – 184 more words


Wisdom comes by Disillusionment 

When you’ve been disillusioned you feel robbed… Imagine discovering/realizing you were the one to pull the deception on yourself…

You’re left to only aim disappointment at yourself; and, learn the mistake was when you began to expect…


The Isle of Brad

Brad was an explorer born six centuries too late. He’d known this from childhood, staging naval battles in the bathtub. Trading pinecones and beads with his action figures. 181 more words


The Whisperers of Mawlynnong

What lies inside of me, is entirely purged of heroes and warriors

I am terrified of the immovable, the unadulterated, the profound

My hands shiver weakly at the sight of a heavy hill… 143 more words

Of Modern Poetry

Ask ten different educated, well-read people to define modernism, or the “modern” era and you’ll likely get ten different definitions; or at least ten different sentiments about that period in our history as a nation, as a people. 435 more words

Poems By Others

Trust . . .

You blow me away with your honesty
And it breaks me
How you’re so far away from me
And I wonder if that’s exactly why you feel… 182 more words