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Forget The Sun

The memorial to the saint, in the little park, quiet and seclided.
The faith I shared with her, the adorition I held for her purity, 211 more words


Sometimes, gotta just give in...

A Whole Soul experiences a range of emotions, experiences, ups and downs. Not everyone is on the same path. Not everyone is going to understand the drive for constant aspirations. 155 more words

Whole Soul

The Necessity of Disillusionment

It is advantageous to imagine the universe as a self aware system, and that we are conscious beings who experience reality as part of the universe’s way of perceiving itself. 272 more words


Disillusioned Yet Optimistic

I am sick of American Christianity. Not all of it, perhaps, but a great deal of it. I know that is an intemperate remark, but when it comes to the character of American Christianity in this election year, the last thing I am is temperate. 766 more words


In August Sun

James Agee Park, as the sun comes up,
a truthful ballad chewed out of a
bubble gum queen, disaffected conformist,
playing on my earbuds, soothing my undeath. 111 more words



the “goal”

can be

the jewelry

but not the jewelry


what king removes his crown

and ceases to be


the “goal” then

is not the goal… 13 more words

The power of faith

If you know the secret of the universe, “you will come to know how you can have, be, or do anything you want.” You will be healed of chronic pain, depression, disease, or injury and will accumulate large sums of money. 791 more words