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The Cure for Unhappiness

Kathleen told Randall that the trailer was too small for both of them: they were big personalities who needed room to move. Mr. Souza, the rental manager, listened in. 4,072 more words

Short Fiction

Ashley Madison hack might have led to suicides; reward set for info on breach

August 2015TECH CRIMES – Toronto Police are investigating a hack into the adultery website, Ashley Madison. Toronto Police acting staff-Supt. Bryce Evans said the hack is having enormous social and economic fallout. 271 more words
The Pyramid Model

Water turned to stone (haiku)

I was held in arms
Loving kind and passionate
I was lullabied

Comforted cajoled
Pacified my tears were wiped
Yes I mattered once

My love was needed… 57 more words



Part of me is mad.

Part of me is mad I didn’t push out of spite to get in to a university with bragging rights, the horribly preppy one in the same town as my GI specialist. 422 more words

Chronic Illness

The Government, the Disillusioned Public & the Rise of Minority Parties

Everyone from the media to politicians keeps asking just why so many women, young people and lots of us in general feel so disillusioned from politics but surely the answer is quite an obvious one. 964 more words


A Society I'd Like to Live In- Police Unity

This is the second in my series of idealised societal blog posts which I hope are of interest to some on-lookers. Today’s post is in concern of a matter which I believe to be incredibly important and crucial for the survival of some form of stability in society. 498 more words


Lune 211 - Questioning

Can something

Please just be what it

Really is?

Original Poems