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Rattling Words

Naive youth he’d been


Life filled up dreams like

Balloons… Time whittled away

Wild exuberance, left him

Weathered shell; shut down,

But for rattling words inside— 35 more words


The Best Thing About This Town Is That You Can Leave It

For the first time in ages I’m craving a cigarette,

               Something to occupy my mind, my hands,

               As my hoodie becomes wet and heavy from… 175 more words


The Modern Crusade.. a second look

Festival of Hope, a side that isn’t so obvious yet critically important. I don’t lay the issues I’m about to point out regarding “the local church” at Mr Franklin Graham’s feet however I believe it’s time to begin to re-evangelize the choir so to speak and examine where many of the “lost” ALSO reside- within those sequestered and adorned walls. 828 more words

Crossway Church

Pride In Common Work

From the outside, it seems as though American society plays a lot of lip-service to the idea of what I would call “common work”; trades and labor specifically.   325 more words


Your Joy Shall be Complete

“Come to Me all My children for your joy shall be complete. My arms are open to all but there are those who desire to refute Me, willing to do harm against those who believe. 684 more words

disillusionment on the path

there is nothing wrong with
becoming disillusioned 
in fact it is a vital part
of awakening

when all illusion dissolves
only what remains
is true… 88 more words

Nikon D3300

Faith on the brink

Especially since November I’ve returned regularly to one of my favorite hymns, one that was unfortunately dropped in the 1989 hymnal. Unfortunately, because it’s perfect for times like these when the faith of so many of us is strained and tested. 523 more words