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A Guide to Great Skin

Now I think I speak for the majority of us that purchase a new skin product and after the first use I find myself analysing my face in the the vanity mirror looking for the improvements. 204 more words

Cleaning with Vinegar

Cooking is one of life’s greatest joys and ideally we would all like to spend our time in kitchen cooking, not cleaning. Alas, as “responsible adults” (if I can call us that) we have to bear the brunt of our work and a lot of time can be consumed by cleaning. 440 more words

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Disinfecting the fresh water system

As you might imagine, since we carry fresh water (about 80 gallons) with us, it’s important to sanitize or disinfect our fresh water plumbing system periodically.   293 more words



I started out this post as for a different reason, however, my situation changed. It was more meant to run away from morons.  However, I figured the image or the title might attract some enthusiasts to perhaps take a peak at my insanity.   507 more words

9 amazing uses for lemons in your home

When it comes to taking care of yourself and your home naturally, lemons are a great way to go. They can be used in the kitchen, as part of your beauty regimen, and even for small cuts and scrapes. 342 more words

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Germs, Germs Everywhere...

There’s nothing worse than walking up to the leg press and seeing someone’s sweaty and wet butt mark on the black padded seat. Yuck. Now, there’s no shame in being covered in sweat during a great workout, in fact I encourage the sweat. 726 more words