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19 Places I Bet You Haven’t Cleaned In Your Kitchen In Awhile, If Ever (and quick cheater ways to get it done now)

The Easy-Peasy

-Canisters…In my kitchen, I use canisters (crocks) to hold my kitchen utensils, like tongs, spatulas, slotted spoons, etc.  If you have canisters holding anything, dump them out and give the canisters a quick wash AT LEAST every 6 months…you’ll be astonished what accumulates in them, even if it’s just dust! 2,534 more words

Be Challenged

Clean with Me

Fall is finally here! And it certainly feels like it out there today. Now that we’re more settled and have started to establish a more solid routine I was able to start mapping out my cleaning schedule, and how convenient that this marks the beginning of a new school year, so hopefully I can provide some tips that will help my busy mom’s out there! 1,347 more words

Disinfect Every Surface in Your Bathroom


Because everybody poops. And that means there are poo bacteria thriving in your bathroom right now, unless you do something about it. This guide will help you disinfect all the main surfaces in your bathroom so you can keep the germs at bay. 628 more words


Simple, All-Natural Homemade Cleaner

This natural, all-purpose spray is perfect for cleaning, fabrics, and air freshening! Baby-safe, pet-safe, chemical-free, and disinfecting, this concoction is my top choice for keeping my living space clean and clear! 59 more words


Steam Cleaner

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Cleaning with Vinegar

Cooking is one of life’s greatest joys and ideally we would all like to spend our time in kitchen cooking, not cleaning. Alas, as “responsible adults” (if I can call us that) we have to bear the brunt of our work and a lot of time can be consumed by cleaning. 440 more words

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Disinfecting the fresh water system

As you might imagine, since we carry fresh water (about 80 gallons) with us, it’s important to sanitize or disinfect our fresh water plumbing system periodically.   293 more words