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Top tips for lemon essential oil

In this week’s vlog I talk about lemon oil. I tell my tips for how to use it. It is great for cleaning, it is an antioxidant and it picks you up aromatically. 42 more words

The Lambing Shed (Part 1)

By now we had got used to the daily running of the farm and started to look ahead.  We put together a list of things that needed doing and realised that we’d have to address them individually, and over a period of months, if not years! 535 more words


Pruning Fruit Trees

Saturday was sunny and not too cold, the perfect weather for pruning our fruit trees. Does pruning also hold a bit of mystery for you? I have studied the topic, and while the basics were clear, it remained a mysterious art to me for years. 401 more words

Midnight Gardener

Preparing for out of town guests/ No one likes a stinky house!

There’s nothing more exciting than having out of town family or friends staying with you for a few days! It goes without saying that you want to clean your house, but did you know the first things most people notice is what your home smells like and clutter? 419 more words


Library Books Are Probably Really Dirty

Hello! I have not talked much about this but I sort of worry about my health a lot. I am only 17 and probably very healthy but I just worry about getting sick sometimes. 359 more words


Modern Cinderella and a Timeless Tradition

She’s gone, kidnapped by her niece for a couple hours and the house is finally mine. For a moment, I stand in the middle of the living room feeling the silence of alone, before an energy takes me over and I jump into cleaning the house, without my grandmother micromanaging me. 107 more words


Cleaning House

Sanitize time! There is no way I’m going to get it all done today but I have been working on sanitizing our place after our illnesses. 137 more words