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The Right is the Centre?

Some people argue that the Coalition government under Malcolm Turnbull was too left wing, and that it needed to move rightwards to the centre.

The idea that the far right, who objected to Turnbull, is more or less the centre has been a great propaganda technique, its a bit like the idea of calling Fox “fair and balanced” when its close to 90% or more right wing or neoliberal propaganda. 731 more words

Plutocracy and resistance to Climate Change

It is a common assertion that people don’t want to sacrifice anything, such as living standards, to fight future threats like climate change, and it is probably true. 689 more words

Greens and windmills

One-time Australian Greens leader, Bob Brown, has recently protested against a windfarm in Tasmania saying:

the Tasmanian public, including the people of the North-West of the island, has not been properly informed of the private deals, or public impacts or cost-benefit analyses (economic, social, cultural and environmental) of this, one of the biggest wind farm projects on Earth.

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China Problem

It is true that if China goes ahead building coal plants, and supporting the building of coal plants elsewhere in the world, then any fight against climate change is lost. 165 more words

How a “Political Astroturfing” App Coordinates Pro-Israel Influence Operations

“…a pro-Israel smartphone app that seeds and amplifies pro-Israel messages
across social media — saw its first major test in May 2019. It offered a glimpse of the novel methods by which future influence campaigns will…

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Privatising the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

The publicly owned Australian Clean Energy Finance Corporation, has been massively successful in financing clean energy, and making a profit. It is therefore being suggested it should be sold to the private sector because it “must evolve” and it should avoid “crowding out the banks,” avoid competing with the private sector and probably because the current Australian government does not like supporting renewables, or having public sector involvement in anything that is helpful to the public. 214 more words

Protest then and now....

We were lucky when I was young. In the 1980s it is true that leaders in the English speaking world suddenly decided that supporting corporations and hitting the poor would solve all our problems, but they also were rational enough not to want atomic war and global destruction. 670 more words