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Flatten 2013; Marker and collage on Paper.
h8 x w7.25 in. 

Sadness at my un-accomplishment. I think of the depravity of my existence.

Winter 2001

561: April 6th, 2015

Song: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Album: The Soft Bulletin (1999)


The Passion of the Christ

It is another Film Friday, though I’m extremely late with this blog. My apologizes.

I must admit, I have been around Christianity for so long, my thoughts of… 344 more words


The Heart Path

Follow the heart path and find a beard lichen and tulip’s nest.

Teacher: Shunran

Devastation Rolls

Anger 2012; Collage and Colored Pencil on Paper. 
h11 x w8.5 in.

Devastation rolls
Unbound energy over mountainous falls
Frictionless and in a destructive glee… 8 more words


Imminent Disintegration. 

I’m barely holding it together

Feel like any second now 

I will fall apart, disintegrate

And never be whole again

Fearing mass destruction

The wrecking ball of emotion… 31 more words


Sand and the Rubble

Slipping away,
Like sand in my fist,
You’re slipping away.
Holding onto it tighter,
will just make it faster.
No matter what I do,
You would elude, eventually, 95 more words

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