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To think I’m doing nothing but disintegrating, at this point, over something that has muscled me up, is capricious in the most futile sense. Shit happens, and nothing is ever going to stop it from adding anxiety in that repetitive restlessness under my blanket, and I accept that more truly than my own capabilities, but to be writhing like this makes me… 178 more words


integrate or disintegrate 

Ah. Beautiful ashes almost turned into beautiful dust.

I’ve almost forgotten I had a blog. This is ridiculous I love writing why did I even stop… 355 more words

French Political Parties Disintegrating

From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong

While Marine le Pen has reversed her position on introducing a new French franc saying she will set the rate at one-to-one to the euro and then allow it to float, whereas previously she said she would peg it to a basket of currencies. 228 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence


Dis – Integrating – Falling apart from Sin, without Christ.

No matter how hard you work, how fast you run, you will not be whole without Jesus, but are falling apart over the years, for there is a law only Christ can break, the law of sin and death. 183 more words


Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Partitioned reflections dis-integrate your self-image. Use the largest, unbroken expanse of glass you can afford.‬
Learn how to use mirrors inside and out when you SUBSCRIBE! 43 more words

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