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Shifting on the motivational spectrum, step 3

The three steps to getting yourself motivated are simple. First, assess and discover your current motivational mindset. Second, assess your quality of motivation and self regulation in relation to your psychological needs. 759 more words

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Shifting on the motivational spectrum, step 2

If you find yourself unable to make a start on a task or if you find it difficult to maintain momentum on a task that you have already started, it’s time to make a shift. 900 more words

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Where are you at on the motivational spectrum?

Now that we have a vocabulary to describe motivation with greater accuracy, we can talk about how to use it. So let’s begin with a quick recap of what we have talked about so far. 896 more words

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Former US officials: Sanders ‘disinterested’ in foreign policy

WASHINGTON — Hours before Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders square off in a CNN debate, the Clinton campaign released a joint statement Thursday from 19 former US diplomats and security officials… 632 more words

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Understanding motivation, the next level

I have just finished, for the 3 time, the book “Why motivating people doesn’t work, and what does”  by Susan Fowler and has you might have guessed, I highly recommend it. 1,199 more words

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