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Down the Drain

My voice softly asked, “What would you like for dinner?”
“Whatever,” you answered, disinterested.
New question: “Can I get you anything from the store?” 61 more words



Oh my mother figure,

Passionate, assured being, disfigured

Militant words waged.

Falling on a being stupid, enraged,

And the talking, talking, talking

Landing deaf-earred blocking. 19 more words


Are You a Grammar Nerd?

The website Grammarly has a list of 10 signs you might be a grammar nerd. My thanks to Brian B., always on the lookout for something up my linguistic alley. 108 more words

Business Writing

15 Pounds in

Having a hard time keeping my head in the game. My wife and I have been on a weight loss adventure together. She has lost about the same amount of weight as me and she looks great. 259 more words

Fat Dad

"Jaw With John" - All About Steve, Who Sucks

I am a 56-year-old woman stuck in a once-good relationship that has turned stale and neglectful.

My partner “Steve” and I met 14 years ago during a rough time for both of us. 250 more words


Super bowl.

I wish me not watching the Super Bowl was an unconscious decision like it is for my wife. But ever once in a while it pops into my head. 122 more words



The antics and the attitude premeditated and performed purely to gain attention from the one adored but disinterested and so the long cold night was born.

Bears Rebellion 02/02/15