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hdparm utility - Disk performance in linux

To diagnose disk performance of your disk array use hdparm utility for linux system. It might be usefull when you try to investigate why your database efficiency is so poor. 374 more words


Dell World 2014 - Michael Dell’s opening Press Conference

It’s been a year since Dell became a private company. At his opening press conference at Dell World 2014 Michael Dell sounded like a CEO who likes coming to work every day, no longer subjected to Wall Street’s fixation over short-term results. 354 more words


Affordable Storage doesn’t have to mean Commodity Storage

The cloud is disrupting the storage market and not just by offering ‘cold storage’ for tier-3 data. Cloud-scale, ‘commodity’ infrastructures have made companies reconsider how much they need to pay for their tier-1 storage as well. 494 more words

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HP XP7 Storage Disk Array Announced

Post by Lyle Smith (thank you)

HP has announced XP7 Storage, an enterprise-class storage disk array that provides customers with lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for traditional storage workloads in mission-critical environments. 39 more words


What Is A Noisy Neighbor?

The term “noisy neighbor” in the storage context refers to a rogue virtual machine (VM) that periodically monopolizes storage I/O resources to the performance detriment of all the other VM “tenants” in the environment. 1,519 more words


Are You Planning For Storage Performance?

How to be intelligent about flash storage deployments

Storage performance has become a “hot button” issue in the server virtualization era. While there is a need for high performance storage, such as flash and hybrid storage solutions, there is a risk that IT planners could just be blindly “throwing hardware” at performance issues. 1,670 more words