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Q&A: Ghost disk images

Q Whenever I open Disk Utility, it shows several disk images named decryptedFile.dmg in its sidebar. I keep deleting them, but the next time that I open it, they have returned. 100 more words


Virtualization Products & VirtualBox

So I am a big fan of the progress in Virtualization  (why does this word not pass spell check?) in the past few years.

The first understanding of Virtualization that I ever had was the game emulators!   288 more words

Disk Image

Importing KVM guests to oVirt or RHEV

One of the tools I maintain is virt-v2v. It’s a program to import guests from foreign hypervisors like VMware and Xen, to KVM. It only does conversions to KVM, not the other way. 372 more words

How to create a bootable USB drive

It seems that I hear this question at least once a week.  I heard the question at a user group meeting on Tuesday evening and promised that I would provide Detailed Step By Step instructions on how EXACTLY one might go about building a bootable USB device that can then be used to install an operating system to something like a netbook which has no DVD drive.  766 more words


Q&A: Security of encryption

Q How secure is an encrypted disk image that I might create using Disk Utility on my Mac? Could it be hacked into using a PC or Linux machine? 198 more words


Q&A: Locking a folder

Q Is there a way to lock an individual folder, so that it can only be opened on entry of a pre-set password?

A The options for doing this are surprisingly limited, and none works in quite the way that you envisage. 216 more words


Installers and updates

Just when most software had settled on using Apple’s Installer, along came the App Store to add to complexity. And then there’s Adobe with its own downloaders and installers again. 2,135 more words