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dd progress on MacOS X

While Linux has status=progress, on MacOS one could do: killall -INFO dd.


Clone harddisk

Disk Clone

Disk clone can be used to copy all the data on a disk to another one. Its uses can be embodied in the following aspects: 238 more words

How to restore a Surface image

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have recently published a definitive guide to backing up your home computer in which I say that home users should not rely on System Images for system backup because restoring them is so unreliable. 319 more words

The definative guide to backing up your home computer

Readers of this blog will know that backup, or more pertainately, restore has been a regular theme.

I use my laptop everyday for work and when as is the case every few years the hard drive or motherboard fails then it usually costs me several days labour and stress to get up and working again. 2,707 more words

Windows 10

Tip: guestmount (FUSE mount) every filesystem in a disk image

Maxim asks an interesting question which is if you’ve got a disk image, how do you mount every filesystem onto your host. Like this:

$ ./fs-mount.pl rhel-5.11.img /tmp/fs &
$ cd /tmp/fs
/tmp/fs$ ls
/tmp/fs$ cd dev
/tmp/fs/dev$ ls
sda1  sda2  sda3
/tmp/fs/dev$ cd sda2
/tmp/fs/dev/sda2$ ls
bin   dev  home  lib64       media  mnt  proc  sbin     srv  tmp  var
boot  etc  lib   lost+found  misc   opt  root  selinux  sys  usr
... 167 more words

Q&A: Ghost disk images

Q Whenever I open Disk Utility, it shows several disk images named decryptedFile.dmg in its sidebar. I keep deleting them, but the next time that I open it, they have returned. 100 more words


Virtualization Products & VirtualBox

So I am a big fan of the progress in Virtualization  (why does this word not pass spell check?) in the past few years.

The first understanding of Virtualization that I ever had was the game emulators!   288 more words

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