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Tip: guestmount (FUSE mount) every filesystem in a disk image

Maxim asks an interesting question which is if you’ve got a disk image, how do you mount every filesystem onto your host. Like this:

$ ./fs-mount.pl rhel-5.11.img /tmp/fs &
$ cd /tmp/fs
/tmp/fs$ ls
/tmp/fs$ cd dev
/tmp/fs/dev$ ls
sda1  sda2  sda3
/tmp/fs/dev$ cd sda2
/tmp/fs/dev/sda2$ ls
bin   dev  home  lib64       media  mnt  proc  sbin     srv  tmp  var
boot  etc  lib   lost+found  misc   opt  root  selinux  sys  usr
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Q&A: Ghost disk images

Q Whenever I open Disk Utility, it shows several disk images named decryptedFile.dmg in its sidebar. I keep deleting them, but the next time that I open it, they have returned. 100 more words


Virtualization Products & VirtualBox

So I am a big fan of the progress in Virtualization  (why does this word not pass spell check?) in the past few years.

The first understanding of Virtualization that I ever had was the game emulators!   288 more words

Disk Image

Importing KVM guests to oVirt or RHEV

One of the tools I maintain is virt-v2v. It’s a program to import guests from foreign hypervisors like VMware and Xen, to KVM. It only does conversions to KVM, not the other way. 372 more words

How to create a bootable USB drive

It seems that I hear this question at least once a week.  I heard the question at a user group meeting on Tuesday evening and promised that I would provide Detailed Step By Step instructions on how EXACTLY one might go about building a bootable USB device that can then be used to install an operating system to something like a netbook which has no DVD drive.  766 more words


Q&A: Security of encryption

Q How secure is an encrypted disk image that I might create using Disk Utility on my Mac? Could it be hacked into using a PC or Linux machine? 198 more words


Q&A: Locking a folder

Q Is there a way to lock an individual folder, so that it can only be opened on entry of a pre-set password?

A The options for doing this are surprisingly limited, and none works in quite the way that you envisage. 216 more words