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Now, I have a facebook. It lies predominantly dormant on my phone and  iPad. The vast amount of notifications and messages that cause that little angry red number to pop up get ignored. 954 more words

Maybe I don't like you.

Yesterday I went to work. (Like I do most days that I’m required to if I want a paycheck.) For the most part, I really like the job and the people I work with. 450 more words


I can’t remember if i ever did cry in public, infront of everyone without covering my face before. But today i did. In the bus, standing there trying to hold in it for so long, but a single tear streamed down my face and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. 187 more words



broken glass under my nails
from when I clung to you
(you pushed me)
always looking for better,
you found better,
never got better

my skin cracks and — you… 11 more words


Hang Up Your Heroes

If you’ve read the extra pages on this blog (like the Home page or the About Me section), you may have noticed the part where I said that my Taylor Swift stage of writing was coming to an end. 912 more words

No Permission (Live. Pray. Hustle. 07/29/16)

A dislike of something is not permission to give up.

LIVE. PRAY. HUSTLE. 8 more words


A Mood That Changes With The Weather

When we think of the weather, we tend to associate sunny days with happiness and joy while rainy days radiate a sad and miserable vibe. As crazy as it sounds, changes in weather seem to change my mood as well. 312 more words