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Do I like myself?

Day 26

Topic: “Things you like and dislike about yourself.”

I really like myself. I really do. But, yeah there are some things I don’t like about me. 62 more words



”Gone are the days,

When ”fun prevailed,

‘Under the sun, we boil like eggs,

‘Children that we were then,

We ‘kept sleep at bay.

‘Young and cheerful, 73 more words

To the one I don't know...

Ever come across someone’s dislike and anger but have no idea where these emotions directed towards you, actually stem from? I mean, you’ve been going about your life, as one should… I guess, but somehow and somewhere along the line, you stepped on someone’s toes and instead of hearing the “ouch” directly afterwards, you’re only hearing its echo, which somehow managed to follow you all this way. 174 more words


Confidential Dislike about CLU WC

Don’t get me wrong. The Writing Center is a great place to tutor as a consultant and a great place to learn as a client. However, Writing Centers across the nation are nowhere near perfect. 201 more words

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