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Five Bookish Things I Don't Get On With

You can’t like everything.  No matter how positive a person you are, there is always something that will get on your nerves and, as the negative person that I generally am, that can be quite a long list for me.  847 more words



“The things you love about others are the things you love about yourself. The things you hate about others are the things you cannot see in yourself.” — Brianna Wiest


I forgive you

Sometimes those words float freely from the lips but have no meaning in the heart. Today, during my quiet time with God and Lord Jesus, “I forgive you” gained meaning in my heart. 452 more words



Today is what I call a Blah! day. That means I remember something good that happened, but then something bad took it away from me this day at some point in the past. 1,382 more words

Daily Life

Where is that likeable kid?

I sense your dislike.
Catching you frowning.
Quickly you smile.
Yet, I sense your dislike.

You pretend not to hear.
I call out a few times. 73 more words


Dear People with Children

  • Please stop making it seem as if someone who does not like children is the anti-christ.
  • Please don’t be offended when the person who does not like children does not melt at the sight of a picture of your child’s foot.
  • 338 more words
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