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What I like, what I don't like

I had to keep this photo because I like the lion.  I like his hair and I like him riding on the back of the turtle shell.  86 more words


Well Worth the Look

In the movie, Liar Liar, the main character can’t lie or withhold a true answer, saying how he truly feels about someone or something.  This got him into lots of trouble, well, more trouble than he was already in by being dishonest, and you’d think people would want to know what you really think about them, but they don’t, and I agree.  149 more words

Life Happens


I love this new world we live in, however, I absolutely execrate it’s societal norms.

Word For The Day

The Lying Game - Book Review

Hi All,

SPOILERS AHEAD – you have been warned!

So this book took me a while to get through for two different reasons:

  1. My sister was in hospital and required emergency surgery so I was there and wasn’t in the right head space to relax and read…
  2. 317 more words

In Time With You - Pt. 2, Love's Conditions

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“You can dislike me.”

“You can also hate me.”

“But there is a piece of advice you must listen to.”

“Don’t ever get in a romance for the sake of getting married.” 13 more words

why people don't like Dumbledore

To a by stander, Dumbledore is that solve-it-all, father figure that was always there for Harry and had the answer for every question(and then there are those people who think Dumbledore and Gandalf are the same people, but we won’t talk about that today). 700 more words