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In an era of television, computers, and cellular devices, one source of information exists to remind us that they can’t all be winners. 180 more words


Woven Weekly - With Me, With Me Not?

“O Lord,… when you hid your face, I was dismayed.” ~ Psalm 30:7b

In this week’s edition of Woven Weekly I want to ask the question, has your daily walk with God ever been like the kid’s game of plucking petals off a flower and siting, … 1,714 more words

Personal Reflections

Memo to Moron

When the fairer sex

Take up pen, batten down, men;

Keep a strong squared chin…

Having accepted

“Men are deceitful, evil”

I was much dismayed… 35 more words


The Last Straw

Screaming with bestial heehaw 
agony of Broken vertebrae as heart
And all future walking spill out
Dropped all over the floor
Drained like rain contained… 30 more words


Deep In The Shallow End - A Poem By Natasha Mohinani

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Alternative Creations

The Political Agenda in Our Schools

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Donald Trump is not the most popular politician in the minds of most urban Californians. His goals, his ideas, and his background all rub them the wrong way, resulting in violent riots as well as a general distress that has permeated through every liberal establishment. 1,064 more words


The Joy of Hope

Have you ever been discouraged? Maybe you have gone through a period of blue days, when you felt like giving up. Or, maybe you were expecting to be successful in something you were pursuing, but it didn’t work out. 849 more words