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Don't tell her

Don’t tell her

You like to sit outside the cafe’

Opposite the window with an umbrella above your head

Force her to sit beside you although she likes… 300 more words


Manpreet Writes...

Hello everyone!

Cannot think of a relevant title but here is what you get when..Manpreet Writes…

I Recall You Walking Away.

Your Steps Without Any Hesitation. 266 more words

My Poetry

Physical devastation

There is no grounding

Its just the gravity

Or the gravity of your sins

That slowly drags you

Into the Earth itself

Only to be consumed… 21 more words



This is not the path of the achieved scholar

It is a well carved wound that has poorly veiled itself

Shrouded in assumptions of assimilating the sub divided… 30 more words

Q went to the vet today – (Posted late on 10/17 from 10/16)

Lately my furry best friend has been really tired. He has been sleeping in and once in a while, he has been vomiting. I didn’t think much about it since he is 10-and-a-half, but earlier this week, the vomiting got quite severe and since I have not had the opportunity to take him to the vet for about 18 months, I thought it was due time that the little fellow have his check-up. 201 more words


What Happened?

Yesterday, I promised myself to let go of biys for the remainder of the school year. Over the past few months, I have faced so much rejection that I was beginning to feel anxiety about boys. 198 more words


Incite the Grand Riot

Young babe pure and true

Conformed from first day

Be not something new;

Molded and taught

Just be the same

And not what you ought; 205 more words