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The Sailor

Arrows drown the sea
The defiant sky mumbles
Displays of forks are seen
The pained earth grumbles

Loud whispers orchestrate the waves:
Some sit idly… 149 more words


The Art of Confession.

It’s like a confession.
A confession trying to break through the walls of fear; the walls of fear that have been building up till the epidermis of my entire body. 140 more words

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The beautiful, homeless bird
Carefully replaced
The egg in the nest
With a cuckoo soul.
And it left, never to come back again.

The nest owner came back home, 49 more words

Another Gloomy Day?

Clouds were thick and gray;

Dreary morn to my disdain.

Even so, God told,

“Do not be dismayed.”

Quietly I sat to pray

For his help to cope… 53 more words

Becky G

Mother Nature

Everyone claims to love me,

Initiations taken to clean me,

Preaching without any actions,

Affects me, appals me,

For everything I’ve given,

Is this what I get in return? 183 more words


I look into my closet with dismay

How did it went into disarray

I had tided it just a day before

While searching for a shirt it isn’t as afore… 38 more words

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