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Planning to go to ‘The Aquarium’, I had a lot of images running through my mind. I had regaled the boy with stories of our trips there every year for the last 5 years. 108 more words


Held Tight

Held tight by disbelief

tighter still by dismay.

A bloated buffoon

with forked tongue

in charge now

and able

to set a course

to dictate… 38 more words

Daily Journal


I draw back the curtains,
look out in dismay
at another cold, frosty,
dull and dismal day.


Daily Shorts - A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I was honestly hoping for my days to beĀ slightly better after that day of bad luck last week, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. 269 more words


The Ugly Unreality

A friend of mine
Talks of the current changes
In the context of 1984.

I agree, although,
I would take The Great Communicator
Over this current bunch any day. 110 more words


A Woman's Dismay!

From here the words start:

We live in a society poisoned so badly by the self obsession of the world that it has even forgotten the principles and the ideology it was built on. 329 more words


Poetry: at least for today

at least for today

every fragmented memory like a lifetime ago
and i sit in wonder was it even me
as this moment now is all that i know… 95 more words