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Go Away, Dismay! 

When people hate you because you love Jesus and tell others about his miraculous healing…when people hate you because you care enough to tell them the truth about false teachers who bring false hope and false prophecy, which will bring them more pain…when people gossip about you and listen to lies because it makes them feel better about dabbling in their own sin…when people blatantly ignore you out of jealousy because they think they have your life all figured out and really just need to be working out their own…when people turn away from you because they feel uncomfortably convicted about their own life issues around you, not because you’re perfect, but because you strive to please God…when people use you, and then have no time for you, or only make time for you in hopes that they can squeeze a little more usefulness out of you for their own selfish gains…when people especially do these things to you, when at one time you considered them to be your friends…the silver lining is that JESUS knows your heart. 275 more words

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Uncle is restive. Too many people around.
“No,” I say. And that gives us a moment to stare into one another’s eyes. “State Security. And you’re military.” 429 more words


Fisherman in my throat

There is a fisherman in my throat

baiting emotions

with memories

from the sea of my heart.


He tosses them in to

my head, where they wriggle… 100 more words



Olympickled brand land lies oozing
gold from every orifice except mine.
Yours too?

Grab bronze & silver, and what you can.
My arse and sides contort in Hysteria.
Yours too?

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Be Not Dismayed

(One of the definitions of “dismay” is “to dishearten thoroughly.” That is the definition I always think of and use.)

Sometimes it can be easy to feel dismayed. 414 more words



Foolishness is a man wrestling against God,
But oh, how hard he tries!
He thinks he can win – if he holds out a little longer; 69 more words


Where men of judgment creep and feel their way, The positive pronounce without dismay. William Cowper

Where men of judgment creep and feel their way, The positive pronounce without dismay.

William Cowper