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Burn your mask Let the world visualize the real YOU

Flipped another chapter of wisdom

Irrelevant to review how it ended

Yet another opportunity to assess myself ..

And hence found I was endangered because i assume people to be REAL AND WHOLEHEARTED… 11 more words

Walking down in my cold feet

My hands were shivering

the whole idea about walking down to face everyone was killing

yet there was no escape

my tummy rumbled

I kept my eyes shut… 197 more words

It Follows

It follows, giving heart and soul,

As pain encompasses the body,

The mind can not let go,

It races with what will not be,

Begging for recognition, 41 more words


The Grey

A desire to just give in,

Just wanting something more,

Spoken words of recognition,

Only heard within my dreams,

Why can’t I just close the door, 136 more words


What AM I doing?

Life in limbo

At least, that’s how things seem to be lately.  I mean, yes, I’ve been doing things…  lots and lots of ‘things’.  Most of those things involve time and activities with the Kidlet and the Hubby.  509 more words



According to the LA Times, America has been throwing away perfectly good food due to arbitrary laws and expiration dates that have no connection to scientific data. 276 more words


Being Alone, Alive

Everyone spends part of their lives alone. Even in the midst of the busiest cities, even when surrounded by people, we can be alone.

Starting a job where I work out of our home and travel, I’ve been spending more time alone. 441 more words