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Love to dress as your favorite 'Star Wars' character? We want your photo!

Which ‘Star Wars’ character would you be, Chewbacca, perhaps Darth Vader? We want to see your photo!

The countdown has begun for the annual Star Wars Weekend… 94 more words


Night Rider

Many people are familiar with the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom. It’s a classic attraction, one of the oldest rides in the park, and it’s well known for its (obviously) animatronic animals and the skipper’s playful pun-filled patter. 1,078 more words

Walt Disney World

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Magic Kingdom takes on a whole new vibe at night, and many attractions become new experiences. The Mature Mouse™ is planning a few evenings in this park on his next trip. How do you prefer to experience Magic Kingdom, during the day or in the evening? What is your favorite attraction to ride at night? Have you ever used extra magic hours to stay late in the parks? I started planning my next Disney World Vacation by calling Jennie Nowers. When the Cool Summer Savings were released, Jennie was up early applying these savings to my trip, which saved me 15% on the price of my resort stay. I did not need to do a thing. Tell her that The Mature Mouse™ sent you and receive a special gift from Jennie with your next booking. Please visit The Mature Mouse™ store for logo merchandise. Many of the items would make outstanding additions to your vacation gear and attire. i_am_a_mature_mouse_water_bottle

The Best Etsy Shops For An Upcoming Disney Vacation

This week, I got my #parkbound “I’m Celebrating!” buttons in the mail.  Much like the MickeyWaffles bows I ordered for my last trip, these buttons were super cute and came from an Etsy seller.   577 more words


My.Daily.Distraction ~ Post 174: Carpe Carousel: Seize The Ride

I’m sure that all of you remember the carousel from the movie ‘Mary Poppins’ starring Julie Andrews.

Some of you probably also know that Canadian rock band Rush’s song ‘Lakeside Park’ is based upon Lakeside Park in Port Dalhousie, a suburb in St. 170 more words


Peter Pan

Peter Pan (1953)

Genre: Disney, Animation, Children, Family Film, Adventure

This has to be one of those Disney Classics that you automatically associate with Disney :) It is a brilliant movie full of magic, wonder and lots of nostalgia for the old Disney films! 156 more words


Be Our Guest: An Ode To People Who Just Don't Get It

If you don’t have a chronic illness, you Will. Not. Understand.

That’s not to say that people don’t care or that they aren’t trying their hardest to understand what we’re experiencing–it’s just that even the most well-meaning people are just incapable of fully grasping what it’s like to live with a really mean, unpredictable roommate that you share a body with instead of a house. 798 more words


Where shall we dine, or how the board is born.

So the meticulous planning must start somewhere. Now that we have our dates, we must begin to populate them with activities, and what is more import than the activity of eating? 637 more words