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Cartoons You Probably Don’t Remember: Quack Pack

Given that there’s a fair amount of hype surrounding the upcoming DuckTales reboot (with David Tennant, of all people, as Scrooge McDuck), I thought it might be a neat idea to take a look at the… 543 more words


Nigmabox Rundown (3/12-3/18) A Galaxy of Probable Disappointment

So, Mass Effect: Andromeda is almost out, and the consensus from the people who played the game is far from positive.  Apparently the story indulges in many trite tropes and fails to feel distinct while the animations are somehow remarkably worse than the stiff animations Bioware used in their games over the course of the seventh generation, to the point where it is genuinely remarkable anybody thought some of this way okay.   608 more words


The Disney Afternoon collection

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, DuckTales 2, and TailSpin all legally running on your Xbox One, PS4, or PC via Steam. 90 more words

Video Game

Capcom Relaunching the Disney Afternoon Games!

If you were a child in the late 80s, early 90s, then you undoubtedly are aware of the greatest TV block in animation history: The Disney Afternoon. 187 more words


Gargoyles commercials

I miss Gargoyles. A Lot. Apparently one of the reasons it was canceled is because of… toy sales? Wow. Super lame. They didn’t have a lot of great toys though. 87 more words


Ducktales Reboot Teaser Streamed

The official Ducktales Facebook page has recently updated with the first teaser for the upcoming reboot series.  The series will launch on Disney XD in… 7 more words

Hero Club

Monday Morning Imagineer: Here in Duckburg

If you pitched a series today about a greedy old man and three trouble making kids gallivanting across the globe in search of more wealth, you’d probably be kicked off the lot. 2,638 more words