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Disney's Park Pack (March 2016 Edition)

Box subscriptions are a fascinating trend to me. Healthy snacks, unhealthy snacks, clothes, collectibles for almost every fandom, toiletries, stuff for your pets, stuff to prepare you for the apocalypse, the list is unending. 253 more words

Disney Afternoon

My Disney Story (the past)

It seems only right to start with my own Disney story. How did I get to be the fan that I am? Was I always this fanatic? 582 more words

Disney Afternoon

Disney Fan 2.0

There are a lot of Disney fans here on the Internet. They’re blogging, vlogging, podcasting, tweeting, snapping, periscoping, the list goes on but, interestingly, many of them are from an older generation. 250 more words

Disney Afternoon

Aladdinathon #3: "To Cure a Thief"

Terrible Pun Title: Technically not a pun and actually not that terrible.

Plot: When Aladdin threatens to put Abu on a leash to curb his stealing, Abu runs away and teams up with the (self-proclaimed) greatest thief in all of Agrabah. 695 more words


Aladdinathon #2: "Bad Mood Rising"

Terrible Pun Title: A pun on “bad moon rising.” This one basically makes sense so we’re already a step up from episode one.

Plot: Our heroes travel to a country where the young king’s emotions control the weather. 767 more words