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Andrew Shows His DisneySide

The mere mention of the word Disney sends my son Andrew into orbit. A fleeting commercial catches his attention instantly and begins the repetition of “go to Disney”. 445 more words

Saving Money Sailing Disney Cruise Line

We’ve been visitors to the Disney Parks since 1998 and will never stop going. Raising an autistic teen who loves Disney is a powerful force in our lives that gets us to the Disney Parks without question. 1,042 more words

Fantasy Friday: Pirate Night!

Disney boasts one of the best fireworks shows… while out in the middle of the ocean.  It is so cool!  On our cruise, the fireworks show was on Pirate Night, which ended up being one of my favorite events. 713 more words


Disney Cruise Line Navigator App's Newest Feature, the Onboard Chat.

Guests sailing with Disney Cruise Line benefit from the hard copy ‘Personal Navigator’ which is full of daily news, events and activities, delivered nightly to each stateroom. 389 more words

Disney Characters Sail with Disney Cruise Line

You won’t miss greeting Disney characters sailing with Disney Cruise Line. The excitement and magic extends from the Disney Parks right on to all four ships in the fleet. 424 more words

Feeling on top of the world! And other adventures!

Confession time…

Prior to this week, I had run exactly ZERO steps since Goofy. I wish I was kidding. But by the time my recovery week was over, we were getting into this pattern of bitter cold and snow that just wouldn’t quit. 913 more words


Top 18 Reasons to Cruise with Disney

If you have never considered a Disney Cruise, now is the time!  If you have any doubts, check out my top 18 reasons to cruise with Disney and you are sure to change your mind. 385 more words

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