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Let's Appreciate: Beauty and the Beast

Romantic and charming, exciting and involving. As Broadway as it gets, great songs, great visuals. The entire ballroom sequence comes together like the Apollo Moon landings – it works. 12 more words


The Soundtrack To My Life

I can thank my mum for introducing me to Disney films. My most colourful memories take me back to my childhood, watching the late 90’s films she brought home like… 1,061 more words

Let's Appreciate: Atlantis the Lost Empire

A bold move from Disney Animation. No songs, more action, great designs from HellBoy creator Mark Mignola, all wrapped up in a Jules Verne package. That said, the setup is weak and some elements remain inconsistent – it does too much with too little time.



Getting Protective Over Your Favourite Disney Movie Be Like...

We all do it. Whether we care to admit it or not, we all get extremely protective over our favourite Disney movie or favourite character. Some of us are brave enough to voice these feelings, but the majority of us just quietly seethe and hope that they just….STOP. 399 more words

Disneyfy Your Summer Holiday!

The season for summer getaways is fast approaching and I am looking forward to getting on that plane and jetting off to my holiday destination! 410 more words

Films About Women 26

1 Elizabeth

It was in this film that I first discovered Cate Blanchett. It was love at first sight, and that love has never waned. Cate plays the young Virgin Queen as she rises to power. 558 more words


No need to ask.
No need to question.
but sometimes we still need to know
the reason.

-memories flashed after watching an old disney film Lilo and Stitch. 21 more words