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Beauty and the Beast: Differences Between the Movie and the Story

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Disney is well known for their interpretations of fairytales. They take influence from the original story and make it their own. This usually means they take out the less than family friendly details and make them suitable for family members of all ages. 671 more words


"Don't Ruin Snow White"

There is a remake of Snow White “Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs”………I just watched the trailer buzz, which has drawn many disparaging remarks.

If you haven’t seen this……here is a synopsis of the premise……Snow White isn’t beautiful, in the trailer she is portrayed as a “fat”, burping, slouch after she takes off her magic red shoes…….which make her thin and beautiful and sexy to the eyes of two of the dwarves……(who really aren’t dwarves, but princes “charmed” by a spell into being short………… 205 more words

Life Musings From A Reiki Master And Intuitive Animal Communicator

9 Disney movies you probably haven't heard of

One of Disney fanatics’ favorite things to do is to watch Disney films. Rewatching classics, singing along to the newest Disney hit song and wishing every night was Disney movie night is pretty typical for most Disney fans. 254 more words

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100 Facts About Oliver and Company

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I feel, when it comes to Oliver and Company, that a lot of people watched it, or at least saw it, when they were younger but now as adults, don’t really watch it. 1,469 more words


Thru the Mirror Review

Thru The Mirror brings us even further back into Disney’s roots as it is a solo Mickey Mouse adventure. The good news is that this means Goofy isn’t present…the bad news is that Donald also isn’t around. 480 more words


100 Facts About The Black Cauldron

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This will be the first and probably only, animated Disney film that I did not grow up watching and never actually saw until I was an adult. 1,568 more words


Fox and the Hound Etsy Finds

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As I have mentioned on so many occasions over the past year and a half, I love Etsy. I window shop constantly and I’m always on the hunt for wonderful vintage and one of a kind style Disney items. 62 more words