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Disney trends that must die – pronto!

Originally published in “The Readers’ Cut”

As a 90s child I had the great luck of growing up during the last years of the Disney Renaissance: … 1,427 more words


Gaston - Misunderstood?

We all know no one’s as slick or as quick as Gaston, but was he really such a bad guy?

Gaston is one of my top five Disney characters, he’s even the screen lock on my phone! 181 more words

Disney films: progressivism and moral ambiguity through the ages

A brief analysis of the complex motives behind Disney villains/heroes throughout the years; spoiler alerts btw

Snow White- The queen was jealous and manipulative, using disguise and deception to try to poison/kill Snow White, who she viewed as her competitor as the #1 beauty in the land. 1,264 more words


Guest Post: Five Favourite Underrated Disney Movies!

I was talking to my friend recently about Disney princesses and other females in Disney films, when I mentioned that Pocahontas, Mulan and Esmeralda were my favourites when I was little. 898 more words


Disney & Tea!

Dearies, Kat had a few days off around the holidays, and she decided to have a fun, nostalgic afternoon watching movies. We brewed up some teas, popped popcorn, and had a Disney movie marathon. 482 more words

Does The Good Dinosaur compare well to other recent Pixar movies?

Disney and Pixar movies should have a warning before showings – May Cause Emotional Breakdowns.

Before we get into the emotional rollercoaster that was The Good Dinosaur, let’s talk about the short film beforehand. 727 more words

Review : The Good Dinosaur

Let’s be honest. It was always going to be a struggle for The Good Dinosaur. In normal circumstances 2 Pixar movies in a year would be a real treat. 310 more words