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Merch Mondays

Ahhh! This week I’ll be showing an item of clothing that features my absolute favourite Disney film of all time! The Lion King!

Tesco is really good for Disney clothes lately, well more specifically their clothing range F&F. 92 more words

Merch Madness: Chalkboard Mug

I’m an avid coffee drinker. I cannot go a day without a cup of coffee. Therefore, I am an avid collector of mugs as well. I’m not really sure when this love for mugs¬†started, but I’ve found myself collecting them and placing them around my room for decoration. 169 more words


Merch Mondays

It’s another necklace again this week!

It won’t become a pattern I swear, but with Cinderella being released within the next few weeks, I thought this necklace deserved the Merch Monday spot. 118 more words

Merch Mondays

The best thing about shopping for Disney merchendise is that it’s EVERYWHERE.

In fact some of the nicest little accessories you will find in high street stores. 56 more words

A cheery spring wish list

Today’s sunny weather has inspired me to put together this wish list full of spring style pieces and cute items that put a smile on my face. 188 more words


Starbucks has entered the Kingdom

For a coffee addict and lover like myself, the news of Starbucks entering the Walt Disney World parks had me buzzing (literally!) I think the idea is genius, considering many people who venture into the parks are there at the wee hours of the morning to avoid heavy crowds, and caffeine is definitely not a want but a need. 234 more words


Disney Merchadise Haul

Lately I have recieved some very cool Disney merchandise! Some I got for Christmas, some I treated myself to and I thought I would share! 409 more words