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Films That Changed Me

Episode I – Be a Man!

Yeah you guessed it Mulan, now just stick with me on this one okay? I’m starting at the beginning so this one is a bit weird but just bare with me. 500 more words


Everyday Hero Jennifer White bring joy to sick children with Princess Ball

The Princess Ball has become something of a rite of spring in Toronto. Out of the limousines step princess after princess, their gowns only a little less glowing than their smiles. 728 more words


5 Tips For Finding True Love (Disney Style)

1. Brush up on your singing game.

This is your main way of attracting a prince, more than anything else. Not contouring, working out or dieting. 638 more words

This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Starred In 'Titanic'

For some reason, “Disney Princesses As Blah, Blah, Blah” is one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes- much to my annoyance. This time, however, artist Isaiah Stephens teamed up with… 212 more words


Seneca Falls 1848: Women looking at each other

The following is a blog series based on my new daily habit: Reading one entry from “What Every American Should Know About Women’s History.” Not only are there all these bits of women’s history time has neglected, but within them are lessons that are super relevant to living a meaningful and productive life today. 453 more words



Free face and fur character show at the Disneyland Hotel

Every single Disneyland Paris fans dreams of staying at the Disneyland hotel, tho not everybody can. 107 more words


I don't wanna be there when she cries

I don’t wanna be there when she falls, I don’t wanna be there when she cries” – VoJ ♡

Hey guys! I hope everything is fine with you all! 134 more words

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