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Disney Acquired 20th Century Fox & Everyone Has The Same Question

Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox for over $52 billion made headlines this week as a major and far-reaching merger — but Twitter is much more concerned with the fate of a certain long-lost Romanov on a journey to her past. 297 more words


Merry Dapper Day: 11/21/2017: "The Wilderness Mus Be Explored"

I’ve gone on seven trips to Disney World in the past 2 years, and the one thing that surprises people more than, “and you don’t have children?” is when they ask what my favorite thing to do is, and I say, “Walk around Animal Kingdom.” 1,437 more words


12 Disney Princesses reimagined as doorknobs

If there’s one thing we love here at Soft Core Sophistry, it’s jumping on trends that ended years ago.[1] And nothing says “wait isn’t that already played out” like visualizing Disney Princesses in a new way. 664 more words


I Want Elsa to Be Gay in Frozen 2

Disney is currently hard at work on Frozen 2, the follow-up to their most popular cartoon of the decade. By all accounts, Frozen 2 is probably going to be a nuclear bomb of popularity with kids of all ages. 404 more words


Christmas Shopping Angst

Every January I pledge to begin my Christmas shopping in August, yet every December finds me scrambling to buy the perfect gifts for my grandchildren. I’m such a loser. 254 more words


Anatomy of a Traitorous Disney Opinion: We Liked the Beauty and the Beast Remake

Hi there! Here we all are on this fine day, finding ourselves parked on this web page which belongs to two people who preferred the 2017  3,841 more words