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Short reflections on Disney Shorts: Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa

There’s not a lot of deep meaning in this one.  It is a short sequel to 2009’s “Prep & Landing”.  We get to see the two main characters, Wayne and Lanny, doing all the cool things we saw them do in the original.  285 more words


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Happy December!

November was a real busy month for my wife and I. I am an avid bow hunter and try to spend as much time as I can in a tree stand in pursuit of an adult whitetail buck. 355 more words

Løb for hele familien

Det er ingen hemmelighed, at løb fylder rigtig meget i mit liv og har gjort det længe. Derfor var det en selvfølgelig for mig, at min kæreste også skulle dele min begejstring. 224 more words


Top Holiday Food & Drinks: Magic Kingdom

When it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, Magic Kingdom takes the cake. Our vacation doesn’t officially start until we visit Magic Kingdom. While we arrive at Disney World on Christmas Eve, we don’t go to any of the parks until Christmas morning, when we head to Magic Kingdom. 856 more words

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The Good Dinosaur (Cinema Screening)

(spoiler free)

2015 has been a landmark year for Pixar Animation Studios as this has been the first year that they have released two feature length films. 585 more words

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Star Wars: the Power of Costume

This exhibit found in NYC’s time square was very nostalgic. It really makes you want to re-watch the entire series and, of course, marvel at the Queens clothes who apparently had way more wardrobe changes than I would have ever realized. 98 more words