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Howdy Sunday Peeps!

You must know by now that the live-action Aladdin is due to hit the cinemas this week!

A couple of days ago I found the video on YouTube of Will Smith singing Prince Ali. 245 more words

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Kevin Feige Confirms Future Role For The Mandarin In The MCU (And What That Could Mean Going Foward)

The marketing for Iron Man 3 promised the introduction of The Mandarin, leader of the terror syndicate The Ten Rings and Iron Man nemesis, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and portrayed by Academy Award-winner Ben Kingsley no less. 525 more words

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24. Family Fun

Monday 8th April – Matt Arrives

Today was a relaxed day as we were waiting for my other brother to arrive in Orlando. I won’t lie, we were concerned he wouldn’t make it by himself after celebrating his team’s win over the weekend! 1,260 more words


Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grille

Disney Springs is home to many fantastic restaurants by some of the greatest chefs. Disney isn’t afraid to name drop with establishments by Morimoto, Art Smith, Wolfgang Puck, and Jose Andres. 404 more words


A Truly Great Couple

Why I think Starco is one of the best couples in fiction 1,152 more words

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