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Barely Even Friends

This live adaptation of the classic 1991 animation from Disney was a really good movie. It got everything that we liked from the original one and made it even better. 227 more words


wherever you are - Winnie the Pooh

“I need you to come here and find me ’cause without you I’m totally lost.” – Disney


Where Disney's Star Wars Went Wrong

Catholic Wannabe Critic became a more fitting platform to post this analysis of the Star Wars saga, especially Disney’s contribution to it, after this article ended up being more of an essay than the rambles I post on my  906 more words


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (Part 2)

The Launch (A Dent in the Universe). It was now 1984. Microsoft was now competing with Apple. Revenue now largely came from its operating system. IBM was dominating the PC market. 6,359 more words


Beauty And The Beast Novels

As many of you will know, the release of the new live-action Beauty And The Beast movie starring Emma Watson was released last week. So much hype has been around this movie, and as i’ve seen it, i can say personally i found it to be the best live-action movie Disney have made. 387 more words


task six completed

my dearest,

i’m picturing you making your way home from a disney-filled night, sleepily humming disney songs, your favorite lines bouncing around in your head, dreams of fairytale castles and jungle scenes ahead. 559 more words


Thoughts I Had During Beauty and the Beast

The movie Disney fans have been waiting for for what feels like forever is finally here, and OH MY GOSH.

Now I know it’s only been out for a week, so rather than a full review I thought I’d do my classic ‘chuck all the things that popped into my head while watching the movie’ thing, and keep it spoiler free for those of you who don’t want to ruin the experience – not that it’s not a story you already know though.. 332 more words