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Make Mine Music

Welcome Back! Make Mine Music is a Disney classic and the third package film. It is the 8th animated film from the Classic Animated Canon. It is the first American animated movie to be made after World War 2.   3,748 more words

It's A Small World: An Attraction Snapshot

Located in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, It’s A Small World is an attraction that is loved by many.

It’s A Small World was one of  the opening day attractions at the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971. 244 more words


Daily Quote

Hey guys,

I absolutely love this quote!  I was watching Meet the Robinson’s (which was such a good movie and it’s a Disney movie!!) and throughout the movie, he kept failing on his inventions and was losing hope.   70 more words


Daily prompt: punishment 

😮 oh my! Not exactly Disney thought path! Well best get my thinking cap on.

How about The Lion King? At the end of the film Simba comes back to claim Pride Rock! 35 more words


Ever wondered how to make a giant look realistic? Me neither, but Disney seem to have mulled it over, and quite successfully achieved the impossible. 215 more words