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it looked painful

They sweat, those standing around
the hole in the pavement, gasping
There is one in a digger with his arm
shuddering, cascading against mud and sometimes against rock… 27 more words



Når Disneyfication bliver til virkelighed

Som arbejdsløs er sandhedens time ikke blot en time, men en time der varer ved indtil du finder et job. 208 more words


Magic Mike XXL - Review

“Magic Mike XXL” is in many ways a pretty enjoyable movie. Channing Tatum, despite seeming to be physically imposing, moves in a manner that belies his size and makes him seem really personable–more so than I am accustomed to seeing him–and the whole cast seemed to be having a good time, which shows. 651 more words


This Week (and Last Week) in Awkwardness

I read an article recently about a company that wants to build a huge complex on the north rim of the Grand Canyon complete with a cable car system capable of taking 10,000 people a day down to the bottom of the canyon.  377 more words

This Week In Awkwardness

This Week in Awkwardness

All but the latest trees have their leaves, the lilacs are starting to bloom, and the temperature has been higher than 45 for several days in a row. 168 more words

This Week In Awkwardness

The Real Little Mermaid

When you hear “The Little Mermaid,” you probably think of the Disney movie about that one fish girl who breaks into song every 5 or 10 minutes. 401 more words


Is 'Disneyfication' all that bad?

With the announcement of a Frozen sequel, and the upcoming Cinderella released in cinemas shortly, it seems that Disney is everywhere. And with the constant cultural presence of this influential multi-billion dollar company comes the age-old statements questioning how healthy an impression Disney creates in our culture. 613 more words