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Sleeping Beauty: Adding Agency to a Dark and Gruesome Story

I thought since I gave Once Upon a Dream such a hard time in our Love Songs Extravaganza, I would take a closer look at Sleeping Beauty and its many versions. 3,777 more words


Today in NYC History: A Turning Point for Times Square (1981)

Few conversations about New York City spark more heated debate than the redevelopment of Times Square. For some, it symbolized the death of New York City’s soul, the beginning of a corporate, stale, Disneyfied city. 612 more words

Oliver Twist & Company

Now that I finished Oliver Twist for my Early Victorian Novels class, I can finally write this meta! Time to dive into the world of kitty!Oliver and Dickens!Oliver and see what got cut from the original story and how Disney…. 2,080 more words


Ariel Triumphant: How Disney Made a Grim Tale Empowering

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies, because while it gets a lot of backlash for being “anti-feminist” and Ariel being a bad role model, … 2,546 more words


CTS Lecture 1/ Counterfeit Space

Last Thursday we had our very first lecture in the second term, which was called ‘Bleached Dreams – Troubling Places‘. There were several interesting key words in it, so I’m going to write down about this lecture in different sections, categorising each with those key words. 965 more words


Cinderella and Disneyfication

As a little girl, Cinderella was my absolute favorite Disney movie, so it seemed fitting to tackle a Meta about her at some point. Between the Cinderella movie coming out in March, and Cinderella’s role in… 1,947 more words