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Travel Diary: The Happiest Place On Earth

In case you (somehow) missed it, the boy and I took a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth this past weekend, Disneyland! Before we left, I posted about… 1,218 more words


The Craziest Things People Have Seen At Disney

A couple months back I asked a Disney Facebook group this question:

What is the craziest thing that you’ve ever witnessed at Disney?

My phone began blowing up with comments. 648 more words

If I could Plan out the Perfect Week

Would this not be an amazing thing to be able to do? I live your pretty basic Mom life with 2 teenagers, in a small town with not much to do on a warm day let alone our winter days, but now I get to dream of 168 hours of perfection. 820 more words


Once Upon A Time, I Worked At Disneyland

Growing up, I’d always loved Disney. The park, the movies, the man. After we got a VCR, I managed to tape Robin Hood off the TV, and I must have watched it dozens of times. 1,707 more words


More Disneyland Magic

To Peter Pan. For some reason Peter Pan has a 40 minute queue from 5 minutes after the park opens (as we can attest) to park closing. 111 more words