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Robinson Crusoe's Perilous Adventure

Write 500 words on this: “Why did he take the coins off the ship?”

The book “Robinson Crusoe” is a story of personal redemption. The story of Robinson Crusoe resembles the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son, but unlike the Prodigal Son, Crusoe gets stranded on an island vacant of all human life. 636 more words

English 3 - WLit2

Dealing With Nay-sayers of All Ages: Three Tips

Shrinks have a name for those who never say yes–Oppositional Defiant Disorder. It is a disorder because it rules the person’s life, they  rarely if ever say yes. 1,036 more words

Parenting Issues

No God?

Says the fool in his heart.’

We have many nations in the world today that still forbid people to believe in any kind of religion or they allow a little, but still place restrictions on claims made in various Holy books. 70 more words

Have Bait...Will Travel.

Reflection on Jonah 1 and 2

So I’m thinking that this wasn’t the “three hour tour” that Jonah was banking on when he high tailed it to Tarshish.  420 more words

...and now for someting completely different. An ode to Checky-Watch: Makina Style!!

Believe it not, the uniquely Gerodie pheonomeon that is ‘Checky-Watch’, has now got a ‘Makina-style’ happy-hardcore rave tune dedicated to it.

At 2:20 long, I suspect that it’s not the finished article. 87 more words

My fate in your hands

Am in state of panic. Well, as much as I ever panic, which is not a lot. In fact, come to think of it: I never panic. 164 more words


Style lesson -- Contractions

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We are creatures of habit.

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