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Meet Our Dispatcher: Daniela

If you have ever called our office, then you are familiar with our stellar Dispatcher, Daniela. She handles a multitude of tasks at Kopier Net from answering the phones, dispatching the technicians to their calls, assisting with shipping out supplies & so much more. 447 more words


Freed From the Islamic State, but Far From Free

DOHUK, Iraq — During her 19 months of captivity under the Islamic State, Nofa Mahlo, a 37-year-old Yazidi woman from Baa’j, lived each day not knowing what the next would bring. 2,089 more words


State questions attendance at ECOT, state's largest online school

Siegel, Jim.  Columbus Dispatch.  May 19, 2016.  http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2016/05/19/state-questions-attendance-at-ecot-states-largest-online-school.html

The Dispatch reports that ECOT students may not be meeting the required 920 hours of learning time per year as required by law and also points out that ECOT’s owner, William Lager, is one of the GOP’s largest donors. 82 more words



  •  Roving Patrols
  • Patrol vehicle presence
  • 24 hour live dispatch and security support staff
  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Guards
  • Certified Process Servers
  • Eviction stand by service…
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Armed Guards

The Two-School Solution

JAFFA, Israel — On the afternoon of the Passover Seder, Ora Balha was preparing for one of the most important Jewish holidays of the year. That evening, she and her family would gather around the Seder table to read the story of their ancestors’ enslavement in Egypt and exodus to the ancient land of Israel. 1,840 more words


Headline: Popular ECOT Poor Performer

Bush, Bill and Smith Richards, Jennifer.  “Popular ECOT Poor Performer.”  Columbus Dispatch.  January 4, 2015.  http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2015/01/04/popular-ecot-poor-performer.html#

The article discusses ECOT’s failures as a school and also shines light on the owner’s vast profits and political donations. 141 more words

ECOT Performance