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Officer Down - Part 2 - The Hospital

Once my relief had come in and taken over for me, I took off my headset and I found myself unable to leave. I didn’t know what to do, or where to go. 2,216 more words


Dispatch from the Front Lines of Midterm Season

Monday, October 24, 2016 8:45 am 308 Pupin

OH shit oh shit oh shit oh shit. CRAAPPPP why did I not study for this test? What the hell was I thinking? 286 more words


Dispatch 31: Apprentice

DONALD J. Trump is very good at one thing, and that is drawing attention to himself. He has spent his entire life honing this skill, and he must now be acknowledged as a master of it, in the Century of the Self, when being famous for being famous is at its peak. 487 more words

David Levi Strauss

Iraq’s Elite Soldiers Have Their Sights Set on Mosul

SHAHKOLI, Iraq — A convoy of black armored vehicles pulled off the highway and into a bombed-out village 10 miles from Mosul. A soldier atop an armored vehicle held a speaker blasting martial music, to the delight of several hundred comrades. 1,396 more words

Middle East

이화여대 커미부 전공생들, “함께 운영하는 디지털미디어관련 블로그” WORDPRESS Blog on Digital Media by EWHA’s Media Major Students

    지난 10월 11일 <디스패치>의 사이트에 두 건의 기사가 공유되었는데 그 출처가 흥미롭다. 기사의 출처는 이화여대 커뮤니케이션 미디어 학부 일부 강의의 수업 외 플랫폼으로 사용중인 한 블로그이다. 91 more words

Consumer Psychology

The most useful mobile apps for an eight-month roadtrip across North America

There once was a time when the only help you had on a road trip was a map and maybe a guidebook and some local pamphlets. 2,321 more words