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Episode 11.6: One and the Same

When we think of justification being viewed as different according to the Old and New Testament what systems of theology come to mind? What were some things the Socinians believed? 170 more words


McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 2

Part 1

Before we dive into a correction of the mistakes of McMurtry’s newest video, I want to illustrate the thinking and logic problems of the followers of Steven Anderson.  2,295 more words


The Last Days Acceleration of Time, Pt. 3 by Pastor Kevin E. Johnson


I greet you once again in the Name of Jesus!

We as western Christians sometimes have a difficult time understanding the scriptures, simply because we are pretty much locked into Greco-Roman thinking. 2,215 more words

Bible Teaching/Prophecy

McMurtry on Dispensations: Part. 1

So Anderson’s buddy, Tommy McMurtry, has begun a series of videos about Dispensationalism.  This will be a great example of the deceptiveness of the New IFB movement.  1,110 more words

The Signs of the Times - Do Current Signs Point to Prophetic Fulfillment? - PART 1

This post is PART 1 to the 1st of the following 3 questions put forward by Rhodes:

1. Do Current Signs Point to Prophetic Fulfillment? 1,020 more words


If one believes Man is no longer meant to eat only fruit, herbs and plants as Adam and Eve did, or that one is not instructed by God to build an Ark today like Noah, then one is a dispensationalist. 92 more words


Why You Should Use the King James Version

Today, though still widely read and loved by many, the King James Version is being increasingly forsaken by the Christian public at large in favor of one of the modern versions (e.g., NIV, ESV, NASB). 290 more words