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"Israel": Two Examples of the Allegorical Use of Israel*

Paul’s use of the term “Israel” is quite fluid throughout his letters.  Knowing when he is referring to the literal people of Israel or when he is using the term allegorically is key to properly interpreting Paul.   858 more words


God's Plan for the Ages - Dispensations, Pt. 41


I greet you once again in the Name of Jesus!

As I write this, we are winding down what has been an historic, albeit often very dirty, Presidential election cycle. 2,062 more words

Bible Teaching/Prophecy

I Believe That the Bible Teaches More Than One Plan of Salvation (But Only One Today)

From 33 AD to today (assuming you are reading this before the Rapture of the church) a man is saved from hell by receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour after he admits he is a sinner and that Christ died on the cross in his place and rose again three days later.   1,423 more words


Making a Covenant with Abraham (Pt.5): Hermeneutics as a Test of Faith

Problems with the Promise and Fulfillment Motif?

John Sailhamer is a critic of the common evangelical dogma that teaches a “promise – fulfillment” way of looking at the two Testaments, because by setting things up that way, the almost irresistible temptation will be to interpret the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament, and in particular with the first coming of Christ culminating in the Gospel.  1,012 more words


Paul Does Not Lie!

I Timothy 2 Part 2

New King James Version 6. who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time,

The Resultant Version 6. 4,869 more words

Book Studies

The Danger of Dispensationalism

What’s wrong with the world? Turns out, it’s dispensationalism. Who knew?

Sadly, this understanding creates not only complete and utter apathy, but something far worse. Sure, there is apathy for the environment, and apathy for humanity, but, like a double-edged sword, also a promulgation of the very things dispensationalists believe… 26 more words


Snoeberger on Literal Interpretation

Mark Snoeberger is a professor at our sister institution, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written has a useful post on literal interpretation. He highlights two problems: first, a danger that literal interpreters face, and second, the problem of nomenclature. 90 more words