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How will every eye see him?

Dr. Andrew Corbett does a good job of explaining right thinking and solid exegesis of the relevant passages

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Why The Bible Should Be Read Literally

Yesterday I was listening to a sermon from SermonAudio defending the king James Bible. It was being preached by a man who was an Independent Baptist. 1,186 more words


How One Little Word Changes Everything

Gary Demar explains how definitions and translations affect our view of Revelation

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Unstop the Waterways

“What has happened, between the writing of the Joshua Tree ablum, the recording of the Joshua Tree album, and the tour, and now the new songs?” 1,987 more words

The Old Testament Doesn't Count (Podcast ep. 10)

Often when you bring up terrible things in the Bible, you get the response, “But that’s the Old Testament!” Christians expend significant energy trying to distance themselves from the the OT and its contents by arguing that it’s sort of less instructional and less relevant to today than the NT. 2,097 more words



Chart of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture View

Definition: Christ will come for His saints.; afterward He will come with His saints. The first stage of Christ’s coming is called Rapture; the second stage is called Revelation. 742 more words

Eschatology (The Study Of Last Things)