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Dispensationalism: Rightly Dividing the People of God?

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For years, dispensational teachings have flooded evangelical airwaves and bookstores. Are they biblical? Dr. Keith A. Mathison provides a clear, scriptural critique of this popular movement. 229 more words


Israel and the Church (Book): The Covenantal View And Responses

Following up on this previous post, my summary thoughts on the presentation of – and responses to – the first view, of (paedobaptist type) Covenant Theology. 774 more words


Where Did Rapture Theology Come From?

An excellent explanation from Dr. Ben Witherington III on the origins of dispensationalism and rapture theology. Go deeper today with 7-Minute Seminary.


Trying to Get the Rapture Right (Pt. 8)

Part Seven

The Church in the Seventieth Week?

Of the several options on the timing of the rapture only the pretribulational view keeps the Body of Christ entirely out of the Seventieth Week of Daniel 9.   1,007 more words


The Moral Rot of Zionist 'Christians'

I have nothing to add… except maybe this:

This is what Israel does… just keeping things in perspective… oh, and this:

‘Nuff sed.

The right laws of interpretation may be obtained by observing the manner in which the Old Testament is cited in the New

2. The second principle which the expositor must make a most careful study of is that of scriptural quotation. Not a little help in ascertaining the right laws of interpretation may be obtained from diligently observing the manner in which and the purpose for which the Old Testament is cited in the New. 163 more words

Arthur W. Pink

Hagee's Rupture... I mean...

Our favorite Zionist windbag scrutinized…

There’s been a long line of rupture… I mean rapture preachers since John Darby first espoused his view of the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.  319 more words