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We Delight To See The Law In The Hand of Christ

Ernest Reisinger on dispensationalism and the moral law:

“The fourth pillar or root of this erroneous teaching is on the biblical relationship between the law and the gospel. 251 more words


Heresy of Literal Animal Sacrifices in a Millennium


This article makes a lot of sense, and gives a biblical explanation of why dispensational teaching about animal sacrifices in the milennium are inaccurate.

Religious Dangers

Now It Flows Out To All Nations

Fountain by night on central plaza in Iquitos/Maynas/Loreto, Peru by AgainErick

J.C. Ryle on the difference between the Mosaic and Christian eras:

“The conception which the pious remnant of Israel had of the Divine character during the Mosaic economy was radically different from the stern and forbidding presentation made thereof by Dispensationalists. 167 more words


Law And Grace Are Mutual Handmaids

J.C. Ryle on the relationship of law and grace:

“God’s method of salvation by grace has ‘established the law’ in a threefold way. First, by Christ, the Surety of God’s elect, being ‘made under the law’ (Gal. 186 more words


Gentiles Included in Old Testament Israel


This paper will show biblically that Old Testament Israel was a body of believers in the true God, a called out “congregation,” who were… 2,637 more words

"Christian" Zionism

Part 2 Philip Mauro The Gospel of the Kingdom



FOR some of our readers a definition of modern dispensationalism will be a necessity, and for all it will be a convenience. 2,238 more words

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