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Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.4)

Part Three

A Little More on the Reality of ‘Replacementism’

Theologian R. Kendall Soulen opens his book about supercessionism in church history with an explanation of what supercessionism is: 1,040 more words


Biblical Future Prophecy –Part 1: Introduction to Biblical Future Prophecy

One of Jesus’ final teachings before he went to the cross was that the Holy Spirit would soon come to guide the disciples in “all truth” (Jn. 2,857 more words

The Future (Eschatology)

Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.3)

Part Two

Replacement of Concepts?

In the book The Meaning of the Millennium (ed. Robert G. Clouse), the well known postmillennial scholar Loraine Boettner said, 1,139 more words


Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.2)

Part One

It’s a Real Thing

That replacement theology actually exists should be beyond dispute.  In a well known admission, the esteemed NT scholar C.E.B. Cranfield wrote, 1,207 more words


The Importance of a Dispensational Perspective

What is a “dispensation”?

A dispensation is a historical era in which God has particular expectations of man. Each dispensation includes a test to see if man will fulfill the divine expectation. 1,292 more words


Baptism Notes for your visitation Bible from a Bible Believer


Their verses:

Acts 2:37-38 – Answers wrong question.

– Acts 16:30-31 – Correct question. No baptism in answer.

– Luke 5:12-14 – Defines the “for” to mean “because of” not “in order to get”. 156 more words

Premillennialism: Why There Must Be a Future Earthly Kingdom of Jesus

Michael Vlach

Generally, when people discuss the Millennium, they turn to Revelation 20. It is the primary text for asserting, and defending a 1000 year literal reign of Christ on earth. 408 more words