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The Relevance of the Old Testament for the New Testament Believer, Pt 2

Jesus and the Old Testament…..continued

In the last post we considered that Jesus did not come to set aside the moral commands of the OT, rather He came to fulfill them. 2,677 more words

Practical Issues


PMT 2016-052 by Keith Mathison (Ligonier)

I once heard someone define the millennium as a thousand-year period of time during which Christians fight over the proper interpretation of the book of Revelation. 1,122 more words


Preparation for Persecution

July 14, 2016

Dr. Stanford E. Murrell

Dear respected Sir in the Lord,

I heard in Russia President Putin has signed a new law which greatly restricts Church work in Russia. 702 more words

Culture & Society

Blockbuster Bible (Part 2)

Here’s a problem the premillennialist persuasion cannot solve or reconcile: How does a secret, “rapturous” return of the Lord fit in with Paul’s inspired… 1,774 more words


Blockbuster Bible (Part 1)

Many so-called “pastors,” with itchy ears (cf. 2. Tim. 4:3,4), turn to Matthew 24 and let the words (or their own twist of them) scratch away until they have virtually no ear left at all. 1,535 more words


Replacement Theology?

“The land promise hasn’t been revoked or replaced; it has been transformed and expanded. All those who put their faith in Christ alone will one day dwell in the land that Abraham evidently always understood as the true essence and intention of God’s promise .” -Nancy Guthrie