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Bible Prophecy: The Dispensations of Promise and Law

Without a proper understanding of dispensations, a Christian can become very confused about how the scripture applies to their lives today. You may think that you are to continue in the Old Testament Law and stone witches and homosexuals! 37 more words

Bible Prophecy: The First Three Dispensations

The first three dispensations recognized in the classical dispensational hermeneutic are Innocence, Conscience, and Government. These three span a large amount of human history but only cover the first 11 chapters of the Bible. 75 more words

Mitigating the Millennium

Man has always been enchanted by the idea of utopia. From Plato’s Republic (4th century B.C.) to Thomas More’s Utopia (16th century A.D.), we love to envision the perfect society. 516 more words


A Dispensational Biblical Theology (on Kindle)

Elliott E. Johnson’s, A Dispensational Biblical Theology, now is available on Kindle. It worth reading of all of its pages. Advocates and critics, alike, should respect this work.


Premillennialism: Why There Must Be a Future Earthly Kingdom of Jesus

Michael Vlach

Generally, when people discuss the Millennium, they turn to Revelation 20.  It is the primary text for asserting, and defending a 1000 year literal reign of Christ on earth.  435 more words



PMW 2017-053 by Gary DeMar (American Vision)

Once again, prophecy prognosticators are predicting Jesus is going to wrap up everything in our generation because things are so bad the end must be near. 882 more words