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The Last Days Acceleration of Time, Pt. 4 by Pastor Kevin E. Johnson


I greet you once again in the Name of Jesus!

While it is true that God exists outside of time, in His dealings with man He does things within the framework of time. 2,073 more words

Bible Teaching/Prophecy

McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 5

Tommy McMurtry continues to spread false information about dispensationalism and we will continue to correct his distortions and false reasoning.  This will be accomplished by the Grace of God, of course.  2,800 more words


Does Isaiah 65:17-25 refer to an earthly Millennium rule of Christ on Earth?

I have been told by many Bible commentators that the passage in Isaiah 65:17-25 refers to a Millennium period on Earth when Christ rules the nations directly before the Final Judgement of all men.  2,340 more words

Biblical Doctrines

McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 4

We will continue our series of articles about the distortions and faulty logic of Tommy McMurtry.  In this article, we will demonstrate a healthy supply of both from him. 1,952 more words


McMurtry on Dispensations: Part 3

As Tommy McMurtry continues his attempts to “debunk” dispensationalism, we will continue to point out the errors in his videos.  We proceed to video #3.  As always we will find a provocative mix of misrepresentations, straw man arguments, and implying that verses don’t mean what they say.  3,312 more words

Russians and Muslims to Invade Israel?

A Response to The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy by Ron Rhodes
(This serves as a link to a series that I am doing on my blog Real Church Life where I dismantle dispensationalism.) 540 more words

The Signs of the Times – Can We Know When the Ezekiel Invasion Will Occur? PART 2 - Russians and Muslims to Invade Israel on Horseback?

Debate 3 Falls A Response to Ron Rhodes’ The 8 Great Debates of Bible Prophecy Debate 3: Ron Rhodes asks, “What Can We Know About the Signs of the Times? 584 more words