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Resources on Daniel's Seventy Weeks

24 Seventy weeks are decreed about your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place .

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Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.9)

Part Eight

This is the final post in this series, the purpose of which has been to ask whether “replacement theology” and “supercessionism” correctly describe what some theologies, covenant theology especially, do with the nation of Israel and its OT promises in teaching fulfillment through “transformation” into Christ and the church.   1,398 more words


Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.8)

Part Seven

My stated intention in these posts is to try to settle whether or not it is proper to speak in terms of theologies of supercessionism or replacement theology.   1,230 more words


Biblical Future Prophecy –Part 6: Background to the Tribulation (Daniel’s 70th Week)

Both the Old and New Testaments speak of a time of great distress immediately preceding the second coming of Christ. According to the prophecy of the seventy weeks in Daniel 9:24-27, this period of distress is to be seven years long. 7,841 more words

The Future (Eschatology)

Replacement Theology: Is it Wrong to Use the Term? (Pt.7)

Part Six

Gary Burge: Replacement Theologian

The name of Gary Burge  of Wheaton College is familiar to many Christians who teach eschatology that includes the restoration of the remnant of the nation of Israel, but not for positive reasons. 1,368 more words


Short Explanation of "Dispensation"

From J. Vernon McGee, Ephesians, p. 47 (teaching on Ephesians 1.9-10)

Dispensation is another word like mystery. It is often misunderstood, and a great many people think it is a dirty word. 973 more words

Miscellaneous Spiritual/Legal Matters