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Salvation unto Israel My Glory

The tiny nation of Israel has been a flashpoint in the Middle East for a very long time, and that ought not be puzzling to those who know the Bible.   641 more words

Review of "Dispensationalism," by Charles Ryrie


Just prior to Dr. Charles Ryrie’s recent passing, I thoroughly read through His book, Dispensationalism. In that work, Ryrie seeks to lay out a thorough explanation of the theological framework known as dispensationalism. 1,431 more words



  I.      Introduction

The last time I taught, we studied who the Holy Spirit is and His perfect timing at appearing at Pentecost 50 days after the Passover Lamb was slain.  3,264 more words

Bible Study

Predestined to be Perfected in Love* ~ Pt. 1: What Christian Perfection is Not

I am a Calvinist. Give me a good defense of double predestination, a Piper sermon on Christian Hedonism, or a quotation from John Calvin and my Reformed heart begins to patter. 1,168 more words


Pre trib rapture is false along with Eternal security

We all  should be prepared to meet our Maker Jesus Christ – God  at any time, whether it be Post-Trib, Pre-Trib, 10  years from now, tomorrow, or with our next breath being our last but firstly many are not, and   still God never had  promised we would escape persecution as half of the Christians already do know world wide  so why do a few select persons falsely believe  all Christians will escape the rapture, wishfull thinking on their part.. 2,725 more words


A Critique of Two Peoples of God

I wrote this paper some time ago for my undergraduate degree.  Some of my thoughts certainly could be expanded and clarified, especially now that I have a greater understanding of eschatology. 4,363 more words

Church History | Christianity in America (Part 4)

This week we’ll be continuing the series by Dr. Dan van Voorhis entitled Christianity in America. This series covers American Christianity from the Puritans through the modern-day Emergent Church. 310 more words