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#mss2017 Case 14: MS 384

MS 384, open to full page miniature of the martyrdom of St Thomas à Becket

MS 384 is a 15th century Flemish Book of Hours, made in the Low Countries for the English market according to the Use of Sarum. 553 more words


Google Pixel 2 XL review: Only for the pure of Android

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Overview, Design, Display & Software



Last year, Google ditched its collaborative Nexus line in favor of its own ‘Made by Google… 1,761 more words


#mss2017 Case 3b: MS 350

MS350 opening ff 11v-12r (Herefordshire Domesday)

This manuscript of 170 folios includes three separate texts on Anglo-Norman legal subjects: a late 12th c copy of the Herefordshire section of Domesday book (first written in the late 11th c); an early 13th c copy of the earliest treatise on English common law ‘Treatise on the laws and customs of the kingdom of England in the time of King Henry II’, known simply as ‘Glanvill’ after its late 12th c author; and an early 14th c copy of ‘Britton’, the earliest summary of English law to be written in French, probably in the late 13th century. 551 more words


Maths displays

Our maths displays have been updated to reflect the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme being followed within lessons. There is a lot of emphasis on accurate use of mathematical vocabulary and of reasoning skills within maths, for example being able to show answers in several different ways.

Astro’s Luna Display will turn your iPad’s front camera into a clever button

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Astro’s Luna Display hardware dongle is a dream for anyone who wants their iPad to act as a second screen for their Mac – wirelessly. 301 more words


Huawei launches A.I.-powered smartphones - Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro

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Huawei launches A.I.-powered smartphones – Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro

The second 2017 flagship smartphone season is now at its peak, but that’s not stopping Huawei from announcing their next move. 637 more words