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Disqus Begins To Automate Against The Profane, Are Ideas Next?

For some time now, comments sections on websites have been closing down or becoming more exclusive to users. I’m sure there are a whole slew of reasons comments get banned. 348 more words


A Voice of Colorado No. 260 Version 5.0:

Several e-mails recently regarding a series of comments posted to the Disqus channel belonging to a newspaper published by Digital First Media, which explicitly asserted that anyone who voted for or supports the President of the United States of America is “a Neo-Nazi”. 85 more words


Q&A with BoingBoing developer Dean Putney: How the popular site handles millions of views per month -- and why it switched from Movable Type to WordPress

By any stretch, the eclectic, all-things-geeky BoingBoing.net is big — and not just for a blog. The site describes itself as “A Directory of Wonderful Things.” It is indeed. 1,070 more words


A Voice of Colorado No. 176 Version 5.0:

The baby-kissing and glad-handing tour by Mark Zuckerberg in his capacity as CEO of Facebook could not only be described as a damage-control effort, it MUST be described as such. 491 more words


Blogs and Social Media - Brainstorming

At the beginning blogs were for the most part a matter to display special interests. These artsy photoshots you wanted to display, the recipes of your nana, your life as an  Asperger and so on. 504 more words


New Bible Discussion Channel on Disqus!

I want to invite everyone to come join me in discussing the wonderful faith we have from God on my new discussion channel hosted by Disqus: … 206 more words