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How Do We Learn? How Should We Learn?

If I ask you or your students, “How do you learn,” how many of you could clearly articulate this process? If you can, are the strategies you’re using the best ones for learning? 1,124 more words


The Other 21st Century Skills: Educator Self-Assessment

I’ve posted about The Other 21st Skills and Attributes.  This post provides links and resources about these skills as well as an educator self-assessment.  This assessment contains questions to assist the educator in evaluating if and how s/he is facilitating these skills and attributes in the learning environment. 117 more words


Best Education-Related Videos of 2014

I love end of year “best of” lists.  My own list is what I found to be the most powerful education related videos of 2014. They all, in some way, address the mind, heart, and spirit of education.  1,102 more words


Maker Education Conference Workshop

The slide presentation and participant photos from a professional development workshop for educators:

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The Educator with a Growth Mindset: A Staff Workshop

I had the great privilege of facilitating a staff workshop on growth mindsets for the teachers and staff at Carlos Rosario International School.

Staff were given access to the slide deck in order interact with the slides and resources during the workshop. 853 more words


The Educator as a Design Thinker

Information abundance, emerging technologies, broad ranging social connections via social media, and the ability to create, produce,and  share original works of writing, art, inventions with authentic audiences have created a new age of learning, one that is qualitatively different than the 20th century.   1,125 more words