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The Acton Institute and Puerto Rico: Climate denial and Free Market Fanaticism

Over the past 10 days, people are deeply saddened by the devastation occurring in Puerto Rico and are pissed off at the administration’s lack of empathy for those on the island that are suffering. 670 more words

Dissecting The Local News

The significance of Betsy DeVos appointing John Engler to the National Assessment Board

Last week it was reported by MLive, that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos had appointed several new people to the National Assessment Board, including former Michigan Governor John Engler.  539 more words

Dissecting The Local News

MLive, census data and the politics of class

Back on September 14, MLive ran a story entitled, “Michigan’s median income is up and poverty is down, new census data shows.” 

The headline is based on a comparison between the 2014-2015 data and the 2015-2016 data, which you can search by county, with the help of the cloud database embedded in the article. 485 more words

Dissecting The Local News

In Praise of Grand Action and its founders: The Pandering of MLive

On Friday, an entity created by some of the members of the West MI Power Structure, Grand Action, announced that the three founding members – David Frey, John Canepa and Dick DeVos – were leaving the group. 427 more words

Dissecting The Local News

Sifting through the bullshit: Acton Institute pontificates about Antifa

There have been all kinds of commentary, from both conservative and liberal sources, about what it means to be part of the group/movement known as antifa. 783 more words

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MLive, NAFTA and Misinformation

On Sunday, Mlive ran an article on the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, entitled, What You Need to Know About NAFTA and its Impact on Michigan.  885 more words

Dissecting The Local News