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MLive: Reporting on and Taking Money from Betsy DeVos

It would be a bit misleading to promote the notion that journalism in the US was once a noble profession and only in recent decades has it lost credibility. 386 more words

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The Wealth and Deception of Betsy DeVos

One good thing about Betsy DeVos being chosen as Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, is that we are now getting some glimpses of the vast amount of wealth she and her husband Dick have. 302 more words

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Buying Endorsements: Rep. Huizenga and Betsy DeVos

On Thursday, Michigan Republican Congressman from the 2nd District, Bill Huizenga stated on the House floor that he endorsed Betsy DeVos as Donal Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education.  170 more words

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Stenographers to Power: MLive and the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation Part II

On Monday, we posted a critique of an MLive story focusing on the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation. The story on Monday from MLive created the narrative that the couple’s election/candidate contributions is “purse change” compared to their Charitable contributions. 631 more words

Dissecting The Local News

Celebrating Development, Celebrating Gentrification: 2017 Projects in Grand Rapids

It is hard to go a week in Grand Rapids without one of the news sources celebrating the latest development project around town. The news media are rushing to praise whatever new project that is being proposed, so long as it means more growth. 452 more words

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