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Why is the GRPS Superintendent praising Betsy DeVos as Trump’s choice for Education Secretary?

Last Wednesday, in an article that appeared on MLive about Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, Teresa Weatherall Neal, superintendent of Grand Rapids Public School district, endorsed and even praised Betsy DeVos as Trump’s choice for Education Secretary. 973 more words

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Peter Secchia, the Grand Rapids Power Structure and the practice of buying silence

Those who own the country ought to govern it.” John Jay 1777

Electoral politics are often brutal, deceptive and often result in strange bedfellows. 815 more words

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Don't be fooled by the Corporate Culture in West Michigan

Corporate Capitalism is always trying to re-invent itself. This is mostly due to the fact that people don’t fundamentally trust corporations, and for good reason. … 826 more words

Dissecting The Local News

Showing up after the Standing Rock Action in Grand Rapids: WZZM 13 misses half the story

(Updated version)

What happens when a local TV station shows up late to a protest in solidarity with the Standing Rock encampment in North Dakota? Essentially they butchered the story. 190 more words

Dissecting The Local News

The DeVos Family, MLive and the Buying of Elections

Last Friday, MLive posted some information on which candidates in West Michigan are receiving money from the DeVos family. I say posted some information, because what information was given, was the absolute minimum and required virtually no work on the part of MLive staff.  745 more words

Dissecting The Local News

What happens when you invite the cops: WGVU program on Policing

What happens when you have a chief of police on a TV program to discuss policing in Grand Rapids? It turns into a show, where not only did the Chief of Police act as an apologist for police behavior, it makes it difficult to have a real conversation about police accountability or community solutions that are independent of the police. 841 more words

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"It was a peaceful event": How media framed Saturday’s event and virtually eliminated any analysis of state violence that targets the Black community

(As a matter of transparency, I was part of the Black Lives Matter Grand Rapids action at the Am I Next rally on Saturday.)

On Saturday, several hundred people gathered at Rosa Parks Circle for an event entitled Am I Next, organized by four black teenagers, in response to recent shootings across the US. 648 more words

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