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In the pre-Vesalian period the dissection of the human body was practiced, according to the terms of Frederick’s law, for the instruction of those about to become physicians and surgeons.

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Lambing Live

“Where in God’s name are they coming from!? No! There goes another! No! Shut the gate – you’re too slow! I CAN’T COPE WITH THIS ANY MORE!” 3,323 more words

Dissection of the Cat I: Skinning

Dissection of the Cat I: Skinning

Emptying liquid from bag

Skinned pelt with intact facial features

At the University of Cincinnati Clermont College, the cat is used as the dissection animal to teach anatomy in our Anatomy and Physiology courses. 1,275 more words


Judith in the Attic

Art Dealer Says Painting Found in French Attic Is a Caravaggio

By Doreen Carvajal, New York Times: Arts, April 13, 2016,

Well, hello there!  I have been lost in my own virtual attic for the past year, but am now revived by one of the greatest art finds in the last decade. 181 more words


The Beginning of Everything

Its 2016, im 21, Im doing my honours in Environmental Science. It seems exciting, im excited, i feel truly privileged to be doing this, to be chosen out of so many people that applied.   165 more words


#TomographyTuesday: Watch incredible CT scan reveal young brittle stars developing inside their parent!

Most marine invertebrates, and certainly most brittle stars, spawning gametes (eggs and sperm cells) into the oceans and the embryos are formed and grow externally. But a few species carry live young, with their offspring developing within the parent’s body. 164 more words

Anatomy Snippet

Get a Glimpse of Anatomy Students' Sheep Heart Dissections

By Quincy Sinek

In anatomy class, shortly before spring break, students got up close and personal with the heart. After learning about the heart and all of its functions, the classes had the chance to dissect the heart of a sheep. 186 more words