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Dissecting my Week

Have been ridiculously busy since finishing my Equinology® course. Not only have I had to catch up on all the university work I missed whilst I was on the course, but I have had to continue with all the work towards my Equinology® externship. 296 more words


Superheroes and Biblical Symbolism

Spoilers Ahead:

“I AM JESUS!” rang in my ears as I gleefully laughed at the over-top representation of Christ imagery. This quote came from a video by the Nostalgia Critic when he was analyzing the film… 569 more words


Two poems in translation by Lawrence Schimel

The Great Atlas of the Human Body
by Care Santos
translated into English by Lawrence Schimel

The Prefrontal Cortex
is the largest room of the home… 445 more words


My Internal Monologue Throughout My First Cadaver Experience

-This is gonna be so cool
-I’m totally not gonna get grossed out. I’m like the grossest person ever.
-Seriously, I love gross stuff.
-I was one of the only kids in my fourth grade class who didn’t puke when we made compost jars. 725 more words


Rat Dissection (free pattern)

Allo! Amiguruthi is back! And with a disgusting but cute pattern for this little lab experiment:

I actually made this one back in August, when my sister requested him as a birthday present after she saw… 1,074 more words


Box (a short story)

I sit alone in my box.

I have always been in the box. Enclosed in a few cubic metres of air.

I can feel the pressure of my breathing, in and out. 1,110 more words

Thulcandra – Ascension Lost (Germany, 2015) by Teo

…And they’re finally back!
Yes, Thulcandra are absolutely back with another great record.

I’ve been amazed by the music of this trio (even if there’re 4 members now) from… 513 more words

Black Metal