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Well Hung? Half-Hung or Not Hung at all.

Amongst the many dark and mysterious secrets of Newcastle’s past, there is one that I have always found particularly fascinating; The Legend of ‘Half-Hung’ MacDonald. The short summary of the story is that Owen MacDonald was a soldier, executed on the Town Moor for a murder committed at a pub on Newcastle’s Bigg Market, in 1752. 1,549 more words

The Mysterious Case of Bob Bacon

Our AP Biology class recently dissected fetal pigs as a way to interactively learn about the systems of the body. After doing so, we split up into groups of five to create a CSI mystery on how one of the pigs died. 438 more words

AP Biology

Human Cadaver Dissection: Week 3

Day 1: Today we worked on the head and neck. It was kind of creepy skinning the face and neck, had to keep the eyes covered. 71 more words


Human Cadaver Dissection: Week 2

Day 1: Fat trimming and isolation of the structures/ vessels around the female cadaver’s right foot/ ankle (malleoli). We identified the structures that run through the tarsal tunnel. 709 more words


Human Cadaver Dissection Week 1

Day 1: We got started right away with the dissection. We got three new bodies, 2 female (97 and early 70s years of age) and 1 male (72 or 73 years of age also). 458 more words


Death, Dissection and the Doctor.

Firstly, an apology. I haven’t blogged for a little while and the truth is it’s because I have been unfaithful. Secretly, behind your back, I have been writing a blog for other readers – moonlighting if you will. 975 more words

This Is Why Dissection Is Bad

A video has been released showing students in a biology class at Oklahoma City’s Harding Charter Preparatory High School dancing with cats they are about to dissect. 274 more words