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1 At The Fathomless Depths 1:56 2 Night’s Blood 6:40 3 Unhallowed 7:28 4 Where Dead Angels Lie 5:51 5 Retribution – Storm Of The Light’s Bane 4:50 6 Thorns Of Crimson Death 8:06 7 Soulreaper 6:56 8 No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep 1:26 … 16 more words


Super Saturday

Unbelievably, today was the last Saturday of the Cam Prep program! It was business as usual in major classes this morning: there were dissections in the medical science class, while the film-making group worked on editing their films and other classes were adding the finishing touches to their projects in anticipation of their unveiling this coming Tuesday. 198 more words

The Cambridge Prep

Lyricbuster #6 - The Cetera Fire Sale

Lyricbuster* – my monthly feature for Punchnel’s Magazine where hyperbolic lyrics are lovingly dismantled.

In Punchnel’s this month, everything about Peter Cetera must go!!! A confronting postmortem that dissects Chicago’s 1976 hit “If You Leave Me Now” in an attempt to find out what part of Peter is the biggest…and it’s probably not the part you were thinking.  11 more words

Cadaverish Tales

It’s been a long time since med school dissection, and I must say I never really enjoyed it. I appreciated it, sure; but just like I rarely enjoy surgery, I rarely enjoyed dissection. 365 more words

Studying Medicine

How the Black Death Advanced Medical Science, With Help From the Pope

One of the most awful diseases in the world caused a surprising advance in medicine. Though the Black Death killed roughly a third of the people in the nations it touched, it ended half a century of religion-induced medical ignorance.

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Whats in a (Gaynor Minden) shoe?

The right shoe can make or break your day. My shoe of choice is Grishko 2007 Pro-flex… But they get soft too quickly, and are not available in Singapore. 305 more words

Pointe Shoes

Grade 5 Science: Human Organ Systems and Dissecting Frogs

I cut the top of my thumb yesterday slicing up a lime for shrimp skewers on the BBQ. This morning, I went to open a new band-aid and, for some reason, the band-aid had frogs on it. 656 more words

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