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The Stroke Post-16

Post 16

Arriving at the Er room wasn’t quite what i was hoping for. The entrance was small the hallways looked small. I hope this is a good hospital i thought to myself. 269 more words

The Stroke post-15

Post 15

Ok so here we go. On the road again…i didn’t think we would be back on the road again….Thats my signing voice…

SO we were maybe 45 minutes into our journey back home -when all of a sudden my daughters were trying to get my attention and as i turned and looked over my left shoulder i felt something snap in my neck on the right side of it. 603 more words

The Stroke post-14

post 14

Getting us all loaded up in the car was brutal. The wind and cold air was at -2 degrees? The coldest weekend for sure! 224 more words

The Stroke- Post 13

Post 13

Ok, so i took a little break from writing. I apologize if i had u hooked :) So i left off cleaning Brads house out and reminding you to love those around you! 437 more words

Come Dissect With Me #3 // The Lungs


Welcome back to another Come Dissect With Me post!  We’d already removed the rib cage before this dissection (see this post for more details!), so now we were able to get to two of the most important things in your body; your lungs. 881 more words

First Year

Mother and the Eternal Return

How is man to live in this irrational world?  It’s one of the foundational philosophical questions that every person asks, yet its ubiquity does not undermine the importance behind the inquiry: the exploration of man’s concept of himself and his place in the universe.   1,089 more words


Just a technician - Week 6 & 7

Last week I was away with my boyfriend and family in Chester so had a few days off work which is why these weeks are combined. 394 more words