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Dissection of a Woman

Cut me open and see
the moths finally fly free.
One thousand, maybe two
fly out of me.

Cut me open and blow
the dandelion seeds down to my toes. 66 more words


The primary intentions of a philosophical physician

The author lays his idea on the marble table of the café. Lengthy meditation, for he makes use of the time before the arrival of the glass, the lens through which he examines the patient. 112 more words

The Geyser Review Of Books

Solving LOGARITHMS "log a boss"

These Questions were on Brilliant,

I succeeded in solving all of ’em…

I am just sharing the answers:

1st Column Top to Bottom:  2016, 2, 60… 21,146 more words

DISSECTION: a circle and a triangle

Welcome back to the feature that focuses on the changes I’ve made between first drafts and redos in some of my poems. This week I’m talking about… 490 more words


Full Body Dissection, An Eye-Popping Experience

Would you ever let a medical student, who most likely has no clue what they’re doing, cut open your body and have a look at your insides? 1,228 more words


Metamorphosis made eas(ier)! Breathtaking 3D scans reveal secrets of a developing butterfly

Ever wondered what biological witchcraft is going on inside the chrysalis (‘cocoon’) of a developing butterfly? One team from Manchester University and the Natural History Museum has a better idea than most – Tristan Lowe and colleagues used CT scanning technology to trace the development of living animals undergoing metamorphosis. 180 more words

Anatomy Snippet