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Dissecting cartoons

…. come on, admit it. You like cartoons.

Just about everybody does. But digging a little deeper, usually gives me some satisfaction when it comes to why my son loves certain cartoons so much, and why his pretend play skills are the way that they are. 875 more words

Dissecting the Mind

Anatomical self-dissections – copy of original artwork by Danny Quirk

((I created these drawings inspired by the artworks, Anatomical Self-Dissections, by Danny Quirk))

Human beings have always been inquisitive creatures; our endless questions that begin at childhood often continue and lead still to further questions as we age. 245 more words


Some pictures from today

Vocabulary list from labs 1 and 2:

anterior, rostral, posterior, caudal, dorsal, superior, ventral, inferior, medial, lateral, sagittal, horizontal, coronal

meninges, dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater, rhinal fissure, tentorium cerebelli, falx cerebri, transverse sinus, longitudinal fissure, central sulcus, precentral gyrus, postcentral gyrus, lateral sulcus, hippocampal gyrus, frontal lobe, piriform cortex, sensorimotor cortex, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, pons, medulla, spinal cord, cerebellum, tectum (superior & inferior colliculi), tegmentum, vermis (part of cerebellum) 76 more words

Class Notes

Cranial Nerves Video Demo

Here is a brief overview of cranial nerves 3 through 12 on the sheep brain:

My videography leaves much to be desired (I was trying to video tape with my iPhone while pointing at structures). 63 more words

Class Notes

Week 2 in Physiological Psychology

This week in physiological psychology we will continue to break down the anatomy of the nervous system – moving from the basic cellular structures up to the general anatomy of the nervous system. 621 more words

Class Notes

Dissection of a Woman

Cut me open and see
the moths finally fly free.
One thousand, maybe two
fly out of me.

Cut me open and blow
the dandelion seeds down to my toes. 66 more words


The primary intentions of a philosophical physician

The author lays his idea on the marble table of the café. Lengthy meditation, for he makes use of the time before the arrival of the glass, the lens through which he examines the patient. 112 more words

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