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Horrified - Of Despair (Review)

This is the second album from UK Death Metal band Horrified.

Horrified’s début album Descent into Putridity was a maggot-filled coffin full of raw, underground Swedish-influenced Death Metal. 224 more words


Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony

There’s so much to enjoy within the black metal sub-genre and one aspect that has sort of been missing is a really badass melodic black metal act. 340 more words


Better Know A Muscle: 1. Caudofemoralis longus

Happy Darwin Day from the frozen tundra sunny but muddy, frosty lands of England! I bring you limb muscles as peace offerings on this auspicious day. 2,117 more words


Album Review: Illusions Dead - "Celestial Decadence"

Finland’s icy fields are home to metal bands from every niche imaginable: Whether it’s nightmarish funeral doom, atmospheric, morose melodic death metal, or black metal, Finland is well-loved by the international metal scene with good reason. 563 more words


To which side does Sir dress?

At the end of our previous encounter, we found our sleep-deprived heroes dissembling a human body with rudimentary tools…

We are studying the pelvis. It’s a tricky old area to get to, we are told. 196 more words


Gas Exchange in Fish

Learning about the structure of the gills, the “countercurrent flow” and images from a short fish dissection…

These past two days have been very interesting, in my biology class yesterday we were lucky enough to have a fish dissection demonstration and today I joined another year 12 class and watched the whole dissection again! 1,161 more words

Abyssal Zone

SciFi Haiku: Abduction

looking towards the sky

to the ship’s dissection lab

she was transported

Science Fiction