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My full PhD Confirmation Report

As promised here is my full PhD Confirmation Report, submitted in April 2015
as a PDF document:

Alternatively, below is the Title/Research Question/Abstract for all those of you who… 311 more words

Tal Fitzpatrick

Who is the "Family" of Ferguson Library?

I am struggling with Ferguson Library.

While attending this year’s World Library and Information Congress in Lyon, on the other side of the world a white police officer killed a black man, shooting him six times. 826 more words

The carnivalesque and critical pedagogy–radical socially engaged art for social justice?

This is the final section of my draft research which considers other disciplines relevant to my research question (Can participatory art support sustainable social change?) They are interesting, perhaps, inspiring alternative perspectives that may help provide new ways of investigating and developing concepts surround socially engaged practice, social change and sustainability. 2,255 more words

Socially Engaged Art


By Mary Ann Chacko & Mosarrap H. Khan

Like every other election in India, the Indian General Election 2014, scheduled to be held in April-May, has generated a cacophony of opinions, predictions, and expectations, across the political spectrum of left, center, and right. 786 more words

Issue 6/Indian General Elections 2014

Presentations of Urban Studies and Environmental Sciences within the ChileGlobal Seminars London [ChileGlobal]

It is a series of seminars jointly organized by Chileans studying and working in London, part of the UCLU Chilean Society and ChileGlobal. The aim of this seminar was discuss about researchs that relates topics such as Urban Studies and Environmental Sciences. 75 more words

Löhe on Ephesians 4:4a

There is one body and one Spirit, (Eph 4:4 NIV)

God’s Church is alive in one Spirit and vitalized by the same. If on account of this word also confess that just as there is only one Lord, so there is also just one faith and not just a plurality of faiths and creeds, then most people today believe that this is an illusion which will not be realized in our lifetimes. 501 more words

Meditations By P.Wilhelm Löhe (Translation)

Consensus kills questions. A colleague of mine recently brought something like this up, reflecting on a public conversation where a participant had noted the Canadian tendency to need to find agreement when really, we need not concur. 211 more words