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89 to 102 (of 365)

Long time coming, this post has been in the works. To say that would be a lie and to try and pick up where we left of would be a struggle. 193 more words

Diary Post?

Failed waypoints flight test

After the issues with the previous waypoints, I decided to go for a rectangular path:

This should hopefully be easier to see.  I have added a “DO_JUMP” point to the flight plan.  1,353 more words


GPS waypoints that can be set in the field

I’ve been thinking about the creation of dynamic waypoints. I would like for the user of my project to be able to walk to a point in a field, press a button on the custom controller, and have their current location added as a waypoint. 175 more words


Waypoints test flight

Today was the first outdoors test flight since attempting to fix the drifting issue.  From this flight, we found that the UAV’s ability to hold it’s height is still not perfect.  604 more words


Playing with SITL and MAVProxy

Aide memoir for starting up SITL:
-Launch Virtualbox software (but do not launch the actual VM. I have found that if you manually launch it then it does not seem to initialise correctly) 427 more words


Help needed!

I’m really in need of some help, if you have 5 minutes spare please fill out my survey for my dissertation.



Putting cameras on birds

As a side project, the falconers and I wanted to experiment with mounting cameras on birds.  I purchased an 808 model key fob camera (left), and a Dizaul Mini Camera (right). 920 more words