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Dissertation haiku, XI

My theory was

weak, they said three months ago.

It’s strong now, I think.


Dissertation work.

My dissertation has been coming along very nicely after I really delved into the female bodybuilding chapter. This chapter was needing a lot of tweaking as i had not fully formed it yet, there is little parts of editing that still need to be done for this chapter to be finished. 104 more words

Dissertation // Laying It Out

This week we had to hand in the final draft of our dissertations and I think a lot of people were racing to write up their essays. 301 more words


Dissertation draft

“All these examples of where to find autistic characteristics remote to the question that has been asked a few times in this dissertation: “Are autistic individuals that different from those who are considered normal?”. 95 more words



Influence is something that triggers many problems in those who want to be completely and fully original, but originality doesn’t exist anymore, for everything is a result of inspiration of someone else’s work, therefore, everything we do and create has, to a certain degree, a matter of influence.


Dissertation // In Need of an Update

I have totally forgotten to write on here about my dissertation status. It is definitely underway and I have written and researched a good deal of it so I think I’m making progress. 175 more words

The Cass

Dissertation // Mermaiding

As part of my research for the last chapter of my dissertation which is on mermaids as a subculture, I looked at mermaiding which is the practice of wearing and often swimming in a costume mermaid tail. 553 more words

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