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Eagle-eyed viewers who’ve visited my website will know that my dissertation proposal before Christmas was rather… Dramatic. In the submission I proposed building an intelligent music device that would act as a node on a decentralised music distribution platform, allowing users to share music and seamlessly access their own collections remotely. 250 more words

Ambient Intelligence

Regardless of the scoreboard...

I have three weeks left to finish my dissertation and this motivational video is helping me out a heap.

Actual blog piece coming soon…

Chaos On The Airwaves

March Mad-Scientist

It’s probably been too long since I wrote when I have trouble remembering my password to submit this post. There have been times during grad school when I could easily blame laziness as an excuse, but the past four weeks have been the most taxing and stressful of my academic career: finalizing my dissertation. 270 more words


Starting using MAVProxy

It was decided that MAVLink would be the best protocol for me to use to send commands to the UAV from my custom controller.  From having a conversation with someone that has used it before, it was suggested to me that I use MAVProxy instead.  292 more words


Fixing the height drifting problem

On the third day of trying to work out why the UAV had issues with holding it’s height, we found a solution.  During research in to the problem my supervisor came accross… 832 more words


This Porridge is Too Hot

Ever see a cat when it gets read to sleep? The way they turn little circles on the selected spot, knead the ground/pet bed, lay down only to get back up again? 319 more words


Another look at the drifting problem

As we still hadn’t figured out what caused the problem of drifting when trying to hold height, we ran some further test flights.  We looked at the DAlt value, as it seemed from looking at logs that this value was behaving oddly.  1,076 more words