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Online Workshop -Being Critical for Your Dissertation -9th March 2017

(PGT – Online) Being Critical for Your Dissertation

  • Thursday 9th March 2017 @ 19:00-20:00 (UK Time)

As a masters student, you will need to demonstrate your critical thinking skills throughout your dissertation. 116 more words

Studying At Edinburgh

Back On The Scene

Being someone who likes to write and who can be intensely critical of my own writing especially when it’s viewed by the world. I’ve decided to almost document my journey of my independent study project via my blog. 325 more words


Urban Fabric Exhibition

Urban Fabric Exhibition at the University of Northampton

The Interior Design Students at the University of Northampton exhibited in-depth research and findings that informed our thinking moving forward for our individual Final Major projects. 47 more words

Final Major Project

Abstract BA Dissertation - Mental diseases in Northern Nigeria

Mental diseases in Africa are seen in a different way than in the Western World, there are often misconceptions and the way of treating them is coming from the West with psychiatric hospitals. 547 more words

Good, can be good enough?

So today… today was in some way a good day. It’s not like anything particularly amazingly good happened or anything, it was more of just a generically good day. 700 more words

Finishing my Doctorate in Public

The last seven years, since I started my PhD program in Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, I’ve been learning how to do research. Academic luminaries¬†like my adviser, Sarah W. 659 more words


Dissertation Scripting -Making the Gun More 'User Friendly'

After playing with the rifle mechanic and showing it to other people I started to realise that there were more problems that needed addressing, specifically ‘how will the player know what to do or what buttons to press?’. 458 more words