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From Dissertation To Book

How do you publish your dissertation as a book? The question has been asked countless times yet still animates scores of ambitious graduate students—and their The Paperback of the From Dissertation to Book, Second Edition by William Germano at Barnes & Noble. 355 more words


Questionnaire via SurveyMonkey

For part of my Primary research, I set up a survey asking people what they thought of Shakespeare adaptations and whether they preferred the stage productions or the film productions. 73 more words



You learn a thing or two from watching Korean dramas – just used the milk sachet to stir in the milk because I don’t have a stirrer. 763 more words


FMP: The Crystal Goblet (17/3/18)

Beatrice Warde, The Crystal Goblet

“Good” typography refers to the level of quality necessary to reveal and clarify the meaning of the written word. ‘Bad’ typography, on the other hand, can obscure, or even disguise meaning.

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FMP: Haas the Swiss Development of Helvetica (17/3/18)

Mike Parker who worked at Haas in the 1960s tells us in the film Helvetica;

What it is all about is the relationship of the negative space, the figure-ground relationship, the shapes between characters and within characters, with the black, with the inked surface… and the Swiss play more attention to the background so that the counters and the space between characters just hold the letters, I mean you cant imagine anything moving, it is so firm, it’s not a letter that bent to shape it’s a letter that lives in a powerful matrix of surrounding space, oh its brilliant  when it’s done well.


FMP: Standardisation (17/3/18)


It is thought that the roots of what many may consider as ‘good’ typography also have specific ideologies embedded within them. Modernism is a good example of this is with the creation of Helvetica and the ethos behind its creation. 298 more words


FMP: Why Helvetica is so sucessful (16/3/18)

One of my great professional sorrows is the loss of the typographer/typesetter in contemporary graphic design. With the advent of the computer and the death of the type shop.

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