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Good News from My Dissertation Advisor

Good morning! Could this morning get any better after receiving such an email from my PhD advisor?

After submitting the full dissertation draft, I was waiting patiently for some “redo this huge chunk over differently” email – but here it is, I “should be able to finish pretty soon”! 159 more words


Being a graduate

Being a graduate can be so relieving and life changing. You are no longer in the depths of your assignments or exams but in the life of a graduate looking for work, in the real life. 514 more words

Time Crunch and Amazing Challenges

So, today I finally got to talk with my contact person at the organization. She was nice! But some of what she said gave me a few unpleasant surprises. 270 more words

Theory and Literature Review

Today, I thought about how to shape my theory and literature review for my project.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve not really thought about theory much. 169 more words


Well it’s safe to say that my blog has been well and truly abandoned recently.

With countless assignments and a dissertation deadline looming, I have decided that until I have finished my degree (on the 6th of May!) I will be putting my blog. 80 more words


84 to 87 (of 365)

Not much has happened, 3 deadlines, 1 week. Frantically worrying about how I’ll get it done. Time is closing in, our 3 years almost over. Handing in deadlines, lack of sleep whilst knowing there is still much more to come. 75 more words

Diary Post?

Searching for a middle ground

One of the hardest parts of the revisions so far, is that the committee isn’t always in agreement. And some of the changes one wants, don’t match up with changes another wants. 206 more words