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The Power of Storytelling

I’m have a confession to make.

This post is another plug for another event.

On Thursday 11 May at 6.00pm, I am going to be one of the researchers sharing stories about their research as part of… 349 more words


Dissertation Project: UI Remake Design

For my Project I have been making a bit of polish alongside the important things like code, to make things feel more presentable and tie into my Dissertation Proposal about capturing the feeling of a Game made in the 90’s. 109 more words


My working disertation is on...


I have chosen my dissertation to be on sustainable transport in my area.

On Monday 24th April, I received my dissertation research proposal back which I was pleased with. 203 more words

Dissertation Days (6): The Lies We Tell Ourselves

So, I have to fess up to something. I didn’t, in fact, end up writing anything at all of Chapter 4 last night, and I don’t think I will today either. 379 more words

Epic Film

A Constellation Tale (PDP)

Ah yes

it is that time of the year where a reflection of constellation must be had.

A look at what has been taught and what has actually stuck with me throughout this year. 939 more words

Cardiff Met

Constellation Reflection

During this last term of constellation, I have found it quite challenging to adapt to this idea of actually writing a ten-thousand-word dissertation. After being in China during the first term of this year, on Erasmus and writing an essay about my experiences only and not using academic texts to make an argument it has been some what of a struggle to get back into the rhythm. 838 more words


Reg's Doctoral Church Planting Presentation

Welcome to lc3life.com! If that sounds like a new website, it is. Kind of. We recently changed the name of the long running “lakecitysmallgroups.com” to “lc3life.com” primarily for the purpose of featuring new topics such as church planting, missions, and others which may come. 285 more words

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