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Introduction to dissertation

Since rumors of my death may have been greatly exaggerated, I produce the introduction to my dissertation. … Perhaps that will do nothing to quell the rumors, but some folks have been interested. 50 more words

Current Writing

Adventures in Death Midwifery: The Dissertation, and the Dreaded “Rut”

Hello, death-friends!

Apologies for the delay on this post. I started and wrote the majority of the post on the fourth of April, and four days later I went into labour and gave birth to my son. 4,177 more words


Dissertation Probs

Ugh, what a crazy Mercury Retrograde, everything seemed like it was going against the grain. I’m just glad that its over. The main struggle is my dissertation the past 8 weeks, adapting and adjusting to the new rubric has been a thorn in my side. 224 more words

Procedural Generation & It's Affect on Immersion

In my final year of university I was tasked with researching a subject in the computer science field that I could use for my dissertation. As a gaming fanatic I instantly thought about the opportunities close to heart, and also close to personal experiences. 1,074 more words


Fr. 718

It may be that this difference in the conception of ideal justification follows from an unannounced paradigm shift. While Rawls would seem to prefer an efficient justification capable of yielding a single judgment for all time without, ideally, backwards movement, Stout would set out from an opposed position whereon a dialectical, circular movement would issue in positions to which we incessantly come back. 539 more words


One year from now

One year from now, I would like to be able to say, “back when I was using, my only pleasure in life was sitting on the couch and getting high” or “taking opiates killed my drive and ambition but now it’s back” or some other such platitude that people in recovery like to say. 318 more words

Things adversity and iron has taught me

In life, we face adversity and even some brick walls. Things unspeakable at times. I can honestly say the gym has been a sanctuary for me at times, keeping me out of trouble and even saving my life. 168 more words