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Sick day number.... what day is it?

My sense of time has basically become “Oh, the cold medicine is wearing off…”

As some of you are aware, I have a terrible problem with losing time… 669 more words



Hello followers, and greetings for the day

I have tried to gather some information and stuff about the subject, into a weekly newspaper. If you are interested in learning more about this subject, please feel welcome to check out this link: https://paper.li/tussilasbook/1436909845

Coping Skills


Dear therapist,

You are having 4 weeks off and before you where leaving
you asked me how I felt about that.
“4 weeks is a long time, but it’s fine” I said and after that… 259 more words


DID/therapy misunderstanding

“Other people are here”
– “*pause* other people?”
– “you mean inside?”
“Yeah, everyone is here”
– “everyone?”
“Well, almost everyone”
– “what are they doing?” 585 more words

Abuse Survivor


My last therapy session was a blur. I was broken, I was melting, I was lost in a bright white maze behind my eyes. At one point I got so lost that I didn’t realise I’d stopped talking. 218 more words

Mental Health

I can't remember

It’s a constant feeling I have, that earlier I had told myself I would do something, but I never remember what it could possibly be. Then, I waste time trying to put the pieces together, but it never works. 49 more words


It's those days...

It’s these days where I start coming apart at the seams, realising how much I overestimate my mental abilities and I start screaming to myself. 546 more words