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Wake up and smell the smoke.

Last I checked, it’s 2018. The human race has come a long way over its checkered history, building up vast storehouses of scientific facts and information. 953 more words



I can’t be introspective always. Always digging and searching. Searching for the reasons behind the actions and then speculating. Speculating about whether this is the reason or just another symptom of a greater reason, and so back to digging. 457 more words

My Fade Out

I dissociated today in therapy.

This is something that I’ve dealt with since childhood, although there’s no evidence to explain why. The problem with fading out so early in life, is that even if something  525 more words

Therapy with Onions

“You are an onion. Your true self is at the center, and we need to peel back the layers to unlock that self.”

Peeling back the layers of an onion. 1,029 more words

Start the new year with a bang... or a suicide attempt

I write this post having just been discharged from hospital, where I’ve spent the last five days.

Everything was going so swimmingly well. I was celebrating an entire year of no admissions or suicide attempts. 1,492 more words


taken too young

I used to make shooting star wishes
playground swings showed me the sky
I danced in a blue satin dress
Peter Pan showed us all how to fly… 104 more words

Bear with me...I'm trying.

I haven’t written much over the past few days. Things have been pretty hectic, traveling all over Atlantic Canada for medical appointments. Traveling can be the worst, especially when you’re a neurotic worry wart such as myself. 899 more words