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25th September 2016 - Equality for Mental Health and I have a diagnosis

There has been a lot of good work done to get mental health on an equal footing with physical health – for example those who have are mentally ill can now claim benefits and are covered under the Equality Act. 903 more words


93% Identity Theft


echoing, hollow

in all the wrong places

at all the wrong times.

A mirage- is that all I am?

appearing, then disappearing

with every look… 58 more words


This is a blog post. Can you believe it?!

Life, I have found, is much like a shitty wooden roller coaster you find at that carnival in town that no one’s ever heard of. At first it seems like a good idea to ride, but a mild concussion and a bruised rib later you start to realize that sometimes it’s best to not do things only because you want a good story to tell. 1,266 more words

Mental Illness

The world of perpetual twilight and melancholy: Part 1

Note: This post may be triggering to others with derealization and depersonalization. Please also note everyone’s inner experience with this illness is different, this is just one such experience. 408 more words


Dance Video (wait what???)

Today I have done something very different and very, very scary for you.


Let me apologize for my webcam. My webcam is in the top ten list of worst webcams. 372 more words


poem. Dissociate.

Can you see yourself?
At 4 years old
Running barefoot in the cold.
Mom says, ” Let her play, let it go, let her be a 4 year old.” 205 more words

Stuck in Unreality: Understanding Depersonalization and Derealization

Following a recent trip into a gigantic grocery store together, my friend asked me about my experience with depersonalization. She’s a loyal and supportive friend who is aware of my life-long struggle with anxiety, but like others who don’t suffer from such extreme bouts of anxiety or the phenomenon called depersonalization/derealization, she was curious why particular places, such as huge stores with florescent lighting, can be so frightening for me sometimes. 2,142 more words