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therapy/ways of thinking

therapy is different every time i go. at the end of today’s session, i had a realization that i never knew before. i used to think i just lost a filter or one of the other parts would randomly say things that i couldn’t control, which is true, but i also realized that sometimes my mind is blank and there are zero thoughts, yet words come out. 266 more words


time is running out. there is a part who keeps saying that. it is a theme with them. i find it interesting because i never had much concept of time growing up. 184 more words

On Depersonalization and Dissociation

There are three D’s that seem to rule my life: depression, depersonalization, and dissociation. Today we will talk about the latter two.

Good ol’ WebMD says: “Depersonalization disorder is one of a group of conditions called dissociative disorders. 390 more words


where to go from here

therapy makes me nervous, especially when i don’t go for more than a week. but it went well friday from what i recall…which right now is very little. 175 more words

not understanding

for whatever reason, things didn’t stay okay. i’m not sure what happened, but yesterday i was all of a sudden severely depressed. or part of me was. 205 more words

therapy stuff

i have been sick for the last week. it’s just been mild. i was going to cancel therapy tomorrow, but to my surprise, my therapist had something come up and would have cancelled anyway. 214 more words

Experiencing Dissociation

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A few years ago while living in the Philadelphia area, I volunteered to organize a funeral dinner. 694 more words

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