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the trees in Tatra

The feeling had been successfully avoided all day. While on the train she payed close attention to the conversation between two high schoolers and their drama with people who had silly nicknames and kissed and silly interesting stuff like that: then Catherine had listened to the news on her way to the building where she worked and arriving there she met her cubicle’s neighbour and they talked about the day’s important meeting while the lift travelled ten floors up: all the while Catherine was able to entirely avoid the mirror on the lift — and reflective surfaces such as glasses on her way to the building, and the screen of her mobile phone, and any place and surface and object and material in which she could find the eyes on her face staring right back at the eyes on her face, giving her the sense of sheer discomfort she had fleetingly felt as she was brushing her teeth whilst looking at the face in the bathroom mirror — luckily a very dirty one and the reflection furthermore affected by her sleepy state so early in the morning. 143 more words


Wordle #151 “April 17th, 2017″

She was given to ambedo,
to psychic tides and reckless flights
of premonition.
She ripped clouds from the sky
and addressed them without regard
to their eminence. 95 more words


Talking with family about past

I have tried talking to my mom about things from my past (early/mid childhood) to try to make sense of things. Sometimes, she would answer me, other times she would deny and outright yelled at me once. 741 more words

The Washbasin

The sky splits into stitches of color
and in their wake my life dissolves.
I am only an impression,
spurious and effervescent.
I hold my breath, dipping my face… 93 more words


parts are awakening

the last few days are so strange. i am trying to piece together how the system works. it seems at times (random times) that there are some clusters of alters/parts that trigger each other/work together or come around in quick succession. 477 more words

Wordle #148 and The Other Me

Your cheeks heavy with lutalica
and the acerbic sting of mediocrity
leave me feeling helpless.
I have nothing to offer
the you who wants for everything. 126 more words


dissociation ongoing

i have felt a lot of parts coming to the surface more. it’s been a whirlwind. so many that i can’t always separate them out since they overlap. 281 more words