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taken too young

I used to make shooting star wishes
playground swings showed me the sky
I danced in a blue satin dress
Peter Pan showed us all how to fly… 104 more words

Bear with me...I'm trying.

I haven’t written much over the past few days. Things have been pretty hectic, traveling all over Atlantic Canada for medical appointments. Traveling can be the worst, especially when you’re a neurotic worry wart such as myself. 899 more words



20171119 – Questions

Time passes strangely. Yesterday is too distant, tomorrow too soon. Why? Our head is too full, too cluttered with memory and pain. This unending cycle of suffering is taking a fearful toll. 447 more words

It happens to boys, too

It’s been a hard week or two, watching media stories about women coming out with their stories of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of older, supposedly trustworthy, men. 488 more words

The Naked Heiress Is Back: Abby Spins Out of Control

Abby learns of Ashley’s past and her whole world crumbles. Confused, Abby gets another personality when The Naked Heiress comes out. Will the Abbotts be able to bring Abby back, or will the Naked Heiress win out and control Abby’s life? 259 more words


I couldn't tell what I didn't know.

Dear therapist,

I was in your psychodrama group when a girl did a session on being beaten up.
She asked me if I could play her double. 278 more words


The little things I don't tell you

Dear therapist,

There are things I don’t tell you.
Little things like the moments when the sun shines through your window and I need to close the curtain to stop the sun from blinding me. 395 more words