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It’s funny how life goes sometimes. I decided to create this site to throw some of my thoughts somewhere as a way of somewhat charting the ups and downs of my life and how ‘stuff’ happens and how that ‘stuff’ affects me because coping with ‘stuff’ is something I’m not very good at. 892 more words

Mental Illness


As I write this I’m dissociated. I’m detached from my body, from my emotions, from the world around me. I’ve tried drinking coffee, hoping that the caffeine kick will get me more connected with my body, but nope. 235 more words


Ups and downs

I haven’t had much to say so haven’t written in a while. I got through December without too much going on. I did have to take antibiotics for an infection, so that wasn’t so fun. 465 more words

Holiday Season

I feel like this photo definitely sums up this past year for me. At the beginning of the year I was still halfway in a hypomanic episode, then I crashed hard and went into a severe depressive episode, and finally I began to see the light and worked on progressing to getting better. 1,029 more words



I thought that things were okay. Usually, I have a few days or a week or so that are calm after something happens. I think it was a week or so of that calmness. 202 more words




It means that I’m stuck in a world where I don’t feel like I’m real, and that the world in general doesn’t feel real. 1,453 more words


Derealization, Therapy and Kung Fu Panda!

It’s been months since I posted a blogpost. No I wasn’t relapsing in that sense. Just tired of public life and glare, wanted some peace and sanity Solitude and Silence always provide. 1,881 more words

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