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I have a mental disorder, and most people have never heard of it

I am now 26, and have suffered from mental illness for the past 11 years. As a result, I have a list of diagnoses as long as my arm, including (but not limited to): EDNOS, anorexia nervosa, depression, anxiety, bipolar type 2, OCD, EUPD… the list goes on. 763 more words


freestyle: for me

for me,

pts fucking d is a nice way of

abbreviating trauma.

kind of tidies it up.

makes it a bit more …

‘digestable’. For the on looker anyway. 100 more words


Perfectionism has no place when it comes to mental health

I am currently on the trip of a lifetime to the Caribbean, where I have a 6 week work placement. I have been saving up for this trip for years and have been anticipating it for a long time. 598 more words


Just about coping.

Yesterday was …… shit. Yes, shit is an accurate summation.

Last night I had this weird experience of hearing a baby crying. Like a really young baby. 119 more words


for me, trauma is fear. fear is trauma.

trauma is, by definition, something unbearable, something that produces pain and horror and triggers our fight/flight/fright response. my response is fright and then flight. 634 more words

Learning to relax (the steepest learning curve)

I can’t remember the last time I relaxed. More accurately, I can’t remember the last time I relaxed without the looming dread of deadlines, exams, or where exactly my future was going. 324 more words


Tips for Anxiety and Insomnia

Cutting straight to the point, I have anxiety and often suffer from anxiety-induced insomnia.

The past couple of months for me have been a bit stressful (family stuff, yay!), which has unfortunately triggered my insomniac tendencies. 1,107 more words