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We didn't kill daddy

I have been handling my father’s death quite well. I didn’t really grieve at all. I think the majority of my grieving was done long before my father died. 382 more words

Major Life Update.

Hey, guys, so I’m currently dating a wonderful girl right now.  It’s a long-distance relationship, so I’m bummed about that, but I would like to visit her and stuff.   240 more words


My Issue with Permanent/Linear Thinking

Trigger Warning: suicide, drug/alcohol mention, self-hate mentions, self harm

I’m sure we’ve all had days like this; you wake up feeling oddly refreshed and motivated. Maybe it’s much easier to go out of the house than normal or maybe you feel more comfortable around the strangers outside, but you can definitely tell things are easier somehow. 746 more words

Mental Illness

Coping with emotions from other parts.

This is something I have always have had a problem with.  It’s not hard to know when it happens.  Today for instance, first I started with the shakes and tremors and then feeling cold and stimming, then a feeling of extreme sadness.  187 more words



I feel like a lot of the walls have come down in the last 24 hours. Those protective barriers I put up to try and save myself from having to pay any attention to what shit is going down for me at the moment. 271 more words


Pokemon Go-Go-Gooooo!

Sooo.. first and foremost I am in love with this. I want to marry it, have a healthy relationship, travel, share anniversaries, app swap and retire with it. 902 more words

Mental Illness

Melting brain

My mental health is really hammering down on me at the moment. I’m still managing to maintain a professional “me” but sometimes it feels very weak at best. 142 more words