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Moments of clarity

I feel like a shift has happened in my head again. I feel a lot more clarity, less anxiety, and less confusion. It is like things were pushed away after a week or two of struggling with confusion, endless circles of thinking about/trying to sort through why the intrusive thoughts/urges were there, and compulsive behaviors because of it. 339 more words

Switching Isn't Always Bad

We’ve been switching a lot recently. Multiple times a day on our ‘busiest’ days, and once or twice on the quieter days. Some nurses (we’re currently in a psychiatric hospital) don’t appear to be very comfortable with this. 234 more words



The last few days have been horrendous. I have a part/alter who appeared I think a few months ago. They only surfaced in one particular place/situation. 973 more words

Continual Switching

Usually I, Life As A Committee, rarely switch in front of people. I try desperately to avoid switching, and hide who’s out. I don’t want people to see other parts out. 367 more words


Working With Very Young Alters

Let me begin by saying this: This is what we’ve done, what we’ve found helpful, what’s worked for us, and is not a general how to for every DID system. 302 more words



There is this pressure in my head. With it, there is this depression, darkness, fear/terror, and anxiety. I feel trapped in it/behind it at times. It makes it hard to understand that anything exists outside of it, reality, what I see in front of me, etc. 247 more words

DID: What Not To Do (for healthcare professionals)

Once again we’re in a psychiatric hospital doing some work on some of our bigger issues. Being back in here makes me more aware of what’s helpfulĀ  494 more words