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Loss and grief

Before I actually lost anyone, I would often experience feelings I would equate to grief. I did not know where it came from or why until I started to think back to all of the trauma I have experienced. 622 more words

Starting over-Part two

In February 2007, I went on a trip to Florida. It was not the best trip as my body was struggling from the eating disorder. I tried to enjoy the trip, but it was difficult to. 1,090 more words

Dear K Explained

After I posted the letter to K last night, I was emotionally exhausted. It was the first time I read the letter in its entirety, and the emotions I had experienced during the last three days of writing it had hit me all at once. 866 more words


I didn’t ever imagine writing a post like the one I am about to write. I wrestled with it. Even now, I am unsure of the words to use. 975 more words



I don’t know where to “start” with men. The men in my life. That could fill a book. It has certainly filled this blog so far. 601 more words



So much for a fresh start. I simply cannot write this blog without my entire self. I thought I could. Turns out it is going to still be me and the others. 260 more words


2nd October 2016 - The Days of Awe

This evening the Jewish people begin The Days of Awe.  In the previous Jewish month of Ellul we started to reflect upon our behaviour and ask others for forgiveness. 812 more words