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I'm going to try again

I’ve not posted on here with any consistency. Unfortunately, that has been by design. I suspect that someone in my life is regularly reading this blog, and knows it belongs to me. 205 more words


A few short thoughts (inspired by words from the film "Still Alice")

And I have no control over which yesterday’s I keep, and which get deleted.

My yesterday’s are disappearing and my tomorrows are uncertain, so what do I live for? 55 more words

Complex Ptsd


I used to be someone who knew a lot. No one asks for my opinion anymore. I miss that. I used to be curious and independent and confident. 39 more words

Complex Ptsd

Experimental Banana

Experimental Banana

Acrylic on Canvas

6″ x 12″



Anxiety tidal waves

These days it’s hard to have any control over my anxiety.  Whether it’s worrying if I’ll have money for rent, which I doubt.  Being homeless scares the shit out of me.  277 more words


Why I hate the term "Grow up"

There seems to be a disconnect between what I can do and what people think I can do.  I am gifted in my ability to learn and understand how things work.  255 more words



I feel sick, 
I’m tired, yet wide awake, 
I’m breaking, 
But how can that be possible when I’m already broken? 
I’m intelligent, calm, rational,
Yet I chase spiders and love lizards, 97 more words

Complex Ptsd