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not okay

i woke up feeling really off. my head was tingly, and my arms were tingly. i’ve been dissociated on and off since. it’s already been a few hours. 162 more words

lonely and alone

there aren’t people to talk to who can understand. it feels really lonely. things are confusing inside and outside. there aren’t even words. it is making it worse. 11 more words


things still feel off inside. i hoped sleep would go okay last night, but it didn’t go as well as i hoped. i managed to not take any seroquel and just diffused lavender, but i had a hard time getting to sleep. 391 more words

Exhaustion and triggers

I have been diffusing lavender for the last few nights. I have to say that it is actually helping me sleep. I resorted over a year ago now to taking 6.25 mg (yes, super low) of Seroquel nightly because I wasn’t able to sleep. 565 more words

Just another update

You can never escape things. They come up at random times in small ways or big ones.

Sometimes, when I am tired, something happens. It is like part of me goes back to a trauma I have no memory of. 333 more words

#031: Watch 'Split'


Spoilers!! So there’s been a bit of controversy around this film…in it, the main character has DID- dissociative disorder- and is also a psychotic killer who eventually has an identity which is a monster and can adapt his height and can climb walls etc. 151 more words

Wordle #139 “January 23rd, 2016”

A triptych or a killswitch?
Collect your pennies, your pleonasms,
your down and out mediocrity.
I am not one of your pieces,
missing or otherwise. 263 more words