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chatting a little bit

i’m home from hospital 3 days now. it doesnt seem like it. so far things are going well. i am stable. my mood is ok. my anxiety is not too bad. 359 more words



I am still processing my last visit with my psychiatrist. My husband mentioned to me that when I go to any appointment with a doctor I am hypercritical. 815 more words


Embracing the Voices.

To be honest, I am quite sure that the nurse is right.  Perhaps I do have DID.  I woke up today and decided to let one of the voices talk, and I would listen to them and we’d have a conversation.   254 more words

Feeling discouraged

So, I’m feeling discouraged. I was told by Crisis Text Line that they needed a note from my  doctor for me to continue training. The person at crisis text line thinks the training material is triggering me, but it’s not. 25 more words

He's not there

Many times over the past few weeks, I’ve seen my father.

It’s not really him, of course. He doesn’t know where I am. But my mind seems to be playing tricks on me to make me think that it is him. 364 more words

update time!!!

So, I’m on the third module of the Crisis Text Line training program. We’re learning about depression. This is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Man Who Forgets That He Doesn't Exist

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a childhood onset trauma symptom induced by an overwhelming confrontation with human evil before the brain creates a mind.

When I was… 1,007 more words