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my appointment with dr. barry, and no goodbye

so i saw dr. barry this morning. i left to go see her at 8:30. it was pouring rain so i left nitro at home. i had a bit of a wait because dr. 682 more words


good morning or is it?

I finally got to sleep at around 5 AM. Got about 2 hours I’d say. Mom called at 7:15. It was lucky she did or otherwise I might not have woken up. 56 more words


Mind Control and Me

I don't know exactly how this happened to me, but somehow I have a program, like a computer program that runs in my brain. It makes it so I don't always have free will, and I am terrified of this program. 508 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dear Boss, I'm glad you missed all of that

Dear Boss,

Today was a crazy banana day. You had some dorky assignment with an expected quick turnaround from the big dogs, and I had to go track down silly attorney dude who keeps bankers hours. 573 more words


Judgement day

i want to hurt myself

and tell the world you did it

i want to scream, im in pain

but i never could admit it… 281 more words


I can feel the anxiety rising

another sleepless night. i lie awake thinking. thinking about tomorrow. thinking about losing karen from my life. thinking i miss her already. cant sleep so might as well get up. 115 more words


Versatile blogger award

I am so happy to be nominated by sue over at my loud bipolar whispers for the versatile blogger award! Thanks sue for the nominationn I am so happy to be nominated and will gladly accept! 399 more words