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Hit and Run

So far, the new job is everything we could want. Sadly, we just need to get use to moving around and such again.

I recently was talking to a few people about there experiences in psychology classes, each person seemed to have a similar story, but this is the general thing I guess: 214 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Hidden alters behind the system of alters: choosing the real direction

In any forum or group where dissociative identity disorder (DID) is discussed by people having DID, I am almost jealous of the different adult alters many of them have and how they often have both genders in all different ages… 1,104 more words

Mental Health

Motel - Meg Myers

You’re weak, broken in a motel
You blink, tears are falling down, down, down
And you’re free, free inside your own hell
You speak, “Someone let me out” 306 more words

Multiple Personality Disorder

Why mental health is no longer an option

Look what a loser I am: I pay every month about 50 euros(ca 55 US Dollars) for mental health care that I do NOT receive. I pay  14 euros  ( ca 15 Us Dollar) for help from the community (practical help) which during 1,5 years did not help me. 797 more words

Mental Health

Losing Time

The weekend took away my feeling of being safe in this world…. it took me years to get that feeling after spending 18 years living with my abuser ….and now its gone… and I hate Ash for that… in his incompetence and stupidity he doesn’t even realise or know what he has done… and he wouldn’t even if I explained it to him in terms even a child would understand… 256 more words

Multiple Personality Disorder

Dressed In Green by Peter Krass


In the latest issue of Quagmire I find 7 new poems by Billy Collins.
In the new Kiss My Quarterly, 12 poems by Billy Collins. 192 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder


I read a message today from a switch… who wants to get to know us…. it is strange how someones message can reverberate deep inside us… 256 more words

Multiple Personality Disorder