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the afternoon is dragging

i’m restless. i dont know why. i am also anxious. and i am not sure why that is either. i have no reason to feel anxious. 370 more words


sunday morning

its quiet on the ward this morning. i slept ok i guess but i did wake up a few times. twice i went out to the nurses station. 259 more words


lost time

things are still really confusing. i thought that i was writing things somewhere, either here or the paper journal, but i wasn’t. i’m not really sure where all that was happening or what it was all about thought wise. 379 more words

Meet Jessica, part 2

If you’re new here, you can┬áread the first part of Jessica’s story here.

In part one, I left off with sharing how I…

686 more words

How it is, your children are living somewhere you don't know

In 1997, at 35 years old, I have been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (DID) and four other diagnoses  related to childhood trauma. Too late. The damage in my life was done and has never been repaired. 1,260 more words


Yesterday we were sorting through boxes in the basement to decide what will be shipped down to the new house (not moving there permanently for 4 years yet, but settle on the house next month). 248 more words


Attachment pain

i feel like crap. everything came to a head a few minutes ago. i’d been having flashbacks all morning. i was shaking violently and feeling nausious, like I was going to be sick. 733 more words