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I feel very unsafe at the moment. Not sure whats going on. Just know I feel anxious and triggered. There is also a lot of internal stuff going on, its kind of chaotic inside right now. 67 more words


Mystical Cats Tarot ~ II The Priestess

Merry Meet!

Have you ignored that gut feeling, passed it off only to find it would have benefit you? Well, grab your Amethyst and let’s go! 213 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

To truly understand yourself, you have to be willing to dig deep within yourself. You have to reopen wounds. Bleed out the poison to heal the body. 539 more words


New phone and random weekend titbits

so we got a new phone today. its the iphone 6 S. I must say I love it. We had the iphone 6 and just upgraded to the new model. 217 more words


Healing words for July 23rd 2016

Life always offers you a second chance. It’s called tomorrow.
Author Unknown


Broke up with my boyfriend!!!!

So, today, I broke up with my boyfriend. He told me that my children could be born blind or have alters. He asked me if I’ve considered that. 51 more words

In the South of my Childhood

I think that what differentiates CPTSD from PTSD is that CPTSD involves multiple defensive adaptations to multiple traumas that are sustained over a long period. 727 more words