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Foster parents and loyality

When you grow up in a foster family, you have to get used to ‘new parents’. This would be a  lot easier if the new parents are full of love, are understanding and supporting. 963 more words

What am I doing here?


It’s time for some reflecting on this blog that I titled His Adventures in Wonderland nearly 1½ years ago. I started this blog with a few things in mind… 166 more words

Creation of alters

Alters are created in several periods in your life. In my case, I have never been really aware of the fact alters were coming. You can tell afterwards that this happened. 1,078 more words

SPLIT - Saat Kau Memiliki 23 Kepribadian berbeda dalam 1 Tubuh 

Semalam gue iseng cari tau tentang Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) hanya karena gak sengaja liat istilah itu lewat di wall Facebook gue. Menyasar ke sebuah forum, ke ulasan yang ditulis oleh orang lain hingga ke beberapa video yang disebar di youtube. 657 more words

So hard to change in D.I.D.

One of the most embarrassing things in life is, when others want to help you and it does not succeed. And they blame you for it.  713 more words

tossing and turning the night away

its 5 Am and I’m still up. I cant sleep. I’ve been on the internet, because lying there thinking, was just not good for me mentally. 158 more words


Recomposing the past

In a way I’m recomposing the past. All my life I’m stuck in my childhood and trying to figure out what it is about. It’s about my friend Alex, about my mother, about me. 335 more words