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I Do Not Owe You An Explanation

During yesterday morning’s class, my professor was givingĀ a lecture about the history of treatment modalities in our field. He was specifically addressing the shift away from a model that focuses on pathology and… 683 more words


Protecting Shirley, our host

So one of our blogger friends and followers asked us if she might be able to know a little bit more about shirley, our host, and why it is that we as a system are so protective of her. 403 more words


so…i have a question for my followers. i’d really appreciate any responses and advice you can give me.
dr barry and i have been discussing meds for nightmares. 58 more words

What is DID?

I figured a good way to start this blog is to explain to you what DID is. Like I stated in my About page, it’s an abbreviation for Dissociative Identity Disorder. 590 more words


It's Been Hard

I haven’t been out much, at least not in front. I was happy though when I came out this morning and guess what? We’ve been exercising! 143 more words


Therapy session-High anxiety stress, and voo breathing

This week in therapy the topic of conversation turned to stress and anxiety. I started off by telling Eileen that Nitro going in to have his teeth cleaned had really stressed me out. 389 more words

Words in succession...

Words in succession, ending in rhyme
Is how I like spending the brunt of my time
Connecting letters in rhythmic patterns
Is the action my hobby concerns… 68 more words