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Therapy session of the day

I’m going to try to document some of my therapy sessions.

Soooo…. today I had a therapy session with Dr R.

Last year, we had a major breakthrough with Ana and Anabelle when we learnt that they were raped by my ex-boyfriend. 414 more words


What I am grateful for today...thankful Tuesday

My warm cosy house
My beautiful guide dog Nitro
My mentor c
Good friends
Activities I can go to every day
The support of my psychiatrist and therapist… 18 more words


Health check

yesterday I went to my gp. I had to get my bloods done. I have a diabetic review coming up in two weeks so I had to get bloods done to check my sugar levels, my liver, kidneys, iron levels, and some other stuff. 225 more words



I scream. But my throat makes no sound.
I cry. But my tears are locked inside.
I punch. But my arms don’t swing.
I run. But my legs are motionless. 44 more words

Dissociative Identity Disorder

2 days of tears

After my Friday therapy session, the past 2 days have been emotional.  I have cried on and off since then, at times, I feel so overwhelmed that I can’t stop. 168 more words


alone lonely and sad

my eyes hurt from crying. i cant even remember any more why i started to cry. i think it was a build up of a lot of things. 116 more words