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Breathing in the Cretaceous

Today, simply a still from the video I made as part of ‘Score for a Flautist’.



You’ll dissolve on me
Like sweet sugar disappearing in tea
Like sandcastles washed by the sea
Like leaves slowly leaving their tree
I hold you close but you always flee… 53 more words


People get all het up about all sorts of stuff and many have difficulty letting go. Some cling to thought forms, the past and internal dialogue, as if the third world war was imminent and they need to stockpile. 98 more words



Q: Water is necessary for every known life form. Describe some of the properties of water that make it so critical. Do any of these properties play a role in the structure or function of other molecules that are important to life? 343 more words


Dissolve Butterflies In Drunk On Nectar

Oh hell no. Drunk on Nectar will at some point be “an ecological simulation and also an ode to the charm of nature” but in its current type, it’s a nightmarish fight game in which spiders leap into flowers and liquefy any kind of poor bastard animal that has actually dropped…


Being As An Ocean: Dissolve [Music Video]

Video: Dissolve
Band: Being As An Ocean
Label: Equal Vision Records
Band Page


Peace of Death

“Your mother was a part of the Universe, and she still is, in a different form.”