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Klonopin (clonazepam): To Swallow Or Dissolve?

While I ve been taking klonopin (clonazepam) for many years, I m still undecided as to the best method of ingestion for particular situations. I understand that the directions on the bottle state to swallow, but dissolving seems to kick in faster for me (absorption into the veins beneath the tongue is my understanding). 42 more words

The Feeling

When I wake up, my head is still fuzzy from the night’s sleep.  My only brother died before I was able to get the chance to tell him the things you’re supposed to tell people before they die.   568 more words

Exuberant Cakes

I would like to tell you a Winter story.

Today I met Optimus Prime face to face.

He introduced himself and kept insisting that it was time to stomp The Decepticons. 235 more words


Top Story - Video: How To Dissolve Egg Shells

I don’t why you would NEED to do this but I suppose it’s cool.

Oh, Duh! It’s a pickled egg. People eat them!

Dangerous Words

parting my breath / so cold (haiku)

while parting my breath 
how heavy the trunks seem
on a winter’s night                                          (1)


so cold – so cold
I wrap the trees with my breath – … 284 more words

Damien Chazell on 'Pushing Yourself'

“If you’re going to play music or do any art form, just as a hobby or as purely a source of enjoyment, then yeah, you should enjoy it. 175 more words