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Omaygadz, Gaiz. This day has been really something.

For one, I think FGM Ma’am Cess Dalmas (or her reps) read my blog. I almost died. 703 more words

Rhian Ramos

Introducing: Wennink - Dissolve

Although Wennink’s rather brilliant self-titled debut EP is now 13 months old, it still comes as a surprise to me that the featuringĀ tracks only have a few hundred plays on SoundCloud each. 88 more words


Dissolve polygons in R

Dissolving polygons is another fairly elementary GIS task that I need to perform regularly. With R this is can be a bit involved, but once done is fully reproducible and the code can be re-used. 550 more words


Klonopin (clonazepam): To Swallow Or Dissolve?

While I ve been taking klonopin (clonazepam) for many years, I m still undecided as to the best method of ingestion for particular situations. I understand that the directions on the bottle state to swallow, but dissolving seems to kick in faster for me (absorption into the veins beneath the tongue is my understanding). 42 more words

"Throw Me a Line"

I will throw you a line

if you ask, beg, and plead

For that one you implore

is not only that which is

you/me/no other – us both! 278 more words