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Day 22: Noon

“Dissolve” – Absofacto

If you’re lucky enough to be relaxing on a beach right now (preferably with an adult beverage), go ahead and put on this track.


Studies in Energy - a waning moon.

The sun is shining outside. There’s a scent of freshly baked carrot muffins drifting through the air.
The batch (minus the two we’ve just eaten) I’ve just baked is cooling on top of the stove. 511 more words


How to Dissolve a Corporation

Just as you would file Articles of Incorporation to start your corporate entity and to bring it into existence, so too must you file Articles of Dissolution (also known as a Certificate of Dissolution) to notify the state that you are terminating or dissolving the corporation. 614 more words

[Unity] - mobile soft dissolve particle shader

I’ve read docs about what shaders are expensive on mobile but I’m not sure whether smoothstep function is cheap enough?

(Not using any alpha-test/cutout instructions)


Self portrait - dissolving collage

In this short video I am experimenting with the close up fragments of a self portrait. The nature of video adds the element of time to the piece; a beginning, end and finite duration. 33 more words


Two Steps To Spiritual Freedom (3/4)

1961 Maui Work

Tape 389 Side 1

Two Steps To Spiritual Freedom (Habakkuk 2:18-20)

By Joel Goldsmith

Part 3 of 4

So in order to be consistent, you must have only one God, one creator, and then that one without capacity for sin, or any evil condition.  1,251 more words