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a warmer golden sunshine glow
dissolves gray winter’s dismal ghosts
while rousing springtime’s sleepy souls

© Anthony Gorman 2017



“If you want to know about your karma from previous lives, study this one…”

Irrespective of your religious or spiritual beliefs, one of the purposes of living… 476 more words


Should You Dissolve Your Company Over Shareholder Disputes?

An Orange County shareholder disputes lawyer can provide assistance in situations where co-owners of a company have become embroiled in a disagreement. The goal of a shareholder dispute is generally to resolve the source of conflict so the company can continue operations. 35 more words

All is All...


Melting with

No movement

Into getting out of

Doing nothing

Less and less

Is done undone

Until the fill

Of full is falling

Feel the small… 22 more words

Epic Buffet, Hollywood Casino 

Lost my appetite
in the long line
for the Epic Buffet
because nothing I say
causes you to laugh
or smile or pull me
next to you… 83 more words


Herbs to Dissolve Uric Acid

Uric acid crystals are creates by compounds called purines, which are found in organ meat, shellfish, aged cheese, wine and mushrooms. They collect in the joints, leading to the development of gout. 39 more words