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Choosing The Best Online Gifted & Talented Program

Enrolling a student in an online school is a big step! If your child is gifted or talented, choosing the online option that will best fit her strengths can make this an even more momentous task. 706 more words


A U.S. High School Degree Is The First Step Towards Becoming A Global Citizen

A U.S. high school diploma opens the doors towards pursuing degrees from a U.S. college or university as well as offering preparation for careers all around the globe, opportunities to travel and chances to network and intern with business and industry leaders from all over the world. 928 more words


Why Joshua Kim Love Online Learning but Dislikes Educational Technology

Joshua Kim dislikes educational technology because it has over-promised and under-delivered on the promise of educational technology, but the loves online learning in all its formats: blended, low-residency, and fully online.

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Staying In Touch With Online Teachers

How to Stay Connected with Your Online Student’s Teachers

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is the one-on-one attention and instruction that students receive from their teachers. 734 more words


How Can Online Learning Support Early Childhood Education?

Children who get a quality education in their early years have a better chance of excelling academically as they grow into young adults. There are, however, a lot of unique factors that go into how and where a good education is going to be available to kids across the country. 820 more words


Dr. Joshua Kim's 6 Rules for Online Learning

I will just list them and not discuss them:

1. Don’t rely on online learning programs to make lots of money.

2. Don’t follow the market. 31 more words


Success In Online Learning

Success in Online Learning Starts with a Social Life

“Humans are technically built to be around other humans,” says Parenting Coach and Washington Post Advice Columnist Meghan Leahy. 519 more words