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A rolling stone gathers no moss

The Berlin chapter

I think I will miss Berlin this time. Lots. Heaps. I will also miss this alone time. Noone around. Basically none. I feel alone sometimes, but also treasure it tremendously. 528 more words

Life Update

The Back is in the Front

We have all seen it on rides that are longer than two hours: a rider in front of us stands up and arches his back to stretch it out. 545 more words


बाबा (दादा जी)

आज घर में घुसा तो
बैठक एकदम ख़ाली थी
मानो बिन रोशनी के
घर में दिवाली थी

घर का बंद दरवाज़ा
ख़ुद ही खोलना पड़ा था 130 more words


“Do you have to go?” She asked for the fifth time. He wouldn’t admit he liked it. She was childish and selfish in her love sometimes, and it was refreshing. 325 more words

It's all just a dream

Traveling is often accompanied by a baggage. Depending on the number of days, the weight varies. I usually have an overnighter for my trips, but this 2-day trip forced me to carry a trunk. 328 more words

Truth Of Life

If we live in a shrinking world, it is not because transport is becoming faster

Yes: I live a 5 minutes’ walk from the beach.

Yes: I live in the very heart of Britain; as far from the sea as anyone living on this cliff-encrusted island could possibly live. 512 more words