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Transcending Distance and Time

One of the many reasons I love to write is that I can sit alone in my little writing nook in the present and create something that can touch, entertain, and connect with the hearts, minds, and spirits of readers and listeners of all ages, not only around the world but potentially far into the future, long after I’m dead. 28 more words


Molly Carew

For every fragment of time that we wandered apart, I felt like I was holding the distance between us in my hands; pushing and pulling, burrowing deeper into its soil until I was buried inside. 64 more words



You know when you find someone, who desires to give you every moment of her life, smiles when she sees you happy, makes sure that she follows you even into the darkest of paths, never once letting you feel alone? 125 more words

Each one is our strength

Spend more time with your family. I really mean it because you really don’t know when you have to go far far away from them. 111 more words


“Be careful of the men around”they said “They would use you like a pawn” they said. She smiled, if only they knew who controlled the Chessboard.

LOVE, AGE, RACE and Distance

as we all know, is a feeling that is not predictable, when you fall in its path;
it is hard to fall out of it, when it is genuine. 628 more words

30km running distance record achieved!

I am very pleased that I smashed my previous longest distance of 23km by completing 30km yesterday. It was also my longest continual exercise at 3 ½ hours (just over 33,000 steps!). 832 more words

Low Carb