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Massage and running go hand in hand

Are you new to running and trying to establish a good training routine to keep me injury free? Are not very flexible and have had some injuries in the past when I have trying to run? 275 more words

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Like a shining star happiness is far away.
I’m glad because I can see it every night, talk to it and share my deepest secrets, but… 132 more words



I craved for you yesterday
when I was lonely
I crave for you today
when I have company
I will crave for you tomorrow
as I continue on this journey… 13 more words


Leaps And Bounds 

There is nothing I want more

Than to close the distance rapidly

Free falling into the silence

No parachute, no wings

Building that bridge piece by piece… 57 more words


Marathon Training Week 10 Reflections

Yesterday I had one of those days where your training just clicks and you can finally feel all the hard work you put in.

I may not have been “successful” at sticking to the Hansons Marathon Method, especially the speed workouts haven’t been happening. 430 more words


You Can't Hurry Love (Hello, I Must Be Going! 2016 Remastered) -

there is a sixty-four gb microsd in the cavities of my cellular
and vodafone has ceased to reach this corner of the eastern coast.
not quite the full 1700 kilometers .     79 more words