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The Perfect Love

It has been two years since they saw each other. Yet it seemed yesterday when she said, “Hi, how have you been?” about seven years ago when they met for the first time. 297 more words

Truth Of Life


I’ve always been a quantity person. how many people call me , how many people want to hang out with me, how many people read my blog , basically many how manys. 165 more words

Long - Distance Love - How to survive a LDR and make it work!

Those of you that know Gareth and I, know that for quite sometime, 15 months to be precise, we were in a long distance relationship.  He lived in Maesycwmmer in South Wales and I lived in Welling, Kent with my daughter, Olivia.   1,223 more words

Trigonometry Notes for Today

Below are the notes and the exit ticket for today.

Notes 1

Notes 2

Exit ticket.  If you were not here today complete the second half of the exit ticket for an easy 5 points.



the light dances in the silver of the fork
you keep spinning, eyes anxious as mine
bore into yours, with words unspoken
a new place, an old distance… 65 more words


The Bends

Submarine, not wetsuit.

When diving into the sea of facts from which you plan to pluck your next novel, use a submersible. The engulfing amount of information available nowadays about any subject can and will crush you. 34 more words


Lonesome Distance

Wrote this tidbit for my novel I’m slowly working on.  Not the previous fantasy one, I ran into some trouble with that, then God bestowed upon me a great idea and a great wisdom.   88 more words