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Shatter Me

Hey! I just read my new Selection. If you didn’t know, I love the Selection series more than literally everything else in the world. If you want to read that rant, click… 1,640 more words



I didn’t know what to do.

The boy…he was gripping my wrist like I was the only thing stopping him from falling. But maybe I was. 701 more words



Alex wasn’t sure what to expect.

He only knew her from word of mouth — stories. That, one of which, were very relieving. Actually, they made him feel even worse about the situation. 1,576 more words


Top 5 easy summer reads!

So summer seems to finally have graced us with its presence in England this month. One of my favourite things in summer is to read outside with a glass of ice cold lemonade! 770 more words

Cassandra Clare


Zachary was the exact opposite of me.

He had thick blonde hair that curled at their ends. I had black hair that looked greasy half the time because of how thin it was. 481 more words



“You’re not supposed to be nice,” I remember telling her. She looked like a young girl, 18 at the most. Her blond hair was pulled back into a low ponytail. 713 more words




“Isn’t he beautiful?”

“Odd name don’t you think?”

“These are odds times, Hector. It suits him.” Tereasa wrapped her newborn tightly in the threadbare blanket. 103 more words

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