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The Test

The Test is simple. When you become an adult, at the age of 18, it’s mandatory to take it. No one knows what you’re actually being tested on the Test, or what it asks from you to do — but people talk, and I’ve heard a thing or two about it. 200 more words


The Heir

Alas! I have been waiting for this book for a very long time and it is finally here! Sadly, due to finals week and a 10 day adventure in France I had to put my book addiction briefly on hold. 591 more words

Book Blog

Savior(working title)


As Christian lay awake in his studio apartment in Los Angeles, California. The rain beat down on the window right beside his head. The rain wasn’t the reason that Christian couldn’t drift off into a peaceful abyss, rather it was his job. 253 more words


I finished delirium

Why are all books sad? I lituurally just finished this book an hour ago and I’m still in tears. I love but hate it when a book does this to you. 336 more words

With a distopian twist 

As the seasons turned and slowly, (far too slowly,) the dark days of winter bloomed into warm May evenings on the patio, I came to a bit of a realization about the books I’d been reading: distopian fiction had become a subconscious preference. 382 more words

Gaitors Traitor: A Sneak Preview #4

They’re quiet for another few minutes, listening to the chatter of the other customers, while Bertrand continues to bite his nails. Kurt puts his hand into the inside pocket of his jacket, and gives the object inside a squeeze. 72 more words