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Fiction Story: Chapter 1

The Curse of the Gold Rose

Chapter 1

It was there in the meadow that the stars would fall right out of the sky like they were long lost souls searching for home, and he, would always be there to pick them up and dust the dirt off of them so that they could begin to remember how to shine. 5,026 more words

Series Review - Reckoners - Brandon Sanderson

So I picked up the first book Steelheart in October 2017 after struggling with the second Mistborn book. I really didn’t know too much about this series and it’s just so unique and different that even now I struggle to describe it. 405 more words


Fahrenheit 451


Guy Montag is a fireman. Yet he’s not the kind of fireman that you typically think of. No, Montag  burns houses and he  has never ever rescued anyone from a burning.  424 more words

YA Fiction

Ready Player One

Ready player one is the latest in a long line of Spielberg smash-hit box office films. Based on the best selling novel by Ernest Cline, the story follows lead character Wade Owen Watts (a.k.a Parzival) in the year 2045 where many people are forced to live in slums and stacked caravans in a world on the brink of chaos due to an oil crisis (I think I’ve only seen the film and there isn’t much explanation). 524 more words

Nerdy And Wordy

Spontaneous Ruminations

The lift inside the maintenance corridor was rusted and damp, the gray-painted metal shining with the damp sheen of condensation between the warm almost tropical environment outside and the cool, dark, isolated tunnel.  2,081 more words


The Giver Quartet

Lois Lowry’s quartet about a utopian society was kindly lended to me by a devoted fan of the series and I binge read the first three books in three days (granted they are pretty short) but I struggled with the last one and it took me about two weeks to finish it. 327 more words


The Sun and Its' Children.

You are what happens when humankind wishes to walk between stars but still wants its feet planted firmly to the ground. You are ephemeral. But you deserve to see to this planet till the very end as the galaxy hurtles on its mass collision course with its neighbours; and when the suns, and the planets that halo around them, collide with other suns, destroying worlds that burgeoned life from nothing and moons that could have – and did –  support the future. 74 more words