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First she said my name was weird and then she insinuated that I had worked in a bar for far too long than I probably should have done… 58 more words


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Ships in the night

we watched the ships come in and we sat on the marble steps

ice cream cones and there was this ship

this huge ship just looming over us… 97 more words


pretty for a black girl.

Tell me again about how I am pretty for a black girl

Will you validate my existence, stranger?

Tell me more about how you know that I must have a really big ‘booty’ 280 more words


Fashion backward

Today, I wore this hat and it makes me feel quite special. Someone different, someone interesting, someone who has a story.

I suppose it is… 214 more words



With bated breath, I bide my time and wait for life  to start

For something good will grow from me, I feel this in my heart… 99 more words


Don't want it, but I need it

My self harming startet when I was about eleven years old. A friend of mine told me that it was how she dealt with her depression and I guess I just wanted to see how it felt and it felt kinda nice. 446 more words