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Abstract Warped 3D Surface

Visit my galleries at Society 6 and/or Redbubble to discover a wide assortment of items featuring this abstract three dimensional design. To create it, I used Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge software. 25 more words


Bondage of Control

Why do some feel they can control

the world around them?  As if they

have a right to your own thoughts.

~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Am I a symbol for you to chime? 34 more words


When We Drown

The view under the waves is distorted, bending the world as we know it. It crashes, murky greens into peaceful blues with an explosion muted by the space between the Sun and me. 271 more words

odd walking thoughts - can't come in

Doors that won’t lock and steam that rises not enough. A smile pressed upon the see through door. What happens when a nothing of a thought dies. 26 more words

Essential 2m video shows clearly how Tories distort, smear to fool you #GE17

As is now well-known, the Tories have been trying to buy the election by paying YouTube to run adverts when someone clicks on a Labour-supporting video. 152 more words

'Distort' #2

Screen print aqua tint etching | Edition of 4

Discernment and Life Experience

I am in deep reflection about life experience.

As we grow up, we gain in life experience. Some are awesome, others are painful, but we usually hone our discernment through them. 117 more words