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Straight Stunting In The Bricks

Some heat from the Bricks. 5iver and Jore. Nark revolutionizing straights, and a guest burner by Distort. NJ does it better. 32 more words

To be read really really fast

I keep starting and stopping and starting and stopping again,
And it’s a pain – because everything that I am musing is valid yes
But not enough for me to advance on them or attempt to digress… 134 more words



I sat on the cold metal bars of the bench waiting for the train to arrive
I watched eagerly down the line for a sign of movement, rubbing my hands together to create warmth… 377 more words


Lens Distortion the quick way

The Lens Distortion node in Nuke can be quite heavy as it comes with a host of features which although useful, are often unneeded. If you want a quick and dirty lens distortion, then here is a convenient alternative. 945 more words



Hidden messages in my mirror
Hidden messages in my notebook
Hidden messages in my conversations
Hidden messages on my computer
Hid… 52 more words



Sam shouted ‘Mind your business’

Tina howled over Sam ‘dare you say so’

Wedding anniversary.. 12th.. and things are getting sore..

Tina feels Sam is good for nothing.. 271 more words

Upside Down

Do you ever feel like your life is just upside down and you can’t figure out how to right it? I am kind of in that spot right now. 124 more words

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