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Spin, Projection, and Blame Shifting

They Spin our Reality  

Disordered people can’t deal with the reality of their behaviors. On some level they may realize how hurtful they are or how inappropriately they behave, yet they are unable to accept any kind of major flaw in themselves. 175 more words


Lessons learnt

Today I learnt:

  1. That my cat loves to do her best impressions of a beached whale at my bedroom door, especially in the early hours of the morning…
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one world ... each

He offered her the world.  She said she had her own.

Monique Duval

There is no reality. There is your reality, my reality, his reality, her reality.

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Suppose I’ve been away for a while

I couldn’t even tell you where I went

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and not writing… 69 more words


Michelle’s Speech Was Trite, Too

From Townhall, by Ann Coulter

 When MSNBC signed off at 3 a.m. the first night of the Republican National Convention, they were still talking about Melania’s speech. 904 more words