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You don't have to #ChooseBeautiful. Don't be a slave to psychological manipulation.

Not feeling beautiful? You are probably not alone. Dove’s newest campaign statistic says 96% percent of women don’t see themselves as beautiful. 

Dove presented two sets of doors labelled ‘beautiful‘ or ‘average‘ where women chose to walk through the set of doors they associated themselves to be. 272 more words


Mirror Mirror

I recently placed a full-length mirror in my bedroom.  Yes -I know- first time for everything I suppose.  FYI That’s NOT me in the mirror by the way.   653 more words

Kimy Kennedy

Something to Think About on a Sunday Evening

Here is something to start off your week thoughtfully: Dove Real Beauty Sketches. This Dove campaign is a real eye-opener; the first time I saw it was about a year ago, and it haunts me to this day. 38 more words


Growth & Progress

I recently came across this photograph of the what was the skeleton of one of my pieces. I was shocked by how empty and bare it looked — and to think that I thought this was close to a finished product! 556 more words


The cure to disordered eating and distorted body image....

Well first of all, let me say that this title is somewhat misleading. There is no quick fix, no ABC in self love, no one rule applies to all. 1,633 more words

A Class, an Idea, & an Opportunity

With the start of the new semester this January, I was thrown into the New Year as we all were: refreshed, eager, and ambitious. When I came across AP Studio Art in my class schedule, I was more than thrilled–I was feeling as creative and innovative as ever after the holiday break. 499 more words


Depressing night out

Well my roomie somehow talked me into going out last night with her and some of her friends. I have not been out in over 5 years. 235 more words