The Rules

Sit down and raise your hand
No. You are not allowed to stand
Not until the class ends
No, rules aren’t something we can bend… 250 more words


Art is Living

Art takes on a life of its own
Speaking to everyone who comes in its zone
Whether it is a picture frozen in time
Or a poem built up line by line… 103 more words



We are all humans, trying to survive
So, logically, we take each other’s lives
Wars around the world, fighting over the dollar
Or the differences in appearances “I can shoot him, I’m taller… 156 more words

Distracted From My Tasks...

Feel Your Life

“Life is short”
Yeah, I’ve heard that before
“Just live your life”
Wait. Maybe I want something more
Anyone can life a life boring to the core… 162 more words


Age Makes You Smarter?

It’s funny how the older we grow, the less we seem to know
The world becomes obscured by politics, religion, and chances blown
We grow cynical about the past and future of world… 77 more words