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The Beady Eye looks at Big Data.

Is our world along with humanity disappearing into the Cloud.?

We as individuals are turning into “walking data generators”  ” App Material”

The Beady eye is only going to look a the most contentious realms of Big Data.  2,048 more words

Distribution Of Wealth

Deceptively Obvious Economics

By George P. Brockway, originally published November 4, 1996

I WANT TO tell you about a new book you probably will not quickly hear about elsewhere. 1,406 more words

The Dismal Science



By Kamlesh Tripathi

Is there a better way of distributing the wealth of the world than it being concentrated in few hands. And, should companies merely work for profits or should profits be a derived outcome of their pursuit of spiritual wisdom through the route of business? 594 more words

Natixis’ Head of Economics in IFR: Greece’s flirtation with European defenestration is usual story of Europe’s failures

In IFR’s special eurozone report, Dr Sylvain Broyer, Natixis’ Head of European economics discusses the inconsistencies at the heart of the eurozone’s design, the solutions that have only made matters worse, and the reluctance to make any decision today that can be put off until tomorrow. 51 more words


Is it really true that when one gets better off, the other impliedly gets worse off?

Last week I had a family gathering. I and my maternal uncle were having a talk on law on conservation of energy – “It never generates or never ends, but just transforms from one form to another.” We just got the topic immediately linked to money and had an argument on whether “Getting better off by one results into getting worse off for another?” We had a productive debate which improved my thought process about the current day economic arrangement. 620 more words


Roughly half of global aid—is “phantom aid”

Many in the first world imagine the amount of money spent on aid to developing countries is massive.

In fact, it amounts to only 0.3% of GNP of the industrialized nations. 1,488 more words

Distribution Of Wealth

Wasting North Sea Oil and Buying Votes

In the same news bulletin that told that oil has been discovered in economically viable quantities in the Weald, which stretches from Kent to Surrey, I heard that the Scottish National party complain that the wealth from  North Sea Oil had been wasted by Westminster Governments. 214 more words

Climate Change