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The Distribution of Wealth – Growing Inequality?

Michael Schneider examines the distribution of wealth and the way that it has changed over time. 756 more words

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Act II - Money Legally Laundered - Distribution of Wealth

So this is a corollary to the earlier post ‘ Money Legally Laundered’.

So what will the Government of India do with the such a big booty that they have received due to the stashed black money that would be extinguished (in all probability we are looking at a figure of around 3 lac crores). 313 more words



I was in Detroit some years ago for a 3-day Catholic conference, part of a movement begun by the Bishops of the United States. The consistent theme of the talks and the small-group workshops was the necessity of a preferential option for the poor. 551 more words


God's Bargain

One of the charms of Democracy is the barren privilege of our belief that we can bargain with an incredibly powerful being – our government – that knows almost nothing about us. 961 more words


Investors Support Population Growth for Profit

“Should the Republican Party sweep the coming elections, the availability of family planning services will be greatly reduced and our population will continue to grow at an unhealthy rate.” 720 more words


Potential of blockchain in a simple way

I noticed a great TED talk about how blockchain could influence industries and wealth distribution. We all know that blockchain is all about trust and how to quickly exchange assets in broader meaning. 311 more words

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Fiat Money, Government and Culture

The money we use every day has roughly zero intrinsic value. That includes paper, coins made from base metals, and electronic bookkeeping entries that can be drawn on via plastic cards and communication devices.  1,323 more words

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