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OK, a list of what is wrong will go from here to eternity, so before you read this post take a look at the two U tube videos below, and then do something. 1,351 more words

Distribution Of Wealth

Turmoil in Today’s World Revisited

Evidence points to the fact that as the population grows so does the severity of problems.

By Dr. John J. Hidore

July 16, 2015–In the second decade of the 21st Century, Earth’s human population is in turmoil. 780 more words

Climate Change

The Beady takes a look at getting Rich Quick.

We have all done it.

Dream boated that we have won the Lotto.  Dreams of Easy Money.

And why not, most people have a strong fascination with easy money. 1,392 more words

Distribution Of Wealth

The Beady Eye looks at Big Data.

Is our world along with humanity disappearing into the Cloud.?

We as individuals are turning into “walking data generators”  ” App Material”

The Beady eye is only going to look a the most contentious realms of Big Data.  2,048 more words

Distribution Of Wealth

Deceptively Obvious Economics

By George P. Brockway, originally published November 4, 1996

I WANT TO tell you about a new book you probably will not quickly hear about elsewhere. 1,406 more words

The Dismal Science



By Kamlesh Tripathi

Is there a better way of distributing the wealth of the world than it being concentrated in few hands. And, should companies merely work for profits or should profits be a derived outcome of their pursuit of spiritual wisdom through the route of business? 594 more words

Natixis’ Head of Economics in IFR: Greece’s flirtation with European defenestration is usual story of Europe’s failures

In IFR’s special eurozone report, Dr Sylvain Broyer, Natixis’ Head of European economics discusses the inconsistencies at the heart of the eurozone’s design, the solutions that have only made matters worse, and the reluctance to make any decision today that can be put off until tomorrow. 51 more words