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Gewinne und Renten: Coca Cola – The Economics Behind

Dirk Löhr

Zum Wert der Marke Coca Cola

Warum ist Coca Cola eigentlich teurer als das im Geschmack durchaus vergleichbare Pepsi (Genschow 2013)? Fragt man Marketing-Leute, hört man immer nur das Eine: Die Marke. 2,287 more words


Disney Crosses $1B At International Box Office; Propelled By 'Ultron', 'Cinderella'

With Avengers: Age Of Ultron now at $439M overseas, Disney is sitting comfortably above the $1B international box office mark for 2015. The milestone was actually achieved on Thursday when the studio quiety passed $1B in the second shortest amount of time in its history. 291 more words


Wages, profits, growth and political ideologies

With the UK election only days away, it is important to know what one is voting for. Even if some of the parties’ manifesto pledges end up being bargained away in the necessity of them forming a governing coalition with a majority in parliament, one hopes that at least a few promises will be kept. 1,493 more words

Price Matters: The HUL(K)'s move

It’s not everyday when a visit to a nearby retail store turns out to be one of the best lesson in FMCG distribution line, and the lesson is taught by none other than the hallowed HUL. 432 more words


How to Improve Your Customer Service with Inventory Management

Wholesale distribution, more so than any other industry segment, is caught in a profitability squeeze between suppliers and customers. Given the narrow margins, the ability to optimize inventory levels as a way to reduce costs and improve customer service has been a major focus in recent years. 359 more words

Industry Solutions

Har vod udviklet sig til et mareridt?

Reportage fra paneldebat om online-distribution på SXSW. Publiceret på FILMupdate 27. marts 2015.