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महावीर इंटरनेशनल सूरतगढ़ द्वारा अपने स्थाई सेवा कार्यो के तहत जर्सी वितरण कार्यक्रम

महावीर इंटरनेशनल सूरतगढ़ द्वारा अपने स्थाई सेवा कार्यो के तहत जर्सी वितरण कार्यक्रम के अंतर्गत ग्रामीण क्षेत्र में तहसील सूरतगढ़ के राउमावि राजपुरा पिपेरण राउप्रावि रत्तासर , लधेर व फरीदसर गाव , करडू , साबनिया लुन्करंसर तहसील रावतसर के उदासर बड़ा व धीरदेसर में जरूरतमंद विद्यार्थियों को 250 गर्म जर्सिया वितरित कि गई | परियोजना निदेशक वीर सत्यनारायण झंवर के अनुसार रावतसर निवासी संजय करवा व राजीव करवा ने अपने पिता स्व. बजरंगलाल करवा कि समर्ति में 5100 रूपए का सहयोग किया| साथ ही समाज सेवी संजय खेमका ने अपने पिता स्व. ओमप्रकाश खेमका कि समर्ति में गर्म टोपी व पाठ्य सामग्री भी जरूरतमंद विद्यार्थियों को वितरित कि गई| जर्सी वितरण वाहन को विधायक श्री राजेन्द्र सिंह भादू ने हरी झंडी दिखाकर रवाना किया |


Shadowy forces are fighting for control of your local movie theater

Posted by Larry Gleeson

By Ana Swanson

On a sweltering day this summer, a handful of protesters gathered outside an AMC movie theater in Times Square, holding red signs proclaiming “AMC = American Movie Communists.” 1,676 more words


New Video Release: Vendor Managed Inventory (2 min 50 sec)

This brief video demonstration is for current and prospective Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers seeking an enterprise solution to assist vendor managed inventory. 162 more words

Erp Software

Music and Metadata: Is Blockchain the Answer?

Alongside two other co-founders Viktor Tron and Fred Tibbles, he runs a small and agile company, , which helps rightsholders convert their repositories of media, music, metadata and rights into ‘smart content’. 74 more words


Film Arcade Inks Domestic Distribution Deal With Universal Home Entertainment

EXCLUSIVE: The Film Arcade and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment have sealed a multi-year distribution deal that will see UPHE handling all U.S. and Canada marketing, sales and distribution services for Blu-ray, DVD, Electronic Sell-through, Video-on-Demand and Television for Film Arcade films. 172 more words

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Ethically, Should There Be a "Pink Tax"?

Did you know that there are several instances when women pay more than men for the same goods and services? For example, nationwide, many dry cleaners charge a higher fee for a woman’s “blouse” than a man’s “shirt” — even if the items are exactly the same. 275 more words

Customer Expectations

Leaflet distribution Birmingham to Promote Products and Services Worldwide

The entire things have hanged through the fastest means of technology where you get the whole proceses are going in such speedy way where the procedures of technologies make the things very swift as well as running world we exactly can see the things in very different process way where it provides very different presentation that is completely the benefits for us. 251 more words

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