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The Dreaded 401(k) Refund: Corrective Distributions

401K REFUNDS: NOT AS GOOD AS THEY SOUND With tax season fresh on our minds, many hear the word refund and begin running down their imaginary wish list of ways to spend this extra money. 39 more words

Unified Look and Feel #2 / Fedora 28

In my previous post, I spoke about an integrated look across various Linux distributions. Having tinkered and experimented with many distros since the release of Ubuntu 18.04, I have discovered that the playing field is a lot more even than I had thought before. 573 more words


Unified Look and Feel

This week, I thought I would speak about an issue that has been particularly relevant to me lately. As well as outlining a little history and some interesting snippets of information, I will explain how I finally decided to stick to my current distribution after testing several new ones for the past fortnight. 404 more words


Beginner-friendly distributions

In my previous posts, I have discussed the good and bad of Linux without actually recommending any, or demonstrating what they look like. With this in mind, I have picked four distributions for people coming here from other platforms – each of these are based on the same distribution (Ubuntu) yet look and work in different ways. 783 more words


Perspectives of looking at families

Like photographers, who may use a wide angle or close up and may take the same object from different standpoints and the individual photographer might be known for his style, social scientists usually are committed to specific paradigms. 799 more words


The UK’s productivity puzzle is in the top tail of the distribution

Patrick Schneider

UK productivity growth has been puzzlingly slow since the crisis. After averaging 2% every year in the pre-crisis decade, growth in labour productivity… 1,538 more words


Smashword.com Interview

Vanessa Bush
Your Biography
Publisher Author of 7 Books of different genres on Kindle press, Bn.com, Books A Million online distribution, Create space, self-E libraries in FL, Lulu's Press. 1,112 more words

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