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Properties of Rational Numbers

Closure Properties- The set of rational numbers is closed under addition and multiplication. For any rational numbers a and b, a+b and axb are unique rational numbers. 165 more words

I’ve been taking some time to look back to look forward. This is important to do from time to time. While watching the recording of the finalĀ 

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The Distributive Law, again !

The formal statement of the distributive law should read as follows:

If a, b, c and d are numbers, or algebraic expressions (same thing really) and b = c + d then ab = ac + ad… 28 more words


Vector Spaces

6 paths permuted.



More bad language in math

Here is another horror which I found recently:

The distributive law of addition: a(b + c) = ab + ac (OK, it’s a definition)

The current school math explanation: 291 more words


The Distributive Property (L2.4)

This video defines the distributive property and provides several examples of how to multiply using the distributive property.

III. Algebra Videos

Ex: Distribute and Simplify Expressions in Fraction Form

This video provides several examples of how to distribute and simplify expressions in fraction form.

III. Algebra Videos