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2016 How to Safely Download, Verify & Create a Live USB/DVD of Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon Edition - 2016 September 12th.

I Made This Video From A USB 2.0 Pen Drive.
Google Photos URL:
Firefox Web Browser & Downthemall add-on Install:
https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/ 129 more words


Cub Linux - Kolaborasi Chromium dengan Ubuntu

Cub Linux (gabungan dari Chromium dan Ubuntu) merupakan hasil kombinasi kelengkapan Chromiun Browser dengan kepopuleran Ubuntu. Distro yang web-focus dengan fitur – fitur dari Chromium dan aplikasi yang terintegrasi dengan Google ditambah Kompatibilitas Hardware dan varian aplikasi di Ubuntu membuat distro ini menjadi distro yang GAHAR . 143 more words


Packaging for UNIX

For a while now I felt this urge to finally give back to the UNIX community in the form of documentation or new software. Unfortunately, despite my knowledge, writing proper documentation still intimidates me so I decided to start with building packages first. 595 more words


xubuntu 16.04.01 LTS gnu/linux was released 2 months ago

only just noticed that xubuntu 16.04.01 LTS was released 2 months ago maybe its time to upgrade from 14.04 LTS


DIY#019 - THE TRUTH - Tenzija 7" Out Now!!!

I haven’t released a 7″ in a while now, a even though I always try to help the bands that email me, there has been some time since I released a record from a band I didn’t know personally. 154 more words


Fedora 24 review: The year’s best Linux distro is puzzlingly hard to recommend

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Fedora 24 is very near the best Linux distro release I’ve used, and certainly the best release I have tested this year. Considering 2016 has welcomed new offerings like… 1,178 more words