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For I see lies and lies

The mind forms a lie.
Its seed spreads to the heart.
Then the tongue speaks the lie.
One lie after another.

Drowning in lies.
Lost in this grey fog. 63 more words


Should you be more trusting?

By David Joel Miller.

How do you decide who and when to trust?

People often described themselves as having “trust issues.” The question they should be asking is, are they trusting too much or too little? 1,340 more words



A cauldron of doubts and anxieties,

Simmering away, bubbling.

A growl that gets louder.

Paranoia or distrust, propelling a person along,

Driving them in a blind rage, towards the edge of a cliff. 16 more words



The verisimilitude of intimacy

doesn’t even exist in our own universe –

only false faces. 8 more words



When his son decided to join politics too, the politician took him on to the roof of his house and said, ‘I am going to give you your very first lesson in politics. 107 more words

Sex Offender Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes are investment strategies where individuals help facilitate other like-minded individuals by purchasing or acquiring an idea or product with the hopes of an economic safety and security outcomes. 551 more words