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Her Legend Kdrama Review

I wasn’t feeling like a ray of sunshine yesterday but I wanted to watch something. I found Her legend because someone post it at the bottom of the promise and I had nothing better to do. 107 more words


Judas's Daughter

Judas’s Daughter 

 You were my only disciple

And you betrayed me—

For thirty pieces of silver

You sold my heart that I gave for free. 63 more words


The Realization

Have you ever had a morning where you realize that the darkest days are behind you? You realize this because you’ve caught a glimpse of something you can’t quite explain, but know exists. 81 more words

Stoned Thoughts

A Lie has no Future

I’m not doing too good with this ‘recovery’ option, if anything having made the decision to ‘recover’ has made it worse, made me all the more fixated with everything; writing down the calories I consume, the exercise I’ve done, making sure the amount eaten is less than the amount burned off. 208 more words

Justice League of friends

“Be careful sweetie; don’t go too close to the railing.”

“Okay, Papa.”

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“I am afraid the teacher will scold me in school tomorrow, my homework is not complete.” 744 more words

Follow Up on yesterday's post.

I believe you’ll find this interesting. I know I did. Sadly it was included as part of one of my CEU classes. If we’re teaching that this is an issue, why is the medical industry so slow to change? 12 more words

Reality Check

They Want to Be Heard

It is an emerging, alternative time, made of a combination between the present and the future. People are willing to fight and protest in the present in order to secure a safer and more protected future. 527 more words