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A Dismaying Sign of the Times

For the last six years, my husband has had a contract cleaning for a local daycare center/preschool. He works there every weekday evening, starting as soon as school is “out” at 5:00 and staying until the place is clean three hours later. 324 more words

Personal Essay

Between Paranoia and Perception

Say what you wanna say, any time of day, 
but don’t justify my truths and I,
It’s time for me to change, time for hope  687 more words

Journal / Random Thoughts

14 ~ वतन के ठेकेदार

धुवां उठा जब गिरते घरों से,
तो धू धू कर सुलग उठी,
सोये वतन की उजड़ी तदबीर।
विवशता थी सबकी,
या फिर घोर अकर्मण्यता,
वीरानियाँ झांक रही झरोखों से


Betrayed as A Child

Many feelings of betrayal,

Feelings of shame, guilt, loss,

Anger, fear, grief, self hatred,

At times have thought there must

Be something deeply wrong with me… 278 more words


Americans' Distrust in the Media: Skepticism or Paranoia?

According to Gallup News, the level of trust that Americans have in the media is at an all-time low. 32% of the population surveyed said they had “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust, down from 40% last year, and 14% of Republicans surveyed expressed trust within the media, down from 32% last year. 410 more words


Still More Perspectives

Good Morning, God!

How large the rocks . . . how small the people. And how utterly serene this scene. Being outside — out in Nature — does have a therapeutic effect on us humans.   272 more words


Back Yard Haiku Number 207

They distrust her smarts,

suspecting her extra gifts,

pretty as she is.

© 2017 John Christian Hager

Image from Pixabay