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380. Watch Out!

Watch out little children!

This world’s run by mad old kids,

Who never found their happiness;

And were raised by other kids.

Watch out little children! 124 more words


And It Returns...

Like a persistent fool, it returns. For what? Does it think for a moment you will relent? Again and again it comes back to haunt and to poke and to prod. 775 more words


Fighting against bullies

A mind is something hard to control.  It works at its own speed, and brings to attention, things that are better left forgotten.   Things that cause hurt, distrust, anger, frustration, and much more.  631 more words

The Economics of Distrust

It has been said that it is easier to not trust someone because it is easier to let them be people and you won’t be let down. 572 more words


Resisting the Mind Games of Donald Trump and the One Percent

Smooth-talking con artists are familiar figures in American folklore. The well-dressed hustler arrives in an unsuspecting town. He pitches some miracle cure or get-rich-quick scheme, door-to-door or from atop a soapbox. 2,438 more words

The Power Of Letting Go

Part of our fallen sinful nature is our unquenchable desire for control. We like to know that we are in charge of every aspect of our life’s and to some extent the aspect of other peoples life’s too.

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