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My father is a cunt and he is the reason I dont trust men

I have an intense headache from being crazy pissed off. I can’t even sleep after popping two painkillers!

My father is a self-centred cunt and I’m not taking back what I’m saying now.. 158 more words

Her story..

She woke up thinking, “I wonder if he’s awake yet. Where is he? Should I call? Is he safe? No, he doesn’t belong to me”, so she never called and texted instead, wishing him a good day. 291 more words

We Are Not Different

‘boxes’ limit us
religion, race and gender
when will we see that?

we’re all connected…
and capable of loving
even with scarred hearts

so, put your guards down… 12 more words


#Fridayfictioneers: Distrust

There was just one shoe, abandoned, halfway in the gutter.  I picked it up, looked at it.

It was a nice shoe.  I didn’t know much about shoes but the leather felt soft and expensive and it looked carefully assembled.   123 more words


Bondage of inclinations

The servitude to proclivities of the soul births a predictable range of regretful behaviors that robs man of the capacity to trust himself. In time, he projects this suspicion and distrust unto others as a hallmark of how he interprets all his neighbor’s actions. 75 more words


Stop it. Just stop it.

I, like everybody else, have read the news, the Facebook posts, the Twitter feeds, the memes, and the subsequent discussions, these past days.

I saw people tri-coloring their faces. 734 more words


Interracial advocacy and the role of attorney: reflections on the power differentials coloring client interactions (Part 2/2)

This blog is the second of two parts.  Part 1 unpacks the attorney privilege and considers how it can affect attorney-client relationships.  Part 2 explains the impact of power differentials, identities, and attorney privilege on advocacy and offers suggestions to strengthen the law school curriculum. 868 more words

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