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The Power Of Letting Go

Part of our fallen sinful nature is our unquenchable desire for control. We like to know that we are in charge of every aspect of our life’s and to some extent the aspect of other peoples life’s too.

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To My Drama Queen

When I look at you I see your mother. Which kind of sucks for you because your mother is not a nice person. She’s judgmental and intolerant and she expects way too much from you. 663 more words



Suzanne drove 3 hours non-stop to reach her long-distance boyfriend’s apartment in time for her birthday dinner date that he had organized. Hurrying between the apartment buildings in the vast complex, she noticed a pretty blonde girl hurrying in the opposite direction, applying lipstick as she ran. 649 more words

Yeah Write Challenge

Toke Makinwa | On Becoming... 

Hello blog followers and readers… How are y’all doing today and how has December treated you so far;)☺

Without further ado, I shall be sharing with you some life lessons from Toke Makinwa’s Book: “On Becoming”. 570 more words


A Warranted Distrust

What does the novel suggest about seeking truth even if it may lead to discomfort?

The world of Never Let Me Go is one that is riddled with mystery, deception, and broken lines of communication. 360 more words

Stupid Spelt Backwards: Acrylamide

In the early 2000s, when risk issues were popping up like poison mushrooms, the Swedish regulators decided to raise alarm bells about the health risks from acrylamide (with human exposures brought about by cooking starchy foods). 1,766 more words

NGO Lobbying

The Risk of Trusting and The Strength of Forgiving.


What’s worse than being betrayed is being betrayed without explanation, and by people who one trusted. To trust fully in people, then to be betrayed by these people feels like The Black Death.What’s most important for this individual is to forgive. 629 more words