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Organizational Change. How and Why it causes distrust?

Organizational Change:

Organizational change has been defined by different scholars as:

  • An effort made to change the physical operations and emotional of the organizational environment is a painful thing, Bernerth (2004).
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A love poem 

your mouth, my lips the taste of this magical trip

Your arms, my chest, waves of emotions I can’t suppress

walk on, don’t look back… 89 more words


Welcome to the first blog post of the Distrust Team! We’re a group of currently 3 people working to create a game based on the beta concept of the popular game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. 23 more words


I Was in an Abusive “Relationship” for Almost a Year: Maybe Third Time’s the Charm?

Abuse. I still get uncomfortable when I use that word to describe something I’ve been through. You see, I don’t feel like I deserve to use the word because a hand was never raised, bruises never bloomed and blood was never shed. 2,075 more words


Frightened of Each Other's Shadows 

It’s part of contemporary life we experience but are ashamed to discuss. But Nihal Arthanayake wants to talk it: about the things that are left unsaid. 21 more words

It's not my fault 

​I was always the drama queen

Without having mental scenes

I was always the quiet one
Even when I was saying too much

I was always the pretty one… 40 more words


Movie Review: Suicide Squad and Your Distrust of Others (Oh, and Star Trek Beyond, too)

And here goes another unpopular opinion: Suicide Squad was as disappointingly mediocre as Batman v Superman and had all of the charisma of a wet paper bag in a humid car trunk on a 3 hour drive. 808 more words