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Dhimmi Hindus get a resounding slap - Sabarimalai

While some of us were waiting to wail it does seem that two women in their 40’s entered the Sabarimala temple today in the morning with police protection. 851 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

जिस थाली में खाया, उसी में छेद - Naseeruddin Shah et al

Does any reader recognise the above collage ? Chances are no one does. Here’s the story behind these pictures….

On Nov 7th 1966, there were 300,000 to 700,000 people on the streets of Delhi demanding a ban on cow slaughter which is provided for in the constitution of India. 1,039 more words

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Wither #MeToo ??

My mother regularly watches all the music related programs on Tamil channels – like Super Singer, Sun Singer etc. Especially if the participants are little children, she enjoys the program even more. 640 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Why not #MeToo

I stayed away from blogging about the #MeToo movement that started in the US last October with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, not because it didn’t resonate but because I felt it wouldn’t change anything in Hollywood.. 880 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Germany Day 14 - The saddest day ... and an amazing coincidence

Friday Sept 14, 2018 – Munich, Dachau

We visited the Dachau concentration camp Memorial site on the 14th of Sept. We took the U-bahn to Hauptbahnhof and from there the S2 to Dachau station. 943 more words

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Misplaced priorities - Shiva & Sandeep Vs Sanjay

Does the name Shiva ring a bell ? I doubt it. Except that its a fairly common Indian name and its also the name of an important God for Hindus – the destroyer, Shiva. 722 more words

Disturbed Ramblings