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Germany Day 14 - The saddest day ... and an amazing coincidence

Friday Sept 14, 2018 – Munich, Dachau

We visited the Dachau concentration camp Memorial site on the 14th of Sept. We took the U-bahn to Hauptbahnhof and from there the S2 to Dachau station. 943 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Misplaced priorities - Shiva & Sandeep Vs Sanjay

Does the name Shiva ring a bell ? I doubt it. Except that its a fairly common Indian name and its also the name of an important God for Hindus – the destroyer, Shiva. 722 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

The Plastic Apathy

My dear friend Javed shared this video on our WhatsApp group and it made many of us emotional…

Do watch the video and wonder about the kind of world we are creating for our children – no trees, no colorful flowers plastic filled oceans, plastic flowers, plastic plates, plastic LIFE. 915 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Uneducated Boors

Last night as we started to sleep we heard sounds of someone hammering away. We thought it might be somebody in the penthouse which is the very next floor above us. 827 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Live and Travel Sustainably... #BeatPlasticPollution #ConserveWater

We were on a 26 day road trip through Lucknow-Allahabad-Varanasi-Patna-Gaya as part of our ShikshaDaan Yatra. Even as we were confirming our hotel bookings, the first thing we checked with all the hotels is whether they have filtered or RO water and insisted that we would want our water bottles to be filled. 1,173 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

May 2017 Vs May 2018 - Cleanest Vs Dirtiest

In May 2017 we went to Vizag. For Krishnan and I Vizag has special memories as I was working with NIIT Vizag at the time that we met and fell in love. 705 more words

Disturbed Ramblings