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Evil Emboldened

I was having breakfast this morning with my accountability partner and we were talking about world events, including the shooting in Las Vegas. My buddy made the comment that it seems as if evil is more prevalent today than he remembers in the past. 1,368 more words


There is nothing as annoying and frustrating as dating or being married to someone who is unsure about what they want with you: at one point the person loves on you, then another point the person makes you feel unwanted saying you two can’t be a couple; the person pushes you away, then when you do go away the person wants you back; the person tells you it’s over, then suddenly the person calls you to come over; the person wants to stay married to you, but still act single; the person switches from “I love you” to “I hate you” in seconds; the person makes you feel so good, then abruptly becomes disloyal and dismissive. 186 more words


Don’t Drink The Kool-aid! – Roberta Morrison

Simple Truth

We very rarely listen to anyone that stands behind a pulpit, by listen we mean actually listen, the danger is of course that they suck you in to their particular denomination or way of seeing things and all being said, they introduce you into error and another Jesus. 523 more words


Walk with Ellie! WEDNESDAY- Division in the Church: 1 Cor. 1:10-17

We talk about division in the church, how we are to have unity in Jesus, and that the only person we follow is Jesus. We are the Body of Christ.


New Cover!

The book has a new cover! I’ve been feeling excitement around my book again and I felt it needed a new visual so here it is. 24 more words


[Project] - Disunited

While originally I set out to explore colour and how to subvert them in order to create specific expression. However, each and every shoot have in fact been an exploration for a specific theme trying to convey a specific message. 56 more words




on the big rock questions

leaves us vulnerable

We will be stranded

on the rock of reality

with all withering before us 45 more words