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The great war : How Turkey turned from the center of Christianity to the Apex of Islam

In the year 1453 AD, a great change came upon the religion of a country which was once the center of a thriving Christian practice. 557 more words


Church Wars

This is from a series I wrote called “Tactics of the Devil”. One of the Devil’s tactics is to turn the Church against the Church. Disunity is the Devil’s weapon to divide and conquer. 924 more words


Warped And Sinful Words

When it comes to sin in the minds of modern Christians, sins of aggression (hate, malice, murder) and sex (lust, adultery, sexual assault) are the ones that we tend to see with the biggest amount of physical and earthly consequences, especially in the church. 846 more words

Looking at Disunity and Why We Interpret The Bible The Way We Do

If you have been a Christian for very long, you will find that it seems there are as many interpretations of the Bible as there are words. 1,371 more words


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Friday Short: St Patrick's Day, Brexit Troubles & Disunity

The Origins of St Patrick’s Day

National holidays have been occurring for centuries, they’re not unusual to the general public but to me they’ve often seemed like a strange phenomenon. 665 more words


Sincerely Wrong

As I drove toward my destination, sure SIRI was wrong, I turned the way I thought I should go. “Recalculating.” There was no doubt in my mind I drove in the right direction. 202 more words


13/02/2018: Love-hate relationship

Hi again! We’re reading 2 Samuel 1:17–27 today, so let’s go!

Today’s passage carries on with the counterintuitive theme of yesterdays. David by all accounts should be moving on from Saul’s death, but instead he is dwelling on it and mourning deeply, even celebrating the life of Saul and Jonathan. 1,086 more words