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Friday Short: St Patrick's Day, Brexit Troubles & Disunity

The Origins of St Patrick’s Day

National holidays have been occurring for centuries, they’re not unusual to the general public but to me they’ve often seemed like a strange phenomenon. 665 more words


Sincerely Wrong

As I drove toward my destination, sure SIRI was wrong, I turned the way I thought I should go. “Recalculating.” There was no doubt in my mind I drove in the right direction. 202 more words


13/02/2018: Love-hate relationship

Hi again! We’re reading 2 Samuel 1:17–27 today, so let’s go!

Today’s passage carries on with the counterintuitive theme of yesterdays. David by all accounts should be moving on from Saul’s death, but instead he is dwelling on it and mourning deeply, even celebrating the life of Saul and Jonathan. 1,086 more words

Flower flow - edits

Inspired by a technique in Adobe Illustrator which is able to produce detailed organic line art. I realised I could utilise this in a similar manner as I have done previously. 118 more words


Unity | a poem by Adeoluwa Akanbi

U  N  I  T  Y

Singers are singing

Drummers are drumming

Dancers are dancing

Viewers are viewing

Singers are singing

Drummers are no more drumming 213 more words


Detrimental Distinctives

It is truly sad how fallen man has taken the simple gift of God’s grace and distorted it into a deleterious theology. 2,236 more words

Thoughtful Commentary


December, births us merriment
A unique festival of the moment
When Families and friends, reunited
Love and Gratitude’s spark is ignited.

Somehow, the season’s vibes are marred… 74 more words