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Clinton Writes Off the Left

From the American Conservative


Tim Kaine is a rebuke to disaffected progressives.

When Donald Trump presented his vice presidential running mate to the world, he was forthright with the rationale for selecting the relatively dull Mike Pence—a man who may perfectly embody the notion of a “generic Republican.” At the unveiling press conference, Trump declared in his characteristically unvarnished manner:  “I think if you look at one of the big reasons that I chose Mike … one of the reasons is party unity.” 935 more words

Disunity rules as Democratic convention gets underway

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PHILADELPHIA: The Democratic convention opened to chaotic scenes Monday (Jul 25), as rival supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders traded boos, jeers and taunts in a very public show of party disunity. 789 more words

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Healing Oil

So how’s your summer been? I know it’s been pretty quiet on this blog site. I’ve been facilitating a Bible study by Angie Smith called “Seamless” in which she outlines the entire Bible. 1,745 more words

God's Word

Philippians 1:25-2:4 - July 18

The Bible is basically a compilation of love letters from our Father in heaven, His loving words breathed onto each page. Over the next several months, as we study the letters of the Bible, Galatians through Jude, I pray that You will experience His eternal love in new ways and that it will transform you. 674 more words

Is the whole world going mad?

It seems that the world has gone manic-depressive, or, as they prefer to say nowadays, bipolar.

I’m reminded of an old Cold War song by Jeremy Taylor… 1,591 more words


REDS FIGHT AND BLUE Raging Labour MPs accuse John McDonnell of ‘witch-hunt’ after after he branded plotters as ‘f*****g useless’ : The Sun.

Angela Eagle tells sneering Shadow Chancellor to stop ‘inciting supporters’ against moderates.

FURIOUS Labour MPs accused John McDonnell of leading a violent witch-hunt against them after he branded coup plotters “f***ing useless”. 784 more words


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Would appear that more disunity abounds in Labour, while the Tories are concentrating on unity. When Labour get their act together will they be able to invoke catch up. The hope is yes, so that there will be a credible opposition.

‘They have put the windows through’ Angela Eagle’s office attacked : Express.

ANGELA EAGLE’S constituency office has been bricked overnight, after party members warned of possible violence, it has been reported.

The MP’s Wallasey base is at the centre of a police investigation, following the alleged attack. 319 more words


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Labour, the current official opposition party, is in the throws of disunity, which is seriously affecting their role of an opposition party. The verbal confrontations were extremely serious, but now, it would appear to have descended into violence. In the interests of democracy this needs to be sorted and quickly, for if it is not what is the future of the Party.