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Is It Petty To Ditch A Friend Who Ditched Me First?

You’ve heard the story.

I’m there for a friend (we’ve been friends for a couple of years, I have helped her through school, give nice presents, helped her move, etc.) who goes through a self-made crisis, she ditches me as soon as she starts dating a new guy, I go through a massive family emergency/crisis and she is nowhere to be found. 72 more words

Thoughts Of An Anxious Girl

Opinion: Why I ditched my Galaxy S8 for the OnePlus 5

(Source: 9to5google.com)

The OnePlus 5 has been making constant headlines these past few weeks, and not all of it has been good; there have been reports of OnePlus cheating at benchmarks and… 856 more words


Man sues woman for $17.31 after she texts throughout date, leaves him at movie theater.

A Texas man met a woman for a first date at a local movie theater. During the movie, he started to get annoyed that she kept texting her friend. 316 more words

I Can't Believe Its In The News!

Rant: Bad friends and unhealthy expectations

I moved to him because he inspired happiness. He was the type of person that had boundless energy that was contagious and I was desperately drained. 793 more words


The Leech

There I stood, alone
Minding my own business
Then it came along,
Coated with a strongly adherent substance
Attaching itself to me, but only on the surface… 66 more words


Ditching and Getting Ditched 101

Rejection hurts. Ditching somebody is one painful form of rejection. But it’s inevitable. It happens that we get dumped. It happens that we will have to reject people for the sake of our well-being. 960 more words

Lunch Break Report vol. 1

Before clocking out for lunch, I spent sometime in the far corner of a Walmart parking-lot. I fiddled with my phone for a bit before I heard some brief screaming. 734 more words