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Hello! :) How’s your weekend so far? Ughh so yeeeah this was taken last friday hihi. I don’t blog everyday because of some stuff and errands to do and a turtle connection is also a thing here so  I came up to blog every weekend, I won’t be outdated anyway right? 252 more words

1-mile-run + New Shorts....Yay.......

Hai ppls!

*sigh* The 1-mile-run is tomorrow…. I’m honestly convinced that I won’t survive. Being super honest here, I’m more like a couch potato (or twig since I barely have any meat on me….) because I’m more of a Harvest Moon, Anime, (NOT) exercising person… The very last person you’d see running in a 1-mile-run to be blunt (and the last person you’d want to see driving a car, but that’s for a blog in the near future). 147 more words


Left Alone

Do you think it’s okay to be left alone when you are out with your friends? Left merely on the street to find your way back to get your things. 89 more words



It was such a rare moment! I believe I was smiling when I woke up this morning! He is one of those boys you wished he is your boyfriend because he is so popular, talented, smart, good looking, tallerish-model guy in your social circle. 147 more words


So I feel like I’m being ditched by everyone. One of my close friends let’s say her name is susan(it’s not really) aren’t hanging out with me much because she’s now hanging out with this one girl that I can’t stand no matter how much I try to like her. 145 more words


Ditched - Part One

An interesting story I wrote a while back. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to know what you think! :

“Hi, Valerie,” Crystal said, greeting her friend as she sat next to her on the bleachers. 639 more words