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Man sues woman for $17.31 after she texts throughout date, leaves him at movie theater.

A Texas man met a woman for a first date at a local movie theater. During the movie, he started to get annoyed that she kept texting her friend. 316 more words

I Can't Believe Its In The News!

Rant: Bad friends and unhealthy expectations

I moved to him because he inspired happiness. He was the type of person that had boundless energy that was contagious and I was desperately drained. 793 more words


ditching the bedroom

I haven’t slept in a bedroom in six years. The last bedroom I had–at least in the truest sense of a bedroom–was when I shared a way-too-large two-bedroom flat with my ex-husband in the stately section of a small East-coast town. 980 more words


The Leech

There I stood, alone
Minding my own business
Then it came along,
Coated with a strongly adherent substance
Attaching itself to me, but only on the surface… 66 more words


ditching the OB

This was a post that I wrote a little over a year ago for a blog that I ambitiously and naively began at 6 months pregnant. 533 more words


ditching the dimethicone

Due to the overnight appearance of a random and ugly red pimplish rash around my mouth and nose that could be due to chemical exposure in cosmetics (I have self-diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis which is often attributed to the use of fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate, among others), I have developed a renewed interest in purging my bathroom of all potentially toxic toiletries. 442 more words


ditching the diapers

When I first read about EC (elimination communication) as I was pregnant with my daughter, like many, I thought it was a bit too “out there”. 1,022 more words