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Ditched: A Story About Space, Steve, And Having Your Rocketship Stolen

The smoke billowing from the base of the rocket looked normal enough, but the purple flames added an unsettling, unearthly glow.  That’s an astronaut joke.  Unearthly glow.  411 more words


To Sufferers, It's Not Always Our Fault, Re: Relationships

So, I was sort of ditched this weekend by someone I was getting to know. Now I know I am not perfect (far from it in fact), but I will admit that I have been able to control myself better in this relationship and not be so reactive as compared to past relationships. 65 more words

WHAT?? Christina Applegate Ditched This HOT Actor On A Date In The 80's

Christina Applegate was on Watch What Happens Live last night and Andy Cohen isn’t bashful about asking questions.

He got to the bottom of her dating life in the 80’s. 59 more words



On Sunday, I had a great time with Nate. We hung out with his friends, some I had met and some I hadn’t yet. We had dinner together, and we watched a movie. 201 more words

Mention the devil.. no really this is the fourth time

I mentioned him in my last post and blamo – conversation appears.. I’m not sure if I should talk about him more to keep it up or less in the hopes he’ll go away. 134 more words

Love Problems

Deep post

Today my friend got angry and moody partly because of me. So Zi Jun, Patricia, Si Chi and me was walking in the mall. Si Chi went into a store to look around. 433 more words

I are confuse

Romantically and just in general.
I miss Roy. And it got me thinking because of the things he’s said since the incident a month ago (the whole let’s not be friends really because you like me and I’m not even going to tell you I’ve been hiding my girlfriend from you for a year, so I’ll call you a stalker to discourage you from finding out thing). 127 more words

Love Problems