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Best friends

Recently I’ve been in a kind of a low place and have had a really hard time believing that anyone would want to be friends with me. 323 more words

Day 14

14 days. Two whole weeks since the initial horrific question I asked Roy. He’s gone now. I really don’t think he’s coming back. I mean he deleted his messenger account, sends a pretty clear message. 290 more words


Square one

I mentioned a couple of post back.. probably more like 5 that I’d be curled up on the floor crying. That’s square one.
I have returned to it. 74 more words


The Stand Up...Not a Happy Fairy Tale

There comes a point in everyone’s dating life when they get stood up.  Its not a good feeling, In fact, as far as my life so far, being stood up is on my top ten list of terrible feelings.   298 more words


The silence is eating at me

Not a word since late Friday night.
It’s bad, it’s really bad.
I had hoped his sentence was proof he couldn’t not talk to me. 77 more words

Love Problems


Hello! :) How’s your weekend so far? Ughh so yeeeah this was taken last friday hihi. I don’t blog everyday because of some stuff and errands to do and a turtle connection is also a thing here so  I came up to blog every weekend, I won’t be outdated anyway right? 252 more words

1-mile-run + New Shorts....Yay.......

Hai ppls!

*sigh* The 1-mile-run is tomorrow…. I’m honestly convinced that I won’t survive. Being super honest here, I’m more like a couch potato (or twig since I barely have any meat on me….) because I’m more of a Harvest Moon, Anime, (NOT) exercising person… The very last person you’d see running in a 1-mile-run to be blunt (and the last person you’d want to see driving a car, but that’s for a blog in the near future). 147 more words