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Battlefront Singleplayer Ditched To Satisfy Ep VII Launch

One of the long-lasting confusions around the new Star Wars Battlefront was the ditching of any sort of significant singleplayer mode. The adverts were so quite geeky 30/40-something-focused, with all their misty-eyed pining for childhood years X-Wing dreams– the only rational following…


To The Boy Who Stood Me Up.

*I was going to wait on the “coming out” post (IT DOESN’T DEFINE ME ANYWAYS.), but then this post would have given it away, so I obviously posted it last night for a reason. 547 more words



twice this morning. Only semi-ditched by the person in the last post, then ditched by a friend who’s in this city until tomorrow. I figured something like this would happen. 174 more words

Day 2- 05/03/16-Excerise is not my thing

My family ditched me for the day.


My dad went to work and the rest of my family went to Cork which resulted in me…at home…alone…which I highly unappreciated so I decided to have a bit of exercise and walk to my friends house. 239 more words


The solitary coffee-addict

I WAS MEANT to meet up with Annie, who is much like the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She has a phone and a watch but she lacks the notion of punctuality. 264 more words

Bla Bla Bla

I Think I Drove My Therapist Away.

I ditched out of therapy for a few weeks in a row. and now that I am trying to get back in she isn t returning my calls. 88 more words

The painful Revelation

I have seen people change
That too beyond acceptable range
Those warm hugs got cold in winter
Standing in front of me pointing their finger… 87 more words