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random.h is a header only random number generation library for games, image processing and procedural content generation.

A few years back I wrote some handy floating point random number generation routines for a raytracer.  342 more words

new drawing in progress

Everything’s hand-applied paint on paper, soon a big picture !


Here and There

You found me here but lost me there,
I was calm, collected, less dejected hither,
But harmed, alarmed, more frustrated thither
You know now what you do to me: how things move from worse to better. 142 more words


The Leadership Vacuum

I think it fair to say that generally, there is a Leadership Vacuum. On all sides and in many organisations, leadership is absent or weak. When things are going relatively smoothly there is not that much of a problem. 526 more words

Self Discovery

Heliogravure II - Stochastic Screen

The Aquatint Screen
As described in the technique of heliogravure, it is necessary to have some screen to illuminate the gelatinized paper or carbon tissue… 3,289 more words

Early Photography

Principles of Digital Audio Engineering - Part 2

This series of blog posts will cover various concepts and principles that all audio engineers need to be aware of when working within the digital domain. 229 more words


Details GreatCitees Unisex Mill Valley California CA T Shirt

Each type and brand of poly bench shirt has its own certain characteristics. Some jobs extremely well benching high on a chest, for instance the Inzer Blast Shirts and also the closed back Phenom. 252 more words